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ADAS 공급업체 순위와 시장 점유율(2015-2020년)

ADAS Suppliers Rankings & Market Shares 2015-20

리서치사 Auto2x Ltd | Automotive Intelligence Consulting
발행일 2021년 12월 상품코드 1023606
페이지 정보 영문 108 Pages; 67 Tables & 82 Figures 배송안내 1-2일 (영업일 기준)
£ 2,799 ₩ 4,475,000 PDF (Global License)

ADAS 공급업체 순위와 시장 점유율(2015-2020년) ADAS Suppliers Rankings & Market Shares 2015-20
발행일 : 2021년 12월 페이지 정보 : 영문 108 Pages; 67 Tables & 82 Figures

본 상품은 영문 자료로 한글과 영문 목차에 불일치하는 내용이 있을 경우 영문을 우선합니다. 정확한 검토를 위해 영문목차를 참고해주시기 바랍니다.

ADAS 보급률은 규제, 안전성 평가 시스템, 센서나 구현 저비용화 등에 의해 크게 증가할 것으로 예상됩니다. 보급률 상승은 자동차 부품 제조업체의 매출을 신장시키고, 수익성 향상에 크게 기여합니다.

주요 자동차 시장에서는 안전 규제나 등급설정 변경, 더 높은 레벨의 자율성을 제공하기 위한 경쟁, 센서 저비용화 등에 의해 자동차 1대당 ADAS 컨텐츠, 즉 운전 지원이나 더 높은 레벨의 자율성에 필요한 레이더, 카메라, 초음파 등의 탑재율이 크게 상승할 것으로 생각됩니다. 자동차 1대당 ADAS 컨텐츠 증가에 의해 ADAS 매출은 2020-2025년간 약 2배가 될 전망입니다.

ADAS나 자율주행을 위한 부품이나 시스템을 제조하는 제조업체는 자동차 제조업체나 신규 진출 기업의 수요를 수익화하는데 유리한 입장에 있다고 평가하고 있습니다. ADAS 공급업체 대형 7개사의 ADAS 매출은 2017-2020년간 21.5%의 CAGR로 성장을 이루었으며, ADAS 매출별 세계 순위에 변화가 발생할 것으로 예상됩니다. 또한 주요 공급업체의 ADAS 대자동차 매출의 비율은 상승할 전망입니다.

ADAS 공급업체에 대해 조사했으며, 2015-2019년 ADAS 하드웨어 컴포넌트 공급업체(레이더, 카메라, Lidar, 초음파 센서)의 ADAS 매출별 순위와 시장 점유율을 조사하여 2020년까지 예측을 실시했습니다.


제1장 주요 요약

  • ADAS 매출별 ADAS 공급업체 순위(2015-2020년)
  • 2017년 유럽, 미국, 중국의 ADAS 센서 공급업체 순위
  • 2017년 유럽의 ADAS 공급업체 순위 : 주요 센서별 리더 : 레이더, 카메라
  • 레이더와 라이더의 ADAS 공급업체 순위 : 유럽(2017년 vs 2020년)
  • 2020년 공급업체 주요 11개사로부터의 ADAS 시장 매출 현황

제2장 안전 규제, 경쟁, 소비자의 수요가 ADAS 공급업체에 기회를 창출

  • ADAS 보급률은 주요 자동차 시장에서 높아지고 있으며, 안전성과 편리성이 향상하고 있다
  • 안전 요건 변경에 의해 ADAS가 표준 장비가 되었다
  • ADAS는 이미 고급차 부문에 한정되지 않는다
  • 자동차 업계가 하드웨어에서 소프트웨어로 이동함에 따라 공급업체는 ADAS 시장을 리드하기 위해서 전략을 조정한다
  • 공급업체가 ADAS 성장을 수익화하는데 적합한 입장에 있는 이유를 배운다
  • ADAS 공급업체에 있어서의 과제

제3장 ADAS 컴포넌트 공급업체 순위와 시장 점유율(2015-2020년)

