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Dairy Products China News 1803

리서치사 CCM Data & Business Intelligence
발행정보 연간구독 상품 코드 264231
페이지 정보 영문 16 Pages
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중국의 유제품 시장 Dairy Products China News 1803
발행정보 : 페이지 정보 : 영문 16 Pages


중국의 유제품(Dairy Products) 시장에 대해 조사했으며, 중국 및 해외 뉴스 속보, 최신 시장 데이터(원료 가격 정보, 중간제품 및 최종제품, 수출입 데이터, 생산량, 소비량, 가동률 등), 시장 동향, 중국 정부의 정책, 중국 주요 생산업체의 실적, M&A 및 신기술, 전문가의 견해 등을 정리하여 전해드립니다.

조사 내용 예(이전 보고서)

  • Huishan Dairy : Babylamu는 전국 기업화를 촉진하기 위한 발판 제공
  • Mengniu는 O2O(Online to Offline) 커뮤니티 플랫폼 Shequ001를 획득
  • Beingmate : 낮은 영업이익과 취약한 수익성
  • 중국의 유아용 특수 조제분유 등록 규제가 실시될 전망
  • 생우유 구매 가격은 안정세를 유지하며, 2016년 상반기에 약간 하락
  • Rong Yongqi : 유아용 조제분유의 신뢰 재구축에 있어서 중요
  • 컨덴스트 밀크 제조업체 Panda Dairy : 영업이익은 전년대비 400% 증가
  • 대형 유제품 제조업체는 LAB 음료 시장을 타겟으로 삼아
  • 소규모 유아용 조제분유 기업의 큰 타격은 엄격한 감시하에서 커질 전망
  • Shengmu는 Aorisu Milk를 발매
  • WANT WANT GROUP : 재무통계가 다시 하락 등
LSH 16.06.30


Welcome to the March Issue of Dairy Products China News.

This newsletter will help you stay ahead of the game in this fast-changing market with real-time reporting on the entire dairy industry chain, from raw milk and milk powder to infant formula, cheese and other end products. It includes breaking news from China and abroad, the latest market data (price, import & export, production, consumption, operating rates, etc.), in-depth analysis of market trends, Chinese government policy, performance of Chinese producers, M&A, new technology, and expert commentary from industry insiders.

Here is the Editor's Note for you to know about the March issue specifically:

Recent events in Chinese governing circles suggest a long period of stability at the top - a clear contrast to the trade turbulence threatened by the recent Trump behaviour. Within the market, though, the move to streamline towards what is being called "government lite" implies major changes will continue to affect the dairy sector in the coming years. Moreover in the economy change has continued apace, as befits a country whose GDP has risen by 86.9% since 2010 to account for 18.3% of global GDP last year.

Nowhere has this been more so than in the E-commerce sector, which exerts an increasing influence on the consumer dairy market.

This ongoing evolution is perhaps not surprising when we consider that 97.5% of China's online population can now access the internet via a smartphone. Statistics from the China National Commercial Information Center indicated E-commerce sales up 21% in 2017. Nielsen data tracking 34 FMCG categories shows that online sales grew 27% YOY (12 months to November 2017) compared with just 6% for offline sales. Kantar data for the 12 weeks ending 26th January 2018 shows that E-commerce achieved a record high of 12.4% share of all channels, with 42.6% of urban Chinese families buying FMCG online. In fact the expansion of the channel has been so successful that is now planning to launch in Europe in 2019. Moreover, after the proposed additional taxes were avoided due to the main operators' outcry, cross-border E-commerce has continued to grow as well: eMarketer estimated that China's online consumers spent USD100.2 billion on buying products cross border last year - even if this estimate is too high, the true level is widely held to be much more than the likely partial China Customs figures suggest.

None of this is unique to dairy, but these data serve as timely reminders that dairy brandowners fail to address these structural changes at their peril.

Dairy Products China News is a monthly published newsletter, which can be downloaded in PDF format. The subscription mode for this newsletter is yearly and the subscriber will receive 12 issues per year.

Table of Contents


Editor's Note

Column 1 Market Dynamics

Mengniu and Yili Kick off 2018 with New Products

Regional Dairy Companies Vary in Profitability in 2017

Column 2 Governmental Direction

4 Food Safety Standards Revised Again

NPC Members Advise on Dairy Industry's Development

Abolition of CFDA May Slow Down Formulation Registration

CNCA's Latest Announcement for Overseas Infant Formula Producers

Column 3 Company Developments

Divergent Views on Beingmate's 2017 Earnings

ZDF to Exit New Third Board

Nestle Enters Organic Infant Formula Market

Column 4 Raw milk supply

China's Milk Price Drops in March

Column 5 News in Brief

February Imports

Several Batches of Imported Dairy Products Returned

Bright Dairy Confirms its 2017 Government Subsidy Figure

Yashili Expands Infant Formula in Capacity

Xie Hong Appointed as CEO of Beingmate Group

Changsha Airport's Fresh Milk Imports Triple

New Farm and Dairy Processing Plant in Luopu

Wyeth and Abbott Introduce New Products

Chengde LoLo Performance Declines in 2017

Powdered Infant Formula Producers Registered from 21 February to 20 March, 2018

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