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KSA 23.07.03

Corvettes were originally mentioned in the French navy in the 1670s, and the term may have originated there. Today, these compact and diversified warships are utilized all over the world as an agile and cost-effective alternative to larger ships. Corvettes or missile boats are vessels smaller than frigates that are not large enough to have a full air defense radar and thus are not used to escort other vessels or defend large areas they play more of an offense rule given that they can use their anti-ship missiles to attack and are small and maneuverable enough to avoid being hit they're also typically not suited or capable of operating in blue waters so they typically stay close to the shores.

A corvette is a smaller version of a modern frigate, however, it is normally designed for one of two missions: surface or anti-submarine warfare. The LCS class ships are utilized in the US Navy; they are smaller than the frigate class that they are replacing; they have a comparable amount of firepower while requiring less than 50 crew members, and they may reach 40 knots at top speed. Littoral combat ships are smaller vessels that are well-adapted for littoral or close-to-shore operations. Littoral combat ships are similar to patrol vessels or corvettes in other countries' navies. One unique characteristic of littoral combat ships was their modular construction. By modifying their armament systems, sensors, and mission teams, they may be modified for multiple tasks such as anti-submarine warfare or surface combat. These module swaps were supposed to take a few hours, but they took much longer and proved to be logistically challenging. In a 2016 statement, the United States Navy abandoned the modular plan for littoral combat ships and elected to operate them with a single module.

The Skjold class naval corvettes are a type of big super-fast attack boat manufactured in Norway and used by the Royal Norwegian Navy. The Skjold class has been known to reach speeds of up to 60 knots in column c, thanks to four gas turbines propelling the 47.5 meter-long lightweight assault boat armed with eight Kongsberg anti-ship missiles ASMS fitted with GPS mid-course and a dual-band imaging infrared seeker guidance. The Skjold class is also equipped with an auto Breda super-fast multi-role cannon, two Browning M2 heavy guns, a mistral surface-to-air missile, and an electronic warfare EW suite. The Skjold class corvette is the fastest in the world and is currently in service.

For aviation operations, all modern corvettes include a helicopter deck. A helicopter onboard adds the enormous capability to the corvettes, including command and control assistance, situational awareness, and transportation for troops and supplies.

Major factors driving Corvettes Market Growth:

Specialized corvettes are also utilized for ASW (Anti-submarine Warfare) tasks, and are outfitted with underwater sensors and weapons suited for subsurface operations. Corvettes are particularly popular among world navies due to their agility and powerful weaponry onboard. Corvettes are intended to evolve into a longer-range naval platform as technology advances. UAVs mounted onboard corvettes will make them more capable in the future. Corvettes play an important role in any modern sea battle since they are versatile and effective in ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) operations while possessing adequate offensive attack capability. These are some of the major market trends that will drive market growth.

Trends influencing the Corvette Market Size:

Advancements in additive manufacturing, EO systems, and propulsion systems will be some of the major market trends that will influence the capability of corvettes. EVTOL unmanned systems will also be a critical component of corvettes, these unmanned systems will improve the overall ISR capability.

Corvette Market Forecast & Dynamics:

Increasing defense spending will encourage the procurement of new corvette platforms. The increase in defense spending will also encourage updating existing corvettes with advanced newer critical components such as EO and CIWS systems. Procurement will also be driven by prevailing geo-political conditions in Europe and the Asia Pacific.

The market forecast includes a comprehensive market analysis and market size. The market analysis includes regional market size, drivers, restraints, and opportunities. The regional analysis also includes country-wise market size.

Corvettes Market Analysis for Recent Developments:

The corvette "Al Khor," the third of four Al Zubarah-class vessels bought by the Qatari Ministry of Defense as part of the national naval acquisition program, was delivered today at the Muggiano (La Spezia) shipyard. The Al Zubarah-class corvettes will be highly adaptable and capable of performing a variety of roles, ranging from surveillance with sea rescue capabilities to fighting boats, by RINAMIL guidelines. They will be around 107 meters long and 14.70 meters broad, with a combined diesel and diesel plant (CODAD) with a top speed of 28 knots.

With compact dimensions and displacement, and a crew core of 98 members plus accommodation for an additional 14 units, the new platform presents a sophisticated and robust combat system with a full range of weapons for anti-air warfare (AAW, with Aster 30 Block 1 and RAM missiles) and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) operations, while anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities are limited to self-defense, although the ship can accommodate and operate an NH90 NFH maritime helicopter which can be equipped with an ASW suite including lightweight torpedoes.

Table of Contents

Corvettes Market Report Definition

Corvettes Market Segmentation

  • By Type
  • By Region
  • By Class

Corvettes Market Analysis for next 10 Years

  • The 10-year corvettes market analysis would give a detailed overview of corvettes market growth, changing dynamics, technology adoption overviews and the overall market attractiveness is covered in this chapter.

Market Technologies of Corvettes Market

  • This segment covers the top 10 technologies that is expected to impact this market and the possible implications these technologies would have on the overall market.

Global Corvettes Market Forecast

  • The 10-year corvettes market forecast of this market is covered in detailed across the segments which are mentioned above.

Regional Corvettes Market Trends & Forecast

  • The regional corvettes market trends, drivers, restraints and Challenges of this market, the Political, Economic, Social and Technology aspects are covered in this segment. The market forecast and scenario analysis across regions are also covered in detailed in this segment. The last part of the regional analysis includes profiling of the key companies, supplier landscape and company benchmarking. The current market size is estimated based on the normal scenario.
  • North America
  • Drivers, Restraints and Challenges
  • PEST
  • Market Forecast & Scenario Analysis
  • Key Companies
  • Supplier Tier Landscape
  • Company Benchmarking
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • APAC
  • South America

Country Analysis of Corvettes Market

  • This chapter deals with the key defense programs in this market, it also covers the latest news and patents which have been filed in this market. Country level 10 year market forecast and scenario analysis are also covered in this chapter.
  • US
  • Defense Programs
  • Latest News
  • Patents
  • Current levels of technology maturation in this market
  • Market Forecast & Scenario Analysis
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Greece
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • India
  • China
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Brazil

Opportunity Matrix for Corvettes Market

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Expert Opinions on Corvettes Market Report

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