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바이오메트릭스 기술 : 분기별 업데이트

Biometric Technologies Quarterly Update

리서치사 ABI Research
발행일 2019년 11월 상품 코드 637890
페이지 정보 영문 10 Pages
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바이오메트릭스 기술 : 분기별 업데이트 Biometric Technologies Quarterly Update
발행일 : 2019년 11월 페이지 정보 : 영문 10 Pages

세계의 바이오메트릭스 하드웨어(biometrics hardware) 시장을 조사했으며, 시장 발전의 추이, 매출 동향, 주목 기술·용도·최종 사용 산업, 투자 대상·성장 기회 분석 등을 정리하여 전해드립니다.

조사 과제

  • 세계 바이오메트릭스 시장의 발전 추이
  • 투자해야 할 바이오메트릭스 시장 : 장기적·단기적 전망
  • 주요 과제·시장 기회

조사 하이라이트

  • 법집행·국경 경비 : 최대 매출 점유율의 도입 부문이 될 전망
  • 소비자·기업 부문에서의 다양한 용도
  • 액세스 컨트롤 & 모니터링 : 새로운 수입원
  • 감시 카메라·ID/인증 디바이스 : 큰 수입원이나, 장착 카메라 및 생체인식 락 등 새로운 디바이스와의 경쟁에 직면할 전망


  • 바이오메트릭스 매출 : 톱 레벨 뷰
  • 주요 5개 시장의 내역
  • 정부·보안
  • 기업·산업
  • 은행·금융 서비스·보험·헬스케어
  • 소비자
  • 전략적 가이던스
KSA 19.12.02

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Actionable Benefits

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the biometrics hardware landscape, develop a better-honed digital security strategy and beat your competition by establishing a foothold in new market verticals.
  • Deep-dive into a breadth of information, uncover new R&D opportunities by merging form-factors or cross-vertical integrations and understand how to expand towards future-looking investment prospects.
  • Capitalize upon the current evolution trends of government, law enforcement, border control, enterprise, consumer among others and adapt your products and solutions based on market gaps and opportunities to take advantage of the constantly evolving biometrics market.
  • Understand which biometric modalities and technologies dominate each vertical, which are lagging behind, which markets can support further security infrastructure and how to avoid overhyped technology pitfalls

Critical Questions Answered

  • How is the global biometrics market evolving over time?
  • Which biometric markets should implementers invest towards - both for the long-term and near-future?
  • What key challenges and opportunities should implementers keep in mind?

Research Highlights

  • Law Enforcement and Border Control applications will attract the largest percentage of biometric revenues.
  • Consumer and Enterprise applications are becoming quite versatile with access control and monitoring applications breathing new life and a healthy revenue stream.
  • Surveillance Cameras and ID/Authentication devices attracting the majority of revenues but new biometric devices like Body-Worn Cameras, Biometrics Locks and Terminals enter the fray.

Who Should Read This?

  • Biometrics organizations
  • Digital security organizations
  • System integrators, service providers, biometric hardware manufacturers, biometric software and algorithm developers
  • Governmental, regulatory and standardization organizations

Table of Contents

  • Top-Level View for Biometric Revenue
  • Breakdown of the Five Key Markets
  • Government and Security
  • Enterprise and Industrial
  • BFSI and Healthcare
  • Consumer
  • Strategic Guidance
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