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World Drilling & Well Services Market Forecast 2018-2022, Q2

리서치사 Douglas-Westwood
발행일 2018년 05월 상품 코드 307881
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세계의 유전 서비스 시장 예측 World Drilling & Well Services Market Forecast 2018-2022, Q2
발행일: 2018년 05월 페이지 정보 : 영문

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세계의 유전 서비스(Oilfield Services) 시장에 대해 조사 분석했으며, 각종 서비스에 관한 지출 실적, 현황, 향후 전망 등의 정보를 전해드립니다.

제1장 조사 방법

제2장 세계 분석

  • 세계의 지출 : 개요
  • 세계의 지출 : 육상 및 해상 내역
  • 세계의 지출 : 각종 서비스 내역

제3장 지역 분석

  • 아프리카
  • 아시아
  • 호주
  • 동유럽과 구소련
  • 라틴아메리카
  • 중동
  • 북미
  • 서유럽

제4장 각종 서비스 분석

  • 케이싱 및 튜빙 서비스
  • 시멘팅
  • 코일드 튜빙
  • 갱정 완성 설비
  • 경사 시추
  • 드릴 비트
  • 시추액
  • 피싱
  • 이수 검층
  • MWD(Measurement While Drilling) 및 LWD(Logging While Drilling)
  • 천공
  • 유전용 화학약품(Production Chemicals)
  • 양수 시험
  • 리그와 인원
  • 슬릭라인
  • 솔리드 컨트롤 설비
  • 갱정 자극
  • 지표 갱정 시험
  • 폐기물 관리
  • 와이어라인 검층
  • 와이어라인

제5장 부록


KSM 17.06.08


Drilling & Well Services Expenditure: Onshore Continues to Drive Growth

The global DWS market is expected to see a sustained recovery over 2018-2022, led by a rebound in onshore US activity, according to Westwood Global Energy Group's latest ‘World Drilling & Well Services Market Forecast’ report, complemented by the online Sectors DWS data module.

Key Conclusions:

  • Total global expenditure over 2018-2022 is expected to amount to $1.4 trillion.
  • Global onshore expenditure is expected to rise at a rate of 8% per year, while offshore will rise at 0.4% per year.
  • North America accounted for 42% of global DWS expenditure over 2013-2017, rising to 52% over 2018-2022.
  • Outside of North America, Latin America will see the strongest compound annual growth rate for onshore DWS expenditure over the forecast at 11% - largely driven by Argentina.
  • The outlook for offshore DWS expenditure remains constrained despite recent improvements, following a decline in rig day rates and a light backlog of projects which have passed FID.
  • Rig & crew services is expected to account for 25% of global DWS expenditure over 2018-2022, while expenditure for stimulation services will see the strongest growth over the forecast period (11%).

Westwood Global Energy Group's World Drilling & Well Services Market Forecast presents the latest view on prospects for one of the largest areas of total oilfield services expenditure. The new report, covering 2013-2022, shows forecast expenditure totalling $1.4 trillion and growing at a 7% CAGR.

North American DWS expenditure is expected to rise at a CAGR of 11% through to 2022, representing 52% of the global market over the forecast period. The outlook for North America is buoyed by strong activity growth in the US onshore plays, with the combined effect of volume and pricing growth since 2016 expected to continue through the forecast

Outside of North America, international DWS expenditure over 2018-2022 is expected to total approximately $686bn, with a CAGR of 2% forecast over the same period. This is due largely to a stagnation in the offshore rig & crew market, which is expected to see minimal uplift in utilisation (and hence pricing) of mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) other than in some niche applications and geographies. Onshore, divestment away from mature assets in China will stunt growth, while the majority of regions outside of North America will see annual compound growth in the low single-digits through to 2022. The exception is Latin America, where operators in Argentina's Vaca Muerta shale are targeting a substantial increase in both drilling and production as a function of planned investment in rail infrastructure, driving regional onshore compound growth of 11% per year.

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