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비금속 : 시장 추적 조사(Weekly)

Base Metals Forecaster

리서치사 Metal Bulletin Research
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비금속 : 시장 추적 조사(Weekly) Base Metals Forecaster
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세계 비금속(Base Metals) 시장의 현재 및 향후를 추적 조사하고, 각종 비금속의 제조, 무역, 소비 관련 최신 통계, 실적 데이터, 5개년 시장 성장 예측, LME 금속 가격의 추산 등을 전해드립니다.

    1. 조사 대상
    • 알루미늄
    • 니켈
    • 주석
    • 아연
    2. 제공 내용
    • 최신호 및 데이터의 다운로드 : 맞춤 차트 및 테이블 작성이 가능
    • 지난호의 아카이브에 액세스(검색 가능), 이메일 알림(email alerts)의 맞춤 설정 등
    • 홈페이지, RSS 피드의 맞춤 설정이 가능
    • 최신 데이터, 가격 변동, 시장 동향 등에 대한 인스턴트 액세스(Instant access)
    • Timely independent fundamental 시장 분석 및 예측
    • 제조, 무역, 명시적 소비에 관한 통계
    • 상세 기술 분석 등
ksm 11.02.09


Topics covered: LME Prices, Aluminium, Copper, Zinc, Tin, Lead, Nickel, Consumption, Stock.

This service tracks the latest trends and prices for the LME-traded base metals - Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Tin, Zinc.

With a subscription to MBR's Base Metals Forecaster you'll get analysis of all six base metals in one service:

A weekly research report including:

  • Technical analysis and short-term trading strategies
  • Fundamental analysis and medium term forecasts on production, stocks, trade and consumption of the LME metals
  • Price-modelling and forecasting utilising high-low case scenario planning, quarterly with three year outlook
  • Analysis of speculative money flows and fund activity in the base metal commodities
  • Consensus price forecasts, quarterly to the end of 2017
  • Premiums forecasts, quarterly, forward one year, including European, US and Asian spot benchmarks for all six metals
  • Raw material price forecasts, forward one year, including alumina, copper TC/RCs and zinc TCs
  • Insights into leading industry companies
  • Independent analysis and forecasts covering all six base metals in one report

Online access providing you with data including:

  • Global supply-demand balances for all LME metals, with ten year history and two year forecast. Regional data breakdown - China, North America, Europe and ROW
  • Daily spot and forward LME prices, stocks, spreads, LME open interest and cancelled warrants by metal
  • Reported stocks by metal on a quarterly basis and demand indicators
  • Raw material prices data
  • Premiums data

Use the expertise of the MBR base metals forecasting analyst

Your subscription entitles you to regular discussions with MBR's analysts to expand on how their forecasts affect your business.


“Base Metals research service contains very insightful information on copper and aluminum.” Dale Gross, Strategic Buyer, Schindler NA.

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