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생명과학용 판매 담당자의 효과를 최대화

Maximizing Sales Rep Effectiveness for the Life Sciences

리서치사 BioInformatics Inc.
발행일 2018년 10월 상품 코드 734887
페이지 정보 영문 73 Pages
US $ 5,000 ₩ 6,214,000 Powerpoint/PDF (Corporate License)

생명과학용 판매 담당자의 효과를 최대화 Maximizing Sales Rep Effectiveness for the Life Sciences
발행일 : 2018년 10월 페이지 정보 : 영문 73 Pages

세계의 과학자 950명 이상을 대상으로 조사를 실시했으며, 생명과학 공급업체에서 판매 담당자의 역할, 세일즈팀이 과학자와 공급 기업의 관계에 플러스 영향을 미칠 수 있는 방법 등에 대해 분석했습니다.

제1장 서론

제2장 판매 담당자와 구입 프로세스

  • 요약
  • 판매원과의 교류
  • 연락을 취하는 이유
  • 지원이 유용한 장소
  • 전용 판매원의 유용성
  • 정보 출처로서의 판매원

제3장 생명 과학자의 판매 담당자와의 경험

  • 요약
  • 스케줄링
  • 월간 교류
  • 스케줄링 선호
  • 연락 빈도 선호
  • 기업에 의한 교류
  • 판매 담당자의 프리젠테이션 : 지역별
  • 가장 자주 논의되는 제품 카테고리

제4장 판매 담당자의 브랜드 경쟁력 스코어카드

  • 판매 담당자의 만족도
  • 판매 담당자에 기반한 브랜드 제안
  • 판매 담당자 디스크립터 : 브랜드별

제5장 성공을 위한 판매 인력 설정

  • 요약
  • 중요한 판매 담당자의 자질
  • 선호되는 판매 인력 구조
  • 판매 담당자의 방문 후에 요구되는 정보
  • 인기 프로모션 아이템

제6장 부록

KSM 18.11.08

As the Web increasingly takes over so many aspects of the sales process, this report shows there still remains an important place for life science sales rep personnel when it comes to supplier interactions with current and prospective customers.

Price above is for a universal license PDF that can be shared with parent or subsidiary companies of the purchaser.


In Maximizing Sales Rep Effectiveness for the Life Sciences, we explore the role of life science supplier sales reps and identify ways that sales teams can have a positive impact on scientists' relationships with supplier companies. We surveyed over 950 scientists around the world to find out how much (or little) they rely on their sales reps when purchasing specific instruments and consumables. With the ubiquitousness of product information present online, are scientists depending on their sales reps for product information more or less than they did five years ago? How can a sales rep be most useful when a lab is considering buying (or switching to) a new product? What purchasing channels are laboratories using, and which ones do they prefer? The answers to these questions and more are detailed in this study so that suppliers can adjust their practices to align with the way labs prefer to do business.

Going beyond strategy, this report also serves as a tactical guide for individual sales reps. Extensive product lines and evolving technologies demand that sales reps invest significant amounts of time staying abreast of what's new. By finding out how labs want (and don't want) to be served, reps can allocate their most valuable resource - time - more efficiently and provide optimal service as defined by the scientists themselves.

The major objectives of this report are as follows:

  • Find out the importance of sales reps when purchasing products
  • Understand the products and service where sales reps are most helpful
  • Measure customers' usage and preferences of the method that they interact with sales reps
  • Measure customers' satisfaction level towards sales reps for each company


In this report, more than 950 scientists weigh in on acceptable response times for questions and concerns, preferences for types of outreach (i.e., email, text, video chat, telephone or face-to-face) and services that are considered value-added (e.g., forwarding lab requests to R&D, apprising labs of green options, inviting scientists to participate in focus groups). Additionally, scientists indicate whether or not they would be willing to follow supplier reps on social media, and if so, what type of content would entice them to do so.

This study also identifies ways that sales reps can alienate their customers by contacting the lab too much (or too little), not understanding the products well and lacking of familiarity with the lab's area of research, to name a few of the issues.

We also benchmark satisfaction with lab suppliers on multiple attributes to highlight the companies that are getting it right and the ones that could stand to improve.

Designed for CEOs, presidents, general managers, vice presidents of sales, sales directors, sales managers and sales reps alike, Maximizing Sales Rep Effectiveness for the Life Sciences can be used by any stakeholder to inform sales strategies and tactical plans that will help to achieve - and exceed - sales goals.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary

2. Sales Reps and the Purchasing Process

  • Summary
  • Interactions with Reps
  • Reasons for Contact
  • Where Assistance is Useful
  • Usefulness of Dedicated Reps
  • Reps as a Source of Information

3. Life Scientists' Experiences with Sales Reps

  • Summary
  • Scheduling
  • Interactions per Month
  • Scheduling Preferences
  • Preferred Contact Frequency
  • Interactions by Company
  • Sales Rep Representation by Region
  • Product Categories Most Often Discussed

4. Sales Rep Brand Strength Scorecards

  • Satisfaction with Sales Reps
  • Brand Recommendations Based on Sales Reps
  • Sales Rep Descriptors by Brand

5. Setting Up Your Sales Force for Success

  • Summary
  • Important Rep Personal Qualities
  • Preferred Sales Force Structure
  • Desired Info After Sales Rep Visit
  • Popular Promotional Items

6. Appendix

  • Methodology
  • Demographics
  • About Us
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