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미팅 시장의 COVID-19 팬데믹 이후 성장 기회 분석

Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Meetings Market

리서치사 Frost & Sullivan
발행일 2020년 06월 상품 코드 949188
페이지 정보 영문 40 Pages
US $ 4,950 ₩ 5,835,000 Web Access (Regional License) help
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미팅 시장의 COVID-19 팬데믹 이후 성장 기회 분석 Post-pandemic Growth Opportunity Analysis of the Meetings Market
발행일 : 2020년 06월 페이지 정보 : 영문 40 Pages

비디오 미팅은 새로운 상식 안에서 비지니스의 필수품이 됩니다.

미팅 시장에 대한 COVID-19의 영향에 대해 조사 분석했으며, 성장 환경, 향후 가능성, 새로운 기회에 대한 체계적인 정보를 제공합니다.


전략적 원칙

  • 전략적 원칙

성장 환경

  • COVID-19 팬데믹이 고비용을 일으켜
  • 주요 업계 성장에 대한 COVID-19의 영향
  • 팬데믹 이후 커넥티드 기관

팬데믹 이후 직장과 미팅 전망

  • 기업용 C&C - 솔루션 상황
  • COVID-19의 영향 - 요약
  • 시장 개요
  • 원격 근무 - 주요 시장 성장 촉진요인
  • 향후 오피스
  • 주요 직장과 미팅룸 동향
  • 비접촉형 미팅룸 등장
  • 원격 근무 - 성장 통계
  • 이용 사례에 대한 영향

미팅 성장과 미팅룸용 디바이스

  • 미팅 시장 성장에 대한 영향
  • 비디오 채용이 급증
  • 클라우드 비디오/웹 미팅 - 시트 라이선스 예측 비교
  • 비디오 회의용 디바이스 - 출하량 예측 비교
  • 비디오 회의용 디바이스 - 혼합
  • 주요 동향

허들룸의 기회

  • 소회의(Small Meeting) 스페이스
  • COVID-19의 영향

전략적 제안과 성장 기회

  • 5대 제안
  • 기회 1 : AI·IoT 수요 증가
  • 기회 2 : 막대한 기회

부록 : Growth Pipeline Engine

  • Growth Pipeline Engine에 대해
  • 다음 스텝
  • 면책사항
KSM 20.08.03

Video Meetings Become a Business Necessity in the New Normal

The socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is difficult to fully predict with many factors in a flux. One thing is amply clear - it will be a disruptive catalyst across the UCC industry. In particular, it will forever change the way we meet and collaborate.

Organizations across the world were quick to respond to the pandemic by implementing travel restrictions and WFH policies. To ensure continuity, businesses, educational institutions, and health care facilities adopted video conferencing, group chat, and content collaboration tools at an unprecedented scale leading to exponential market growth.The shift to remote work represents a transformative moment for the meetings market. The covid-19 crisis is expected to leave an indelible impact on how organizations and users perceive remote work. The previously-held stigma of remote work has dissipated. Remote work and hybrid work will be the new norm.

As video becomes the new normal, the lines are blurring between business and consumer use cases. In the post-COVID era, we expect to see greater delineation between free and paid and consumer and business video meetings, based on feature sets, manageability and security options.

Hybrid work will require technology enablement in two locations driving greater tech spending on communications and collaboration tools. Similarly, office spaces will be restructured to include more meeting rooms and collaborative spaces to accommodate frequent ad-hoc collaboration between on-site and WFH teams.The impact of COVID-19 on meeting licenses is significant. Major meeting providers have reported 3x-4x growth in the months since the pandemic's onset.

This report uncovers several top of mind trends for the short- to mid-term and analyzes the key workplace transformation and meeting trends emerging in the post-pandemic era. As remote and hybrid work become the new normal, what will be the new growth opportunities for cloud video meetings? What will the meeting rooms of tomorrow look like? Given the fast changing market landscape, there are tremendous growth opportunities for vendors that can differentiate on better quality and more scalable, manageable and secure cloud services and devices that ensure an optimal meeting experience regardless of where users work from. Frost & Sullivan has analyzed the key market trends and has re-forecasted the user base/CAGR for cloud video meetings. This insight reassesses the growth opportunities available to vendors in this space and lays out key strategies for success in the post-COVID meetings market.

Table of Contents

The Strategic Imperative

  • The Strategic Imperative 8™
  • The Strategic Imperative 8™ (continued)
  • The Strategic Imperative 8™ (continued)

Growth Environment

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic is Inflicting High Costs
  • COVID-19 Impact on Growth of Key Industries
  • The Post-pandemic Connected Organization

Future of the Post-pandemic Workplace and Meetings

  • Enterprise Communications and Collaboration-Solutions Landscape
  • COVID-19 Impact-Summary
  • Market Overview
  • Remote Work-A Key Market Driver
  • What Does the Future Office Look Like?
  • Key Workplace and Meeting Room Trends
  • Emergence of the Contactless Meeting Room
  • Remote Work-Growing Stats
  • Impact on USE Cases

Growth of Meetings and Meeting Room Devices

  • Impact on Meetings Market Growth
  • Video Adoption is Booming
  • Cloud Video/Web Meetings-Comparative Seat License Forecasts
  • Video Conferencing Devices-Comparative UNIT Forecasts
  • Video Conferencing Devices-A Mixed Story
  • KEY Trends

The Huddle Room Opportunity

  • Small Meeting Spaces will be a Safe Haven for Distraction-free Collaboration
  • Will COVID Fears Put Brakes on Huddle Rooms?

Strategic Recommendations andGrowth Opportunities

  • Top 5 Recommendations
  • Opportunity1: Increasing Demand for AI and IoT to Create Personalized and Safe Meeting Experiences
  • Increasing Demand for AI and IoT to Create Personalized and Safe Meeting Experiences
  • Opportunity 2: The Vast Unaddressed Frontline Worker Opportunity
  • The vast unaddressed FRONTLINE WORKER opportunity

Appendix: Growth Pipeline Engine™

  • About the Growth Pipeline Engine™
  • Next steps
  • Legal Disclaimer
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