  • 자동차 매출별 공급업체 순위(2015-2018)
  • ADAS 총매출별 공급업체 순위(2015-2020년)
  • 주요 공급업체의 ADAS부터 자동차의 매출(2015-2020년)
  • 유럽의 ADAS 센서별 주요 Tier-1 순위(2017-2020년)
  • 2017년 중국의 레이더, 카메라별 주요 Tier-1 순위
  • 2017년 미국의 레이더, 카메라, 초음파별 주요 Tier-1 순위

제4장 ADAS 하드웨어 컴포넌트 주요 공급업체 : 분석, 포트폴리오, 주요 데이터

    • ADAS 매출
    • ADAS의 경쟁
    • 2020년까지 전망
  • Bosch
  • Continental
  • Denso
  • Hella
  • Hitachi
  • Magna
  • Mobileye
  • Valeo
  • Veoneer(Ex-Autoliv)
  • Zenuity
  • ZF

제5장 2020년 ADAS 공급업체 순위와 센서 전망

  • 2020년 ADAS 공급업체 매출 예측
  • 2020년 주요 공급업체의 ADAS부터 자동차의 매출 예측
  • 2025년까지 ADAS 및 자율주행 채용 전망
  • L3-5 플랫폼, AMoD 및 HD 맵의 OEM 및 공급업체 컨소시엄
  • ADAS 레이더, 카메라, Lidar 및 초음파 컴포넌트 전망
    • 승용차의 2020년까지 Lidar 예측
    • 2020년까지 ADAS 센서 전망
  • ADAS 컴포넌트 공급업체 생태계 개요 : Tier-1, 2 및 포트폴리오
KSM 21.09.16

ADAS penetration rates are expected to increase significantly due to regulation, safety rating systems, lower cost of sensors or implementation. Rising penetration will boost revenues for automotive suppliers and contribute significantly to their profitability. This 30,000-word report examines the rankings and market shares of ADAS hardware component suppliers (radar, cameras, Lidar, ultrasonic sensors) in 2015-19 by ADAS revenues and provides forecasts up to 2020.

Learn about the market shares of ADAS Suppliers in camera, radar and lidar and leaders by ADAS revenue.

ADAS Revenue will almost double between 2020 & 2025 as ADAS Content per Vehicle rises

ADAS content per vehicle, i.e. the fitment of radars, cameras, ultrasonics, and other components necessary for driver assistance and higher levels of autonomy, will rise significantly in major car markets driven by changes in safety regulation and rating, the competition to offer higher levels of autonomy and lower cost of sensors.

Auto2x expects that in 2020, 42 models capable of Level 3 autonomy (TJP, HP) and 94 models with Level 2 (TJA, CA) - mostly as optional equipment - will be offered in Europe, despite the regulatory hurdles of the latter.

What is more, ADAS Content per Vehicle in 2020 will range from €489 for Level 2, with 17 sensors per car, to €960-2,100 for Level 3 depending on the usage of lidar or not as sensor set redundancy.

ADAS Suppliers are well-positioned to monetize the strong demand for ADAS components

We assess that the manufacturers of these components and systems for ADAS and Automated Driving are well-positioned to monetize the strong demand from carmakers and new entrants.

Already, Top ADAS Tier-1s such as Bosch, Continental, Aptiv, and Autoliv, has recorded billions of ADAS Order Intake in the Annual Reports while they continue to invest to increase production capacity and shorten time-to-market.

The leading 7 ADAS Suppliers will experience average ADAS revenue growth of CAGR 21.5% between 2017 and 2020 which will lead to changes in the global Ranking-by-ADAS Revenue. What's more, the overall ADAS-to-Automotive Revenue ratio for the major suppliers will increase.

Magna's profile in ADAS:

Our new report examines the portfolio, strategy and roadmap of leading ADAS Suppliers to deliver:

  • 1. Rankings and Market shares by ADAS Component Revenue in 2015-20 (€);
  • 2. Ranking by ADAS-to-Automotive Revenue;
  • 3. 2017 market shares in 77GH / 24GHz radar, camera, Lidar, and ultrasonic in Europe, USA and China, by sales of components to OEMs;
  • 4. Competitive assessment and outlook for 2020;
  • 5. Market shares of ADAS Suppliers in sales of L3 radar and Lidar in Europe in 2020.

ADAS penetration rates in new cars will increase significantly over the next 5 years driven primarily by changes in safety rating scoring and lower cost of sensors or implementation. Leading automotive suppliers expect that this will boost their revenues from ADAS and contribute significantly to their profitability as software plays an increasingly important role in the automotive industry.

Our research examines the rankings and market shares of ADAS hardware component suppliers (radar, cameras, Lidar, ultrasonic sensors) in 2014-20 by ADAS revenues.

2021 marks the transition to Highly-automated vehicles

Today, ADAS penetration is rising and Level 2 driving & parking features are available on the road from leading premium brands as well as Volume ones in Europe, U.S, China and Japan. L2 driving features enable convenience but require that the driver is "always in the loop", i.e. is constantly monitoring the road.

2017 saw Audi becoming the first to activate Level 3 driving features, which allow the driver to be distracted but awake to back-up the system. Also, by the end of 2021, advanced car markets, such as Europe, North America and Japan, will have transitioned to L3 and the first C-segment car with L3 will be unveiled.

Since many carmakers don't design and manufacture ADAS features in-house, or more importantly, the cameras and radars for these features, they rely on suppliers who are the leading manufacturers and distributors of components and features.

In Europe, EuroNCAP extents to protect for Cyclists in the 2018 rating, while changes in scoring push OEMs to offer either TSR or LKA as standards- on top of LDW and City and Pedestrian AEB.

Leading suppliers already offer a strong sensor ADAS portfolio to meet the requirements of the stricter EuroNCAP's 2020 Roadmap.

In the U.S, rear-visibility requirements coming into force in May 2018 require the installation of rear-view cameras in all vehicles to reduce back-over fatalities. What is more, rear pedestrian autobrake requirements by the NHTSA for the 2018 US NCAP push OEMs to develop new ADAS strategies.

ADAS are becoming cheaper and L1 features not exclusive to the premium car segment any more

Technological developments in ADAS, such as sensor fusion, economies of scale and system integration enable price reduction in ADAS.This has enabled safety and convenience ADAS features to expand to the mid and low-end car segments, particularly in safety-oriented Europe.

For example, Mercedes offers its whole Driver assistance package in the UK, which includes L1-L2 driving and parking features, for less than £2,000.

Carmakers and suppliers face the challenge of reducing production cost while increasing performance and complexity

However, ADAS suppliers face a series of important challenges which threaten their profitability from ADAS. Despite the increasing software complexity and requirements for greater computing power, ADAS suppliers need to achieve a healthy ''performance to cost ratio'' in order for these technologies to reach mass-market adoption. New ADAS architectures and further collaborations with Tier 1s are expected in order to overcome these massive challenges.

Read this report to get an understanding of their rankings and market shares in 2015-17 and how they will develop over the next 3 years.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary (5 pages)

  • 1. ADAS Suppliers' ranking by ADAS revenues: 2015-2020
  • 2. Suppliers' ranking in ADAS Sensors in Europe, USA and China in 2017
  • 3. ADAS Suppliers' ranking in Europe in 2017: Leaders by key sensors: radar, camera
  • 4. ADAS Suppliers' ranking in radar and Lidar: Europe 2017 vs 2020
  • 5. Snapshot of the ADAS market revenues from Top-11 Suppliers in 2020

2. Safety regulation, competition & consumer demand create opportunities for ADAS Suppliers (9 pages)

  • 1. ADAS penetration is rising in key car markets enhancing safety & convenience
  • 2. Changes in safety requirements push ADAS into standard equipment
  • 3. ADAS are not exclusive to the premium car segment any more
  • 4. As the auto industry shifts from HW to SW, suppliers tailor their strategy to lead the ADAS market
  • 5. Learn why suppliers are well-positioned to monetise ADAS growth
  • 6. Challenges for ADAS suppliers

3. Rankings & market shares of ADAS component Suppliers in 2015-20 (17 pages)

  • 1. Ranking of suppliers by Automotive Revenue during 2015-18
  • 2. Ranking of suppliers by total ADAS revenue between 2015-20
    • 1. Learn which Suppliers have recorded the stronger ADAS revenue growth during 2015-17
    • 2. Suppliers' Shares in combined Top-11 ADAS Revenue in 2016-18
  • 3. ADAS-to-Automotive Revenue in 2015-20 for leading Suppliers
  • 4. Ranking of Leading Tier-1s by ADAS Sensor in Europe in 2017-20
    • 1. ADAS sensor technology overview in 2017 by leading supplier
    • 2. Forward-looking radar at 77GHz for ACC & TJA features
    • 3. Corner radar at 24GHz for Blind Spot Monitoring
    • 4. Front-facing camera for AEB, LDW and LKA features
    • 5. Infrared camera for Night Vision systems
    • 6. Driver monitoring camera
    • 7. Lidar for Collision Avoidance redundancy
    • 8. Ultrasonics
  • 5. Ranking of Leading Tier-1s by radar and camera in China in 2017
    • 1. Forward-looking Radar shares in China in 2017
    • 2. Front-facing Camera shares by leading Tier-1s in China 2017
  • 6. Ranking of Leading Tier-1s by radar, camera and ultrasonics in the U.S in 2017
    • Radar shares in USA in 2017: front & corner
    • Front-facing Camera shares by leading Tier-1s in USA 2017
    • Supplier shares in Ultrasonics in USA in 2017

4. Leading suppliers of ADAS hardware components: analysis, portfolio & key figures (44 pages)

  • 1. APTIV
    • 1. Aptiv's ADAS revenues
    • 2. Aptiv's competitive position in ADAS
    • 3. Aptiv's outlook in ADAS by 2020
  • 2. Bosch
    • 1. Bosch's key figures on revenues, sales and production of ADAS sensors
    • 2. Bosch's competitive position in ADAS: components and customers
    • 3. Bosch's outlook in ADAS for 2017-2020
  • 3. Continental
    • 1. Continental's key ADAS figures: revenues, sensor sales and production
    • 2. Continental's ADAS portfolio: components and features
    • 3. Continental's competitive position in ADAS
    • 4. Continental's outlook in ADAS by 2020
  • 4. Denso
    • 1. Denso's key ADAS figures
    • 2. Denso's competitive position in ADAS
    • 3. Denso's outlook in ADAS by 2020
  • 5. Hella
    • 1. Hella's key ADAS figures and sensors
    • 2. Hella's competitive position and outlook in ADAS for 2016-20
  • 6. Hitachi
    • 1. Hitachi's key ADAS figures and sensors
    • 2. Hitachi's outlook in ADAS by 2020
  • 7. Magna
    • 1. Magna's ADAS revenues and portfolio of sensors and features
    • 2. Magna's competitive position in ADAS sensors in Europe and USA
    • 3. Magna's strategy & outlook in ADAS by 2020
  • 8. Mobileye
    • 1. Mobileye's ADAS revenues and portfolio of sensors and features
  • 9. Valeo
    • 1. Valeo's key figures on revenues and sales of ADAS sensors
    • 2. Valeo's competitive position and outlook in the ADAS market
  • 10. Veoneer (Ex-Autoliv)
    • 1. Veoneer's key ADAS figures: revenues and sales of ADAS sensors
    • 2. Veoneer's ADAS portfolio: components and features
    • 3. Veoneer's competitive position in Europe
    • 4. Veoneer's strategy and outlook in ADAS by 2020
  • 11. Zenuity
  • 12. ZF
    • 1. ZF's ADAS revenues and portfolio of sensors and features
    • 2. ZF's competitive position & outlook in ADAS by 2020

5. ADAS Suppliers' Ranking in 2020 & Sensor outlook (10 pages)

  • 1. Forecast of ADAS suppliers' revenues in 2020
  • 2. ADAS-to-Automotive Revenue Forecast for major Suppliers in 2020
  • 3. ADAS & Automated Driving adoption outlook up to 2025
  • 4. OEM & Supplier Consortiums for L3-5 platforms, AMoD and HD maps
  • 5. Outlook for ADAS radar, camera, Lidar, and ultrasonic components
    • Lidar forecast up to 2020 in passenger cars
    • ADAS sensor outlook up to 2020
  • 6. Overview of the ADAS component supplier ecosystem: Tier-1s, 2s and their portfolio
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