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미국의 안구건조증 시장(2019년)

Ophthalmic Comprehensive Reports: 2019 United States Dry Eye Atlas

리서치사 Market Scope, LLC
발행일 2019년 06월 상품 코드 876524
페이지 정보 영문
US $ 9,000 ₩ 10,718,000 PDF Only (Single User License)
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미국의 안구건조증 시장(2019년) Ophthalmic Comprehensive Reports: 2019 United States Dry Eye Atlas
발행일 : 2019년 06월 페이지 정보 : 영문

세계의 안구건조증 환자 중에서 미국인이 차지하는 비율은 5.5% 정도로 보이지만, 안구건조증 관련 시장에서 미국이 차지하는 비율은 32.7%입니다.

안구건조증 환자에 관한 상세한 조사 결과를 정리했으며, Market Scope가 독자적으로 작성한 Med/Op Index*를 통해 다양한 요인을 정리하여 미국 대도시권에서의 시장 기회를 밝히고 있습니다.

*Med/Op Index는 각 대도시권의 시장 기회를 예측하기 위해 Market Scope가 독자적으로 개발한 지표이며, 인구통계, 기후, 건강, LVC 건수, 인공수정체안, 자산 등에 관한 중요한 데이터를 바탕으로 유망한 시장을 특정한 것입니다. 시장 가능성을 평가하고 영업 활동에 필요한 자원을 배분하기 위해 사용할 수 있으며, 정보를 맞춤화하여 클라이언트의 판매 조직이나 특정 지역에 맞도록 조정할 수도 있습니다.

본 보고서에는 미국의 85개 대도시권에 관해 다음과 같은 정보가 포함되어 있습니다.

인구통계에 관한 중요한 정보

  • 연령
  • 성별
  • 가계소득

안구건조증 환자수

  • 치료를 받을 가능성이 높은 안구건조증 환자수
  • 중증도별 안구건조증 환자수 : 일시적, 중등도, 고도
  • 진단 구분별 안구건조증 환자수 : 눈물부족, 마이봄샘 기능장애(MGD), 양방의 합병증

의료 서비스 프로바이더 개요

  • 안과의 : 백내장 수술, 굴절교정 수술, 백내장 굴절교정 수술
  • 검안의 : 안구건조증에 대한 검안의의 처방

주요 대도시권에서의 LVC 치료 추정 건수

주요 대도시권에서의 IOL 수술과 프리미엄 IOL 수술 추정 건수

KSM 19.07.09

The US accounts for an estimated 5.5 percent of the global dry eye population, but its dry eye market accounts for 32.7 percent of units.

  • Florida and Texas have a high concentration of residents in the target patient profile.
  • New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago have a high volume of dry eye patients, while Dallas and Atlanta have a high-opportunity population.
  • New England has the smallest share of the US dry eye population.
  • Opportunity in the Midwest varies greatly among metros.

Dry eye population allocation is calculated by combining prevalence rates, IOL surgeries, and LVC procedures from Market Scope models.

Geographic opportunity is estimated with multi-factor criteria using Market Scope's Med/Op Index™. The index is derived from multiple sources, including the following:

  • Market Scope's proprietary dry eye, refractive, and cataract models
  • CMS procedure and prescription data
  • United Health Foundation
  • US Census and US Office of Management and Budget

‘The 2019 United States Dry Eye Atlas’, new in 2019, provides a detailed analysis of the dry eye market. Market Scope's proprietary Med/Op Index™ identifies the potential based on a variety of factors, which allows us to rank metros by ooportunity. The atlas offers strategic insights into the top potential markets in the US.

Featured in the atlas is the Med/Op Index™, a proprietary new index developed to estimate the market opportunity for in each metropolitan area. This proprietary index identifies the potential based on key demographics, climate, health, post LVC, pseudophakic, and wealth. The Dry Eye Atlas can be used to evaluate market potential and to allocate sales resources. Market Scope also offers customization of this information to align with a client sales organization or specific geographic areas.

Our Process

Market Scope's industry reports are meticulously prepared by a dedicated team of in-house consultants/analysts with over 100 years of collective ophthalmic experience, and each data point is driven by a combination of sources, including the following:

  • Our proprietary global disease population and demographic models
  • Twenty years and counting of ophthalmologist survey data
  • Analysis of company published financial reports
  • Focused coverage of ophthalmic scientific research, business news, and other activities
  • Attendance and participation in major, worldwide ophthalmic meetings
  • Interviews and long-standing relationships with company executives and practicing ophthalmologists

Author Profile:

Chelsea Jones

Chelsea joined Market Scope in June 2017 as the manager of analytics and modeling; she manages the data team, constructs data models, and drives the overall analytics strategy at Market Scope. After receiving her MBA, Chelsea began her career at Cerner Corporation, the leading supplier of health care information technology solutions, where she performed many analytical roles in the Population Health organization. She also has experience in crafting and executing competitive intelligence strategy. When Chelsea is not working, she enjoys thrift-shopping with her three daughters, solving data problems with her husband, wrestling with her dogs, traveling, and weight lifting.

Table of Contents

The atlas offers an in-depth examination of the dry eye population, and Market Scope's Med/Op Index™ integrates all variables to illustrate US market opportunity by metro area.

The following information is included for 85 metropolitan areas:

Key demographic information

  • Age allocation
  • Gender allocation
  • Household income

Dry eye population

  • Dry eye population likely to seek treatment
  • Dry eye population by severity: episodic, moderate, severe
  • Dry eye population by diagnostic category: aqueous deficient, MGD, both

Provider profile

  • Total ophthalmologists: cataract surgeons, refractive surgeons, combo cataract/refractive surgeons
  • Total optometrists: optometrists prescribing, optometrist prescribing for dry eye

Estimated LVC procedures of selected metropolitan areas

Estimated IOL and premium IOL procedures of selected metropolitan areas

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