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월간 보고서 : 중국의 이산화티타늄 산업

Titanium Dioxide China - Monthly Report

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발행정보 12 회/년 상품 코드 204029
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월간 보고서 : 중국의 이산화티타늄 산업 Titanium Dioxide China - Monthly Report
발행정보 : 12 회/년 페이지 정보 : 영문

중국 이산화티타늄 산업의 최신 동향을 조사분석했으며, 수급 동향, 주요 기업의 움직임, 원자재 공급 동향, 최신 관련 법규제, 기술 개발 동향 등을 정리하여 연 12회 전해드립니다.

  • 조사 내용 사례 (2011년 6월 보고서)
    • 중국 : TiO2의 거듭되는 무역 흑자 (2011년 4월)
    • Jacobs : DuPont에서 EPCM 계약을 획득
    • Annada : 2011년 상반기에 좋은 실적 예측
    • Pangang Group : 2011년 6월에 TiO2의 생산 능력을 확대
    • Sichuan Lomon : 중국 국가 혁신 시스템 주도의 기업
    • Pinggui PGMA : 반덤핑 조사를 받다.
    • Guangxi Tengxian : TiO2 개발을 강화
    • Dongfang Titanium : 연간 6,0000톤의 TiO2 프로젝트를 개시
    • 티타늄 원료의 수입량 저하 : 2011년 4월
    • Rio Tinto : 퀘벡에서의 티타늄 원료 업무에 투자
    • Iluka : 티타늄 원료의 공급 부족에 대처
    • Pathfinder Minerals : 라이선스 일체화
    • 베트남 : 2011년 연말까지 티타늄 철강 수출을 정지
    • PPG : 남아프리카 공화국의 판매업체 Ducol Coatings을 인수
    • Skshu의 새로운 생산라인이 가동
    • AkzoNobel : 중국에 TiO2 공장을 건설
    • Maydos : 브랜드 힘 강화
    • PPG : 중국에 본부를 설치
    • TiO2 및 원료 가격의 최신 정보 : 2011년 6월
    • TiO2의 다국적 기업 : 가격인상 발표
    • 중국의 TiO2 가격 상승에 대한 견해
    • NDCR : 2011년 6월 1일부터 전력요금 인상
SBE 11.07.26

China Titanium Dioxide Monthly Report will help you stay ahead of the game in this fast-changing market with real-time reporting on the entire TiO2 industry chain, from the upstream ilmenite and titanium slag markets to the downstream pigments, coatings and plastics markets.

Here is the Editor's Note for you to know about the Oct. issue specifically:

  • China's TiO2 market remained stable in Oct. 2018. Many leading manufacturers, such as CNNC Huayuan Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd., Shandong Dawn Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. and Shandong Doguide Group Co., Ltd., published price hike plans in early this month, whilst market trade prices did not significantly increased and varied for each deal. The operating rate of China's TiO2 industry kept steady in Oct. but may be curbed as natural gas supply will drop and environmental regulation will become more stringent after Nov. Therefore, no great fluctuation will be seen in the market despite fewer transactions.
  • Ilmenite prices in the Panxi Area (Panzhihua and Xichang cities, Sichuan Province) remained high due to increased production and environmental protection costs. Several large-scale enterprises slight raised their quotations, so the previous low prices vanished and the mainstream 46% ilmenite prices hit USD174.02/t (RMB1,200/t). Environmental inspection was launched in Sichuan Province in late Oct. to review the rectification of problems exposed during previous visits. This obviously reined in local ilmenite manufacture as some small-/medium-sized factories halted production and, therefore, boosted market prices.

Important market dynamics

  • In Oct. 2018, the operating rates of ilmenite manufacturers in Yunnan, Shandong and Hainan provinces remained low.
  • On 8 Oct. 2018, many industrial coating enterprises published price hike plans due to climbing raw material prices.
  • In late Sept. 2018, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China issued the action plan for the autumn & winter air pollution control this year, imposing different production restriction on chemical companies.
  • Titanium Dioxide China Monthly Report is a monthly published newsletter, which can be downloaded in PDF format. The subscription mode for this newsletter is yearly and the subscriber will receive 12 issues per year.

Table of Contents


Editor's Note

Column 1: Market Dynamics

  • Ilmenite production in Oct.
  • China's TiO2 market remains stable

Column 2: Company Dynamics

  • Lomon Billions's Q3 sales soar
  • Pangang Vanadium Titanium's subsidiary penalized for environmental pollution
  • Pangang Vanadium Titanium's net profit soars in first three quarters
  • TiO2 price rises after National Day Holiday
  • Anhui Jinxing fined for environmental issue
  • Lomon Billions subsidized
  • Pangang Vanadium Titanium's titanium extraction project finished

Column 3: Political Factors

  • China's titanium reserve edges up in 2017 2018 autumn & winter air pollution abatement plan
  • Property tax on some enterprises exempted
  • Export tax refund rate to increase

Column 4: Downstream Industrial information

  • Coating enterprises selected as national eco-friendly factories
  • Industrial coating prices rise in Oct. 2018
  • Citibank downgrades Sherwin-Williams' stock rating

Column 5: Import & Export

  • China's ilmenite imports slightly increase in Aug. 2018
  • China's TiO2 exports edge up in Aug. 2018

Column 6: Price Update

  • China's TiO2 price continues to drop in Oct. 2018
  • Ilmenite prices in some regions in Oct. 2018
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