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유럽의 전력 산업(분기별 갱신 보고서)

Europe Power

리서치사 Fitch Solutions, Inc.
발행정보 연간구독 상품 코드 358867
페이지 정보 영문 59 Pages
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유럽의 전력 산업(분기별 갱신 보고서) Europe Power
발행정보 : 페이지 정보 : 영문 59 Pages

유럽의 전력 산업에 대해 조사분석했으며, 향후 10년간 예측에 초점을 맞추고 산업 분석, 지역별 예측 분석, 산업 리스크/보상 지수(RRI), 산업 동향 등의 정보를 정리하여 전해드립니다.

1. BMI의 산업 분석

  • 유럽의 전력 산업 : BMI의 분석

2. 지역별 예측 분석

  • 중유럽·동유럽(CEE) 전력 산업의 지역 개요
  • 북미·서유럽(NAWE) 전력 산업의 주요 테마

3. 산업 리스크/보상 지수(RRI)

  • CEE의 전력 RRI
  • NAWE의 전력 RRI

4. 산업 동향

  • 유럽

5. 용어집

6. 조사 방법

KSA 16.06.17

KKey View:

ey View: We continue to see a power rift in the Europe region between east and west although new EU policy signals change. Non-

hydro power renewables will continue to outperform in the west while coal will fall over the next decade with many western markets

pledging total coal phase outs. We continue to expect to see a growing trend in the west in corporate procurement

supplementing renewable capacity growth against policy support. These trends we see encroaching into some CEE markets with

EU carbon taxes is hitting profitability, sentiment changing and new EU policies offering opportunity. However, we maintain that

over the coming decade a number of Central and Eastern European markets will remain reliant on coal-fired power generation

despite increasing pressure on polluting power generation assets. The West-East divide will likely remain a challenge for the

region and we believe EU support and compensation to be a key pre-requisite for driving eastern markets in a faster transition to

renewable energy.

Table of Contents

  • Key View
  • Industry Risk/Reward Index
  • CEE Power RRI: Cautious Decarbonisation Outlook Curbs Rewards On Offer
  • NAWE Power RRI: Strong Power Sector Growth Boosts US Rewards
  • Industry Trend Analysis
  • Offshore Wind To Dominate The UK Renewables Sector
  • Quick View: UK Subsidy Reconsiderations Presents Upside To Renewables
  • Robust Small And Medium-Scale Solar Capacity Growth Boosts Turkish Solar Outlook
  • Corporate PPAs Gaining Traction In Poland
  • EU Sustainable Investments Taxonomy Leaves Door Open For Gas And Nuclear
  • European Green Deal To Provide Clear-Cut Framework For Infrastructure Investment
  • Regional Overview
  • NAWE Power Regional Overview: Over 300GW Wind And Solar To Come Online By 2029
  • CEE Power Regional Overview: Nuclear Key To Unlocking Decarbonisation In Eastern EU
  • Power Glossary
  • Power Methodology
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