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Sweeteners China News

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발행정보 12 회/년 상품 코드 204026
페이지 정보 영문 23 Pages
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Sweeteners China News Sweeteners China News
발행정보 : 12 회/년 페이지 정보 : 영문 23 Pages

본 상품은 영문 자료로 한글과 영문목차에 불일치하는 내용이 있을 경우 영문을 우선합니다. 정확한 검토를 위해 영문목차를 참고해주시기 바랍니다.

중국의 설탕 및 감미료(Sugar and Sweeteners) 시장은 지금까지 빠르게 발전해 왔습니다. 설탕 및 감미료의 주요 최종 사용자이자, 급성장을 계속하고 있는 중국의 식품 음료 산업에 지지되어, 설탕 및 감미료 시장은 향후에도 성장이 확실한 시장으로 전망됩니다.

중국의 감미료 시장 최신 동향을 조사 분석하고, 주요 기업의 활동, 신제품 동향, 소비 동향, 새로운 관련 법규제 및 정책, 원재료의 공급 동향 등을 정리하여 연간 12회 전해드립니다.

    조사 내용의 사례(과거 보고서)
    • 수크랄로스(sucralose)의 제조 및 시장의 개요
    • Anhui Jinhe : IPO의 심사 통과, 승인
    • Gansu Puhua : 스테비오사이드(stevioside)의 생산 라인에 착수
    • Guilin Layn : 적자에서 흑자로
    • Mengzhou Huaxing : 아스파탐(aspartame) 생산 라인의 시험 생산
    • Baolingbao : 에리스리톨(erythritol)의 생산능력 확대
    • GLG : 육종 및 재배 센터를 건설
    • HIS(고감미도 감미료) : 향후 양호한 발전을 이룰 것으로 생각
ksm 11.07.21


In 2021, China's sugar import tariff quota totals 1.95 million tonnes, of which 70% is for trade by state-owned enterprises.

According to the People's Government of Nanfeng County on 13 Oct., Nazuomi Biotechnology plans to build a purification capacity of 10 t/a monk fruit extract which is expected to complete and go into operation in Jan., 2021.

China's production and sale of sugar in the 2020/21 sugar production season have started. As of end-Sept., there have been 6 sugar companies in each of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region started operation, showing normal production of beet sugar; production of cane sugar has not begun yet.

On 1 Oct., the construction of eight workshops including liquid syrup workshop in Yufeng Industrial Group's General Health Industrial Park came to an end; in early Oct., the construction of Inner Mongolia Jinyufeng's Corn Circular Economy Industrial Park project started.

Xinping County plans to lure investment to construct a project with an annual output of 3,000 tonnes of FOS, including 2,000 tonnes of low-purity FOS pulp and 1,000 tonnes of high-purity powdered FOS.

Zhejiang Hengcai plans to build a project with an annual capacity of 8,000 tonnes of rock sugar, 1,000 tonnes of caster sugar and 1,000 tonnes of brown granulated sugar; and Shandong Yahui plans to build a project with an annual output of 400 tonnes of edible sugar.

Hubei Haiyi plans to build a 4,000 t/a (13.3 tonnes daily) erythritol production line through technical transformation project.

In the previous three quarters of 2020, the revenue of CCGB increased by 17.4% and the net profit increased by 39.3%; the revenue of COFCO increased by 0.7% and the net profit rose by 37.2%.

Due to the rising price of raw materials and the shortage of market supply, the price of sorbitol has risen in Oct. Affected by both insufficient supply and weak demand, the price of sorbitol in the short term is expected to remain stable.

In Aug., China exported 2,910 tonnes of xylitol, up by 15.5% MoM and down by 31.2% YoY.

Table of Contents


Editor's Note

Column 1 Governmental Direction

Rules for implementation of sugar import tariff quota in 2021 released

Column 2 Market Dynamics

Nazuomi Biotechnology to build purification capacity of 10 t/a monk fruit extract

Update of beet sugar production in new crushing season

Progresses of Yufeng Industrial Group's and Inner Mongolia Jinyufeng's industrial park projects

Xinping County to invite enterprises to build 3,000 t/a FOS project

EIA reports on sugar-making projects of Zhejiang Hengcai and Shandong Yahui publicized

Column 3 Company Development

EIA report on Hubei Haiyi's technical transformation project for erythritol production line publicized

CCGB and COFCO release Q3 report of 2020

Column 4 Price Update

Ex-works prices of sweeteners in China, Oct. 2020

Price of sorbitol rises MoM in Oct.

Column 5 Import and Export Analysis

Exports of sweeteners and raw materials from China, Aug. 2020

Export volume of xylitol increases slightly MoM in Aug.

Column 6 News in Brief

Jinhe Industrial holds mobilization meeting on construction of sucralose project

Zhejiang Huakang's application for IPO approved

Sanyuan Biology stops being listed on NEEQ since 21 Oct.

Production, sales and inventory of saccharin in China by end of Aug.

Conference on sugar production held in Dehong, Yunnan Province

ChemPartner releases Q3 performance forecast report

Layn sees increased income but decreased profit from Q1-Q3

Yongfu County devotes great effort in developing monkfruit industry

Lvyuan Sugar successfully starts production in 2020/2021 crushing season

HuaSweet listed as key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization

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