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세계의 철광석 : 비용 조사 서비스

Global Iron Ore Cost Service

리서치사 Metal Bulletin Research
발행정보 4 회/년 상품 코드 143406
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세계의 철광석 : 비용 조사 서비스 Global Iron Ore Cost Service
발행정보 : 4 회/년 페이지 정보 : 영문


철광석(Iron Ore)의 생산 비용에 대해 조사 분석하고, 세계의 주요 생산자로부터 수집한 각종 비용을 제품 종류별로 정리하여 전해드립니다.

    1. 조사 Topics
    • 광업
    • 제조
    • 비용
    • 철광석
    2. 제공 내용
    • 최신 제조 비용 : 분기별 리포트
    • 세계 주요 광산의 운영 비용 및 전체 비용
    • 개별 비용 정보 : 광산별, 주요 철광 제품(lump, fines, pellets)별
    • 비용 동향에 대한 코멘트와 철광 및 세계 철강업의 비용 전망에 대한 주요 영향요인
    • 계획중인 철광석 채굴 프로젝트 : Review
    • 상세하고 편향 없는 시장 예측과 독립적 가격 예측 : 스팟 거래 및 계약 거래
ksm 11.02.18


Topics covered: Statistics, Analysis, Freight Rates, Price Indexes.

Daily iron ore index number and weekly freight rates with independent commentary and analysis.

The Metal Bulletin Iron Ore Indices (MBIOI) are reference prices for the iron ore spot market. The indices are tonnage-weighted calculations of actual transactions that have been normalised to a base specification and delivery point, using the value-in-use for different materials applied by the market. As well as being used in physical iron ore contracts, the MBIO indices can also be used as settlement prices for iron ore derivatives contracts.

The service is delivered in the form of a daily email and pdf newsletter, as well as access to the Metal Bulletin Iron Ore Index website, where current and historical prices, industry news and analysis can be viewed at any time.

The Metal Bulletin Indices methodology is designed to exceed market requirements for a fair and robust representation of the physical iron ore spot market. Unique features of the index model ensure equal weighting from all sides of the market and remove distortion with an in-built mechanism to exclude outlier data points.

Transaction prices are normalised to the index base specification to account for differences in physical and chemical properties, and also soft factors. Data is normalised using an in-house developed model based on regression analysis of transaction data, allowing Metal Bulletin to capture the value-in-use applied by the market to different material and adjust to a single specification. The normalisation coefficients are updated monthly to reflect the constantly changing market dynamics.

MBIOI publishes the following iron ore and coking coal prices:

  • 62% Fe Fines
  • 58% Fe Fines
  • 58% Fe High Specification Premium
  • 65% Fe Brazilian Origin
  • 63% Fe Australian Lump Premium
  • 65% Fe Blast Furnace Pellet
  • 66% Fe Concentrate
  • 62% Fe China Port Stock Price Index
  • Value-in-Use Indices for Fe, Si & Al content
  • Premium Hard Coking Coal (FOB/CFR)
  • Hard Coking Coal (FOB/CFR)
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