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Amazon의 인공지능(AI) 관련 특허 전개 전략과 기업 인수합병(M&A) 분석

Amazon´s Patent Deployment Strategies for Artificial Intelligence and Its M&A Analysis

리서치사 MIC - Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute
발행일 2018년 11월 상품 코드 735784
페이지 정보 영문 24 Pages
US $ 1,800 ₩ 2,158,000 PDF by E-mail (Single user license)

Amazon의 인공지능(AI) 관련 특허 전개 전략과 기업 인수합병(M&A) 분석 Amazon´s Patent Deployment Strategies for Artificial Intelligence and Its M&A Analysis
발행일 : 2018년 11월 페이지 정보 : 영문 24 Pages

Amazon이 전개하고 있는 인공지능(AI) 관련 기술 개발/특허 취득 활동에 초점을 맞추어 특허 포트폴리오 특징(주요 기술 및 활용 분야(뉴럴 네트워크, 유전자 알고리즘, 지식공학, 퍼지 논리, 머신러닝, 자연언어처리 등), 최근의 투자 및 기업 인수합병(M&A) 활동, 인공지능(AI) 관련 향후 전략 계획 방향성 등에 대해 분석했습니다.)

제1장 기업 마일스톤

제2장 특허 조사와 분석

  • 특허 마이닝(Patent Mining)
  • 특허 분석
    • 분야별
    • 주요 기술별
    • 활용 분야(지능형 애플리케이션)별
    • 인공지능(AI) 주요 기술/활용 분야 대비표

제3장 투자 분석

제4장 기업 인수합병(M&A) 활동 분석

제5장 MIC의 견해


  • 용어
  • 기업 리스트

분석 대상 기업

  • 2lemetry
  • Amazon
  • Amiato
  • Annapurna Labs
  • AppThwack
  • Biba
  • Body Labs
  • Cloud9 IDE
  • Clusterk
  • Comixology
  • DefinedCrowd
  • Do
  • Double Helix Games
  • Elemental Technologies
  • Embodied
  • Emvantage Payments
  • Evi
  • GameSparks
  • Goodreads
  • Ivona Text-To-Speech
  • KITT
  • Liquavista
  • NICE
  • OpenDNA
  • Orbeus
  • Rooftop Media
  • Safaba Translation Solutions
  • Shoefitr
  • TenMarks Education
  • Thinkbox Software
  • Twitch
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Whole Foods Market
  • World Intellectual Property Organization
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List of Topics

  • Amazon's patent portfolios in AI and includes its patent distribution by field, technology, and intelligence application
  • Overview of Amazon's investments and includes its patent distribution in emerging fields
  • Amazon AI patents' six key technology and three intelligent application matrix
  • Analysis of implications behind Amazon's investments and M&A activities for the period 2013-2017

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Amazon's Business Model Built around Customer Experience
  • Figure 2: Amazon's Revenue Breakdowns by Business Unit, 2012 - 2016
  • Figure 3: Amazon's Patent Count by Field

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Amazon's Patent Counts by Technology, 2006 - 2017
  • Table 2: Patent Count by Application, 2006 - 2017
  • Table 3: Matrix Analysis of Amazon's AI Core Technologies with Intelligent Applications
  • Table 4: Amazon's Investments in Emerging Application Areas, 2013 - 2017

Companies covered:

2lemetry, Amazon, Amiato,, Annapurna Labs, AppThwack, Biba, Body Labs, Cloud9 IDE, Clusterk, Comixology, DefinedCrowd, Do, Double Helix Games, Elemental Technologies, Embodied, Emvantage Payments, Evi, GameSparks, Goodreads,, Ivona Text-To-Speech, KITT, Liquavista, NICE, OpenDNA, Orbeus, Rooftop Media, Safaba Translation Solutions, Shoefitr,, TenMarks Education, Thinkbox Software, Twitch, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Whole Foods Market, World Intellectual Property Organization.

Amazon Technologies started as an online bookshop and has been devoted to developing in-house technologies, making strategic investment in startups, and acquiring other companies to fulfill its promise of putting the customer first. These efforts have successfully turned Amazon Technologies into an e-commerce company and a cloud platform provider. In the wake of the widespread adoption of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in emerging applications, which has imposed a significant impact on the industry, the company has spared no effort to invest in AI so as to seize the market opportunity. This report provides an overview of the technology and patent deployment of Amazon pertaining to AI; analyzes Amazon's patent portfolios in the areas of neural networks, genetic algorithm, knowledge engineering, fuzzy logic, machine learning, and natural language processing; examines its recent investments and M&A activities to better understand the company's strategic deployment in AI for the future.

Table of Contents

1. Company History

2. Patent Deployment

  • 2.1. Patent Mining
  • 2.2. Patent Analysis
    • 2.2.1. Analysis by Field
    • 2.2.2. Analysis by Core Technology
    • 2.2.3. Intelligent Applications
    • 2.3.4. Matrix Analysis of AI Technology with Intelligent Applications

3. Analysis of Amazon's Investment Projects

4. Analysis of Amazon's M&A Activity

5. MIC Perspectives

  • Appendix
  • Glossary of Terms
  • List of Companies
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