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세계의 UV 소독 시스템 시장 - 성장, 동향, COVID-19의 영향, 예측(2021-2026년)

Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment Market - Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2022 - 2027)

리서치사 Mordor Intelligence Pvt Ltd
발행일 2022년 01월 상품코드 989383
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세계의 UV 소독 시스템 시장 - 성장, 동향, COVID-19의 영향, 예측(2021-2026년) Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment Market - Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2022 - 2027)
발행일 : 2022년 01월 페이지 정보 : 영문

본 상품은 영문 자료로 한글과 영문 목차에 불일치하는 내용이 있을 경우 영문을 우선합니다. 정확한 검토를 위해 영문목차를 참고해주시기 바랍니다.

세계의 UV 소독 시스템 시장 규모는 예측 기간 동안 11.2%의 CAGR로 성장할 전망입니다. COVID-19 및 기타 감염 병원체 등의 전염병이 세계적으로 확산되는 가운데 개인의 건강 지식 인식이 높아지고 있는 등의 요인과 신흥 국가에서 소비자 건강을 해치는 봉쇄 등의 요인은 UV 소독 시스템 시장 성장을 촉진하고 있습니다.

  • 염소 소독 및 오존 처리 등의 기존 물 소독 방법에 대한 UV 소독 시스템 성장과 수요의 주요 요인은 자본 비용 및 운영 등의 장점과 효과적인 대안의 비화학물 살균 시스템입니다.
  • UV 소독 시스템은 개별 가정 정수에서 도시 전체 급수 소독, 산업 폐수 처리에 이르기까지 다양한 산업에서 쓰입니다. UV 소독 시스템이 산업 용도로 보다 안전하고 비용 효율적인 솔루션으로 인식되고 있기 때문입니다.
  • UV 소독 시스템의 성능 상 이점뿐 아니라 6개월마다 UV 램프와 석영 슬리브 등의 구성 요소 유지 관리는 전문가의 도움을 필요로 하지 않고 실행할 수 있습니다. 이로 인해 주택 및 지방 자치 단체의 최종 사용자에게 적합합니다.
  • COVID-19의 유행은 중장기적으로 UV 소독 시스템 시장을 견인할 것으로 예상됩니다. 예를 들어 국제 자외선 협회(IUVA)는 UV 소독 기술이 COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 감염을 줄일 수 있다고 생각합니다. 이는 예측 기간 동안 시장 성장을 촉진할 수 있습니다.

세계의 UV 소독 시스템(UV Disinfection Systems) 시장을 조사했으며 시장 개요, 시장 성장 요인 및 저해 요인 분석, 유형별·지역별 시장 규모 추이 및 예측, 경쟁 상황, 주요 기업 개요, 시장 기회 등 포괄적인 정보를 제공합니다.


제1장 서론

제2장 조사 방법

제3장 개요

제4장 시장 역학

  • 시장 개요
  • 산업 가치 사슬 분석
  • 포터의 5세력 모형
  • 시장 추진력
    • 위생과 청결 의식 고양
  • 시장 억제 요인
    • 원재료 능력 변화
  • COVID-19 업계에 미치는 영향 평가

제5장 시장 세분화

  • 용도별
    • 표면 소독
    • 공중 소독
    • 물과 폐수
    • 물 프로세스
    • 음식과 액체
  • 최종 사용자 산업별
    • 주택
    • 상업
    • 산업
    • 지자체
  • 지역별
    • 북미
    • 유럽
    • 아시아태평양
    • 라틴아메리카
    • 중동과 아프리카

제6장 경쟁 상황

  • 기업 프로파일
    • Xylem Inc.
    • Trojan Technologies
    • Halma PLC
    • Severn Trent Services
    • Evoque Water Technologies
    • Advanced UV Inc.
    • Lumalier Corporation
    • Australian Ultra Violet Services Pty. Ltd
    • Ultraaqua
    • UVO3 Ltd
    • UV-Technik
    • Hitech Ultraviolet Pvt. Ltd

제7장 투자 분석

제8장 시장 기회와 동향


The Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment market size is expected to register a CAGR of 11.2% over the forecast period, 2021-2026. Factors, such as increasing awareness on the importance of health literacy in individuals, partly imparted by government bodies, amid the recent global spread of contagious diseases, such as COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and other potential pathogens that can be transmitted through water and air, and the degree of containments in drinking water wrenching the health of general consumers in developing countries, drive the growth of the UV disinfection systems market share.

Key Highlights

  • The primary factor for the growth of, and demand for, Ultraviolet disinfection equipment against preexisting water disinfecting methods, such as chlorination and ozonation, is that it is an effective alternative non-chemical water disinfection system along with additional benefits, including capital cost, operating cost, ease of installation, ease of maintenance, and less contact time.
  • Ultraviolet disinfection equipment finds its applications in diverse industries, ranging from purification of water in individual homes to disinfecting the water supply of an entire city to industrial wastewater treatment, as UV water treatment is recognized as a safer and cost-effective solution for industrial applications. For instance, water treated by UV disinfection ensures quality and extends the shelf-life of cosmetics, and hence, UV sterilization has become the preferred choice for the cosmetics industry worldwide.
  • In addition to the performance benefits of Ultraviolet disinfection equipment, the occasional maintenance of its components, including UV lamp and Quartz Sleeve, to be reviewed every six months can be performed without any need of professional assistance. This makes it ideal for residential and municipal end-users.
  • The recent outbreak of COVID-19 is expected to boost the Ultraviolet disinfection equipment market share in the medium to long run. For instance, the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) believes that UV disinfection technologies can reduce the transmission of COVID-19, the SARS-CoV-2, by acting as a multiple-barrier. The research in this area is likely to drive the market growth in the forecast period.

