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생명과학 제품의 고객 구매 여정

Life Science Customer Purchasing Journey: Finding Customers Along the Way

리서치사 BioInformatics Inc.
발행일 2019년 05월 상품 코드 865135
페이지 정보 영문 93 Pages
US $ 7,500 ₩ 9,117,000 Powerpoint/PDF (Corporate License)

생명과학 제품의 고객 구매 여정 Life Science Customer Purchasing Journey: Finding Customers Along the Way
발행일 : 2019년 05월 페이지 정보 : 영문 93 Pages

세계 생명과학 고객을 대상으로 실시한 조사결과를 바탕으로 과학자가 제품에 대해 아는 방법, 대체품 평가, 공급업체 선택 및 구매 채널 등에 대해 분석했습니다.

1. 공급업체 선정

  • 구매를 검토하는 기타 공급업체
  • 아래 영역의 주요 10개 공급업체
    • 생물제제
    • 연구/전문 키트
    • 기구
    • 유리 제품/플라스틱
    • 완벽한 제품 솔루션
    • 맞춤형 제품
    • 데이터 분석 소프트웨어

2. 구매 프로세스

  • 제품 인지를 위한 자원
  • 발주 방법
  • 최근의 구매품 만족도
  • 구매 용이성

3. 구매 경험 중 공급업체와의 연락

  • 구매 전에 공급업체와 연락을 하는 이유
    • 공급업체로부터 정보 획득

4. 구매 프로세스 중 대체 제품 평가

  • 대체 제품 평가를 실시하는 이유
  • 대체 제품 특정과 평가

5. 구매 채널 및 방법

  • 최근의 구매 방법
  • 직접구매의 평균 비율 : 방법별

6. 구매 채널로서의 E-Procurement 이용

  • 직접구매가 주요 방법인 이유
  • 온라인/E-Procurement보다 직접구매하는 이유
  • 직접구매에 E-Procurement를 이용하는 이유
  • E-Procurement 이용 빈도
  • E-Procurement 타입 변경
  • E-Procurement 브랜드
  • E-Procurement 시스템의 전체적인 지식
  • E-Procurement 시스템 기능이 낳는 중요성
  • E-Procurement의 만족도
  • E-Procurement 도입 예측

7. 벤더 선정과 벤더 리스트

  • 제품 및 서비스 구매의 최대 장벽
  • 생명과학 소모품 및 장비 선정 프로세스
  • 인가된 벤더 리스트의 파라미터
  • 기업이 인가된 벤더 리스트를 선정/추가하는 방법

8. 조사 방법

9. BioInformatics에 대해

LSH 19.06.21

When a scientist realizes they need a tool to solve an experimental problem he or she embarks on a journey. The journey may be simple and short or long and complex. This report examines the customer journey for life science products - the sum of the experiences a customer has when they interact with a company from searching for a solution, to considering alternatives, and ultimately making a purchase.

This report provides life science companies with rich, contextual data to highlight areas where scientists express varying levels of satisfaction with a process that differs significantly from that which they experience in their personal lives as consumers. The results of this study will be useful in aligning a life science company's marketing and business processes with the preferences of their customers and provide more satisfactory customer interactions.

Based on the perspective of more than 900 scientific customers from around the world, this report delves into how scientists become aware of products, evaluate alternatives, select suppliers, and the navigate through often complex purchasing channels.

From the perspective of life scientists, the primary objectives of this report are as follows:

  • Understand how customers are selecting products.
  • Understand how many vendors they evaluate.
  • Understand how they learn about vendors or products, and alternative products.
  • Understand the purchasing experience.
  • Understand factors that influence how customers purchase products.
  • Understand e-procurement use, growth, perceptions.
  • Understand institutional barriers to purchasing.

Table of Contents

  • Report Contents
  • Methodologies
  • Sample Data
  • Why Buy Our Reports
  • Pricing
  • About BioInfo


Supplier Selection

  • Other Suppliers Considered Purchase
  • Top 10 Suppliers of:
  • Biological
  • Research/Specialty Kits
  • Instrumentation
  • Glassware/Plastics
  • Complete Product Solutions
  • Customized Products
  • Data Analysis Software

Purchasing Process

  • Resources for product awareness
  • Methods for order placement
  • Satisfaction with recent purchase
  • Ease of Purchasing

Contact with Supplier During the Purchasing Experience

  • Reasons for Contacting Supplier During Pre-Purchase Obtaining Information from Supplier

Evaluation of Alternative Products During the Purchasing Process

  • Reasons for Forgoing Alternative Product Evaluation
  • Identification and Evaluation of Alternative Products

Purchasing Channels and Methods

  • Recent Purchase Methods
  • Average Percent of Direct Purchases by Method

Use of E-Procurement as a Purchasing Channel

  • Reasons for Primary Method of Direct Purchase
  • Reasons for Method of Direct Purchase Other than Online/ E-Procurement
  • Reasons for use of E-Procurement for Direct Purchase
  • Frequency of E-Procurement Use
  • Changes in E-Procurement Type
  • Brand of E-Procurement
  • Overall Knowledge of E-Procurement System
  • Derived Importance of E-Procurement System Features
  • Satisfaction with E-Procurement
  • Expected Adoption of E-Procurement

Vendor Selection and Vendor Lists

  • Greatest Barrier to Purchasing Products and Services
  • Selection Process for Life Science Consumables and Equipment
  • Parameters of Approved Vendor Lists
  • How Institutions and Employers Select/ Add to Approved Vendor Lists


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