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Amazon의 전략 : 금융 및 결제 서비스(제2판)

Amazon Strategies: Financial and Payment Services, 2nd Edition

리서치사 Packaged Facts
발행일 2019년 10월 상품 코드 914803
페이지 정보 영문 112 Pages
US $ 2,995 ₩ 3,519,000 PDF by E-mail (Single User License)
US $ 4,495 ₩ 5,282,000 PDF by E-mail (Site License - 1 Location, 10 Users)
US $ 5,990 ₩ 7,039,000 PDF by E-mail (Corporate License)

Amazon의 전략 : 금융 및 결제 서비스(제2판) Amazon Strategies: Financial and Payment Services, 2nd Edition
발행일 : 2019년 10월 페이지 정보 : 영문 112 Pages

Amazon의 금융 서비스는 로열티에 관한 가치를 제공할 뿐만 아니라 더욱 큰 성장 기회도 제공합니다.

Amazon의 금융 및 결제 서비스(Financial and Payment Services) 시장을 조사했으며, 금융 제품 및 서비스의 생태계, Amazon 카드 보유자의 로열티, 지점은행, 할부, 직불 등의 잠재적인 성장 전략 분석, Alexa, Amazon Pay, Amazon Business 등에 의한 새로운 성장 전략 등을 정리했습니다.

주요 요약

Amazon의 현황

  • 매출 동향
  • 제품 및 서비스
  • 온라인 쇼핑에서의 중요 요인
  • 시장 형성에 영향을 미치는 각종 동향
  • 딜리버리 및 픽업에 관한 동향
  • 주류화하는 클릭 앤 콜렉트(Click and Collect)
  • 서브스크립션 서비스
  • 애플리케이션 이용 경험
  • Alexa의 이용
  • Amazon 프라임 유저

금융 서비스

  • 향후의 서비스 : 지점은행
  • 향후의 서비스 : 할부
  • 현재의 서비스 : 보이스 커머스(Voice Commerce)
  • 타겟층 확대를 위한 결제 옵션
  • B2B로의 이동
  • Basket-Shaping 결제와 가격 인센티브
  • Amazon과 결제
  • 포인트 : 강력한 아마존 통화
  • 기프트카드 : 보완적인 결제의 선택사항
  • 아마존 캐시
  • 디지털 지갑의 움직임
  • 온라인 결제 방법의 선호도
KSM 19.11.14

Financial services and products not only play a key role in Amazon's loyalty proposition but also present the company with numerous additional growth opportunities. Originally featured as part of the multifaceted report Amazon Strategies and the Amazon Shopper, 2nd Edition by Packaged Facts, this spin-off report focuses on Amazon financial services and payments consumer usage and engagement trends and related consumer usage and engagement strategies, as well as Amazon's competitive positioning over time.

Amazon Strategies: Financial and Payment Services, 2nd Edition also assesses future opportunities and ramifications related to its current financial services and payments products as well as those in development. Much attention is paid to the Amazon loyalty and value proposition, its relationship to these financial services and payments products, and their mutual relationship to Amazon Prime. Content coverage includes:

  • The Amazon financial services products and services ecosystem
  • Amazon cardholder loyalty in action
  • Potential growth strategies and rationales, such as branch banking, installment payