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유럽의 원격 환자 모니터링(RPM) 시장 예측(-2023년)

Remote Patient Monitoring Market in Europe, Forecast to 2023

리서치사 Frost & Sullivan
발행일 2019년 05월 상품 코드 906127
페이지 정보 영문 102 Pages
US $ 4,950 ₩ 5,882,000 Web Access (Regional License) help
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유럽의 원격 환자 모니터링(RPM) 시장 예측(-2023년) Remote Patient Monitoring Market in Europe, Forecast to 2023
발행일 : 2019년 05월 페이지 정보 : 영문 102 Pages

본 상품은 영문 자료로 한글과 영문목차에 불일치하는 내용이 있을 경우 영문을 우선합니다. 정확한 검토를 위해 영문목차를 참고해주시기 바랍니다.

유럽의 원격 환자 모니터링(RPM : Remote Patient Monitoring) 시장에 대해 조사했으며, 시장 개요·정의·세분화, 시장 성장에 대한 영향요인과 동향, 국가별 시장 분석과 예측, 경쟁 환경 및 성장 기회 등에 대해 분석하여 전해드립니다.


시장 개요

  • 주요 정의
  • 주요 정의·시장 세분화
  • RPM의 이용 사례
  • 진화하는 RPM의 역할 : 현재·미래
  • 주요 부문에서 RPM의 침투
  • 프로바이더가 RPM 솔루션을 채택하는 주요 목적
  • 전형적인 RPM 구성 : 주요 컴포넌트·정보 흐름
  • 전형적인 RPM 구성에서의 정보 흐름
  • RPM은 다양한 IT 솔루션과 제휴
  • RPM은 다가오는 헬스케어 컨셉의 주요 컴포넌트
  • 케어 코디네이션 : RPM의 실용적 컴포넌트
  • RPM은 헬스케어 이해관계자 전체에서 애플리케이션 소유 : 이유와 방법
  • RPM은 헬스케어 이해관계자 전체에서 애플리케이션 소유 : 사례와 유럽의 사례 연구
  • 텔레헬스 매트릭스 : 텔레헬스 시장과 원격 모니터링
  • GDPR의 중요한 특징
  • GDPR은 원격 환자 모니터링에 어떻게 영향을 미치는가?

촉진요인·억제요인·동향 : RPM 시장

  • RPM의 도입 확대를 촉진하는 요인
  • 시장 성장 촉진요인
  • 촉진요인 설명
  • 시장 성장 억제요인
  • 억제요인 설명
  • TOP 10 동향의 시장에 대한 영향
  • American Well과 Medtronic의 제휴

예측·동향 : RPM 시장

  • 시장 엔지니어링 측정
  • 예측의 전제조건·정의
  • 매출 예측
  • 매출 예측 논의
  • 매출비 예측 : 국가별
  • 매출 예측 : 국가별
  • 시장 점유율 : 국가별
  • 매출 예측 논의 : 국가별

경쟁 환경

  • 논의
  • 타깃 솔루션의 개요 : 유럽
  • 경쟁 구조
  • 주목 기업

국가 또는 지역 분석

  • 영국 : 시장 분석, 매출 예측, 매출 예측 논의
  • 독일
  • 프랑스
  • 스페인
  • 이탈리아
  • 베네룩스 국가
  • 스칸디나비아 국가

성장 기회·CTA

  • 향후 전략에 필수적인 5개의 성장 기회
  • 성장 기회 1 : PHM(집단건강관리 : Population Health Management)
  • 성장 기회 2 : 디지털 치료
  • 성장 기회 3 : 원격의료
  • 성장 기회 4 : 에스토니아 '익스트림 디지털 리빙(Extreme Digital Living)'
  • 성장 기회 5 : 인공지능(AI)
  • 성공·성장의 전략적 필수 요건
  • 향후 전망



KSA 19.08.23

RPM is Set to Grow at a Good Pace and Act as a Key Enabler for Outcomes-based Medicine

The focus of this report is on clinical-grade remote patient monitoring (RPM). RPM is a digital solution that involves secure transmission of medical data collected on devices, via information and communication technologies, through text, sound, images or other forms needed for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients. Health systems in Europe are facing several challenges, including the growing incidence of chronic diseases and an aging population. Healthcare costs are rising as a result. In addition, healthcare personnel are being over-utilized. The chronic disease burden is creating unprecedented stress on primary care because patients are coming in to clinics more often than in the past. There are also issues with patients' adherence to treatment protocols and medications. Aging populations are adding to the chronic disease burden and also increasing the strain on emergency care centers and assisted living centers. In addition to these two consumer segments, there is a third end-use segment for RPM, called transitional care patients, which encompasses high-risk patients who are shifting from high-dependency settings such as the intensive care unit (ICU) to wards and to homes. These patients need to be monitored continuously, but a low nurse to patient ratio makes it difficult to continuously monitor them.

In order to tackle the burden of these three consumer segments, health systems are looking at radically transforming their healthcare service delivery and approaches by using digital tools such as RPM and other forms of telehealth. RPM is an enabler that supports the shifting of the center of care from the hospital to the home. This reduces the pressure on primary and secondary care units. While the benefits of RPM are clear, certain deterrents slow the uptake of these solutions. These are the lack of clear reimbursement policies and a lack of trust about the accuracy and the privacy of data generated remotely. New-age concepts of Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and Big Data analytics are ushering RPM to new use cases. Companies are focusing on diverse customer segments with basic to robust product offerings that contribute to the RPM value chain. It appears to be the right time for remote patient monitoring companies to explore the potential of this market with diverse digital applications. A mix of business models are being deployed by different vendor types - medical device companies, ICT companies, and pure-play RPM companies. Europe offers a diverse platter of countries based on regulatory and social factors. It is important to understand regional nuances and evaluate the readiness to deploy RPM across the region. Further, in the long run, with health systems moving towards value-based care and embracing emerging concepts such as population health management, care coordination, and patient engagement, RPM is going to play a very important role in a data-driven environment that supports value-based reimbursement.

RPM is and will increasingly become a mainstream healthcare delivery mechanism. It will be essential as health systems in Europe move towards value-based care approaches.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Key Findings
  • Key Findings (continued)
  • Scope and Segmentation
  • Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • Market Engineering Measurements
  • CEO's Perspective
  • Key Companies to Watch
  • The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
  • Five Growth Opportunities Critical for Future Strategy
  • Likely Market Directions-The Analyst Perspective

Market Overview

  • Key Definitions
  • Key Definitions and Market Segmentation
  • Use Cases for RPM
  • Evolving Role of RPM-Today and Tomorrow
  • Evolving Role of RPM-Today and Tomorrow (continued)
  • Penetration of RPM Across Key Segments
  • Key Objectives of Providers Deploying RPM Solutions
  • Typical RPM Setup-Key Components and Information Flow
  • Information Flow in a Typical RPM Setup
  • RPM will Interface with a Variety of IT Solutions
  • RPM is a Key Component of Upcoming Healthcare Concepts
  • Care Coordination-The Practical Component of RPM
  • RPM Has Applications Across Healthcare Stakeholders-The Why's and the How's
  • RPM Has Applications Across Healthcare Stakeholders-Examples and Case Studies from Europe
  • Telehealth Matrix-Telehealth Markets and Remote Monitoring
  • Salient Features of GDPR
  • How Does GDPR Impact Remote Patient Monitoring?

Drivers, Restraints, and Trends-RPM Market

  • Forces Driving Increased Adoption of RPM
  • Market Drivers
  • Market Drivers Explained
  • Market Drivers Explained (continued)
  • Market Restraints
  • Market Restraints Explained
  • Market Restraints Explained (continued)
  • Market Impact of Top 10 Trends
  • American Well's Partnership with Medtronic

Forecasts and Trends-RPM Market

  • Market Engineering Measurements
  • Forecast Assumptions and Definitions
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Percent Revenue Forecast by Country
  • Revenue Forecast by Country
  • Market Share by Country-2018 and 2023
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion by Country

Competitive Environment

  • Discussion
  • Target Solutions at a Glance-Europe
  • Competitive Structure
  • Competitive Structure (continued)
  • Competitive Structure (continued)
  • Companies to Watch

Country or Region Analysis

  • UK-Market Analysis
  • UK-Revenue Forecast
  • UK-Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Germany-Market Analysis
  • Germany-Revenue Forecast
  • Germany-Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • France-Market Analysis
  • France-Revenue Forecast
  • France-Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Spain-Market Analysis
  • Spain-Revenue Forecast
  • Spain-Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Italy-Market Analysis
  • Italy-Revenue Forecast
  • Italy-Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Benelux-Market Analysis
  • Benelux-Revenue Forecast
  • Benelux-Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Scandinavia-Market Analysis
  • Scandinavia-Revenue Forecast
  • Scandinavia-Revenue Forecast Discussion

Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action

  • Five Growth Opportunities Critical for Future Strategy
  • Growth Opportunity 1-Population Health Management
  • Growth Opportunity 2-Digital Therapeutics
  • Growth Opportunity 3-Telemedicine
  • Growth Opportunity 4-Estonia: “Extreme Digital Living”
  • Growth Opportunity 5-Artificial Intelligence
  • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
  • Future Perspectives

The Last Word

  • The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
  • Legal Disclaimer


  • Market Engineering Methodology
  • List of Exhibits
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
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