Key Market Trends

Municipal End Users are Expected to Project the Largest Market Share

  • The containments in drinking water, especially in developing countries, such as India and Africa, transmit diseases, such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio, and it is estimated to cause 502,000 diarrheal deaths each year.
  • Moreover, according to the WHO, around 1.8 billion people around the world rely on drinking-water sources contaminated with feces. Such extreme circumstances drive the need for Ultraviolet disinfection equipment, considering the economic factor associated with developing countries and effective solutions offered by UV disinfection systems.
  • Due to the problems associated with water scarcity, the rising cost of freshwater drives the market for Ultraviolet disinfection equipment, as UV systems turn wastewater in their tertiary stage to water that can be used for reuse for secondary purposes, such as gardening. For instance, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spent USD 200 million over seven years for funding wastewater treatment.
  • Local government body projects, such as the National Mission for Clean Ganga, the Five Year Plan of China Government, and the Chicago River project, involve the installation of UV disinfection systems, thereby driving the UV disinfection systems market trends.
  • The industrial water needs and required standards of water quality laid down by authoritative local organizations, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), drive the UV disinfection system market. For instance, to manufacture drug products and drug substances, FDA set a standard for the quality and purity of the water to be deployed. Thus, companies can leverage UV disinfection systems to achieve the same.

Asia Pacific to Witness Significant Growth

  • The market studied is segmented geographically by North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World. The Asia Pacific region is expected to be one of the higher growth regions during the forecast period.
  • This outbreak caused major concerns among the general public regarding the general hygiene of food and water, as regulations were imparted by major global organizations, such as the WHO, contributing to the rising demand for Ultraviolet disinfection equipment globally.
  • The market demand drives China's economic shift, and sustainability drives smart water solutions, such as sponge city development, dirty water treatment, and utility construction. For instance, in 2019, Xylem Inc., a 1000 fortune global water technology provider whose primary market is China, experienced double-digit growth in the country.
  • The increasing population also aids the Asia Pacific region to be one of the largest markets, as the region is challenged by the scarcity of safe drinking water and its high-cost aids. The aforementioned factors drive the UV disinfection systems market.

Competitive Landscape

Some of the major players dominating the market are Xylem Inc., Trojan Technologies, Calgon Carbon Corporation, Severn Trent Services, and Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation.

  • April 2021 - Halma PLC announced the acquisition of PeriGen, Inc. to create cleaner, safer, and heather solutions for customers. PeriGen, Inc. provides software solutions integrated with artificial intelligence, which helps in professional healthcare assessment; this acquisition will help Halma broaden the market of existing medical sector technologies and extend additional analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • March 2021 - Evoque Water Technologies expands its global presence in Chennai, India, due to the increasing growth of the Asia-Pacific market. This expansion will allow the company to focus on market development and growth plans, using India as a central hub for the broader Asia-Pacific market. Evoque already established a technology and engineering center in Chennai in November 2019 and will accommodate new 80 employees, doubling the presence in India.

Additional Benefits:

  • The market estimate (ME) sheet in Excel format
  • 3 months of analyst support



  • 1.1 Study Assumptions and Market Definition
  • 1.2 Scope of the Study




  • 4.1 Market Overview
  • 4.2 Value Chain Analysis
  • 4.3 Industry Attractiveness - Porter's Five Forces Analysis
    • 4.3.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
    • 4.3.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers
    • 4.3.3 Threat of New Entrants
    • 4.3.4 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry
    • 4.3.5 Threat of Substitute Products
  • 4.4 Assessment of Impact of COVID-19 on the Industry


  • 5.1 Market Drivers
    • 5.1.1 Rising Awareness for Hygiene and Cleanliness
  • 5.2 Market Restraints
    • 5.2.1 Fluctuation in Raw Material Availability


  • 6.1 By Application
    • 6.1.1 Surface Disinfection
    • 6.1.2 Airborne Disinfection
    • 6.1.3 Water and Wastewater
    • 6.1.4 Process Water
    • 6.1.5 Food and Liquid
  • 6.2 By End-user Vertical
    • 6.2.1 Residential
    • 6.2.2 Commercial
    • 6.2.3 Industrial
    • 6.2.4 Municipal
  • 6.3 By Geography
    • 6.3.1 North America
    • 6.3.2 Europe
    • 6.3.3 Asia Pacific
    • 6.3.4 Latin America
    • 6.3.5 Middle East and Africa


  • 7.1 Company Profiles
    • 7.1.1 Xylem Inc.
    • 7.1.2 Trojan Technologies
    • 7.1.3 Halma PLC
    • 7.1.4 Severn Trent Services
    • 7.1.5 Evoque Water Technologies
    • 7.1.6 Advanced UV Inc.
    • 7.1.7 Lumalier Corporation
    • 7.1.8 Australian Ultra Violet Services Pty. Ltd
    • 7.1.9 Ultraaqua
    • 7.1.10 UVO3 Ltd
    • 7.1.11 UV-Technik
    • 7.1.12 Hitech Ultraviolet Pvt. Ltd



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