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Global Ship Radar Market

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KSA 23.07.03

Navigation, tracking, and threat detection all depend heavily on radars that are used for surveillance monitoring, as well as fire control purposes. Radars can track and categorize numerous incoming threats detected within their aperture thus providing ample information to the personnel to develop battlefield strategies. Two main kinds of radars are employed across Naval platforms, i.e. AESA (Active electronically scanned array radar and PESA( Passive Electronically scanned array radar).

The radar beam is electronically guided in AESA radars, which have computer-controlled antennae. AESA radars can simultaneously emit radio wave beams at several frequencies. This is crucial since previous RWR (Radar Warning Return) systems on ships and aircraft cannot detect AESA radars.

Due to the usage of multiple frequencies in AESA systems, even the newest generation of RWRs must be extremely sensitive to detect AESA. As a result, AESAs are also characterized as radars with limited chances of intercepting. When compared to PESA (Passive Electronic Scanner Array) radars of an earlier generation, AESA radars are far more dependable. Since each module in an AESA radar operates separately, the loss of a single module does not render the radar inoperable.

Additionally, AESA radars are noted to be resistant to jamming. The target maritime weather radar's operational frequency is discovered by jammers, who then broadcast jamming signals on that frequency. This confuses the target radar, rendering it incompetent. The capacity of AESA radar to disperse the frequencies over broadband makes it challenging to jam.

Major factors driving Ship Radar Market Growth:

Modernization initiatives and higher defense spending are the main drivers of demand. Due to the intensification of the conflict in Eastern Europe, particularly in Ukraine, and Chinese aggression in the Asia-Pacific region, it is anticipated that defense spending will rise. Several nations have been investing heavily in naval technology to increase their strategic positioning over water bodies. Nations like China have developed artificial islands within the South China sea to allow its forces a tactical advantage.

However, this move has led to several border tensions as well as animosities within the mentioned region. Nations in Indo-Pacific are particularly known for their increasing fleet capacity, China is a notable nation in this domain as well since the country has been trying to establish maritime supremacy. China and the US have been competing to attain the highest fleet value. The increased procurement of naval warships amongst these nations is hereby anticipated to boost the growth associated with ship radars.

Trends influencing the Ship-Radar Market Size:

The most popular naval radars are X-Band radars. Given that they can use compact antennas, X-band radars are the ideal choice for naval ships where space optimization is a key commodity. Superior target resolution is another feature of these radars. As a result of their higher frequency, X-Band radars are ideally suited for fire control functionality. As a result, they play a crucial role in the ship's defense. They are suitable for target detection at closer ranges due to their shorter wavelength. With a longer wavelength and less attenuation, S-Band (2GHz - 4aGHz) is a good choice for long-range target detection.

Ship-Radar Market Forecast & Dynamics:

A marine weather radar is currently undergoing a transition to fully solid-state architecture. Solid-state radars offer superior performance when compared to traditional magnetron radars. Solid-state radars require low maintenance and hence reduce the need for frequent parts purchase. Solid-state radars also have higher reliability and are less susceptible to breakdowns. The high-speed scanning ability also increases the tracking capability. Solid-state radars require lower power to transmit short pulses. Since almost all civilian ships use pulse radar with a magnetron, there is huge potential for growth in this domain. Solid-state radars have no calibration and preheating.

Ship Radar Market Analysis for Recent Developments:

The U.S. Navy was noted to award to contract to the company, Raytheon Technologies worth up to USD 3.16 billion to provide radars for as many as 31 ships over the next five years. The V1 Air and Missile Defense Radar, a sizable radar that will be mounted on new Flight III Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, as well as smaller, rotating counterparts that will be mounted on aircraft carriers, amphibious ships, frigates, and older destroyers, are all covered by the grant. If every option in the contract were to be used, Raytheon would have given 46 radars to Navy ships in total.

Table of Contents

Ship Radar Market Report Definition

Ship Radar Market Segmentation

  • By Type
  • By Region

Ship Radar Market Analysis for next 10 Years

  • The 10-year ship radar market analysis would give a detailed overview of ship radar market growth, changing dynamics, technology adoption overviews and the overall market attractiveness is covered in this chapter.

Market Technologies of Ship Radar Market

  • This segment covers the top 10 technologies that is expected to impact this market and the possible implications these technologies would have on the overall market.

Global Ship Radar Market Forecast

  • The 10-year ship radar market forecast of this market is covered in detailed across the segments which are mentioned above.

Regional Ship Radar Market Trends & Forecast

  • The regional ship radar market trends, drivers, restraints and Challenges of this market, the Political, Economic, Social and Technology aspects are covered in this segment. The market forecast and scenario analysis across regions are also covered in detailed in this segment. The last part of the regional analysis includes profiling of the key companies, supplier landscape and company benchmarking. The current market size is estimated based on the normal scenario.
  • North America
  • Drivers, Restraints and Challenges
  • PEST
  • Market Forecast & Scenario Analysis
  • Key Companies
  • Supplier Tier Landscape
  • Company Benchmarking
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • APAC
  • South America

Country Analysis of Ship Radar Market

  • This chapter deals with the key defense programs in this market, it also covers the latest news and patents which have been filed in this market. Country level 10 year market forecast and scenario analysis are also covered in this chapter.
  • US
  • Defense Programs
  • Latest News
  • Patents
  • Current levels of technology maturation in this market
  • Market Forecast & Scenario Analysis
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Greece
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • India
  • China
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Brazil

Opportunity Matrix for Ship Radar Market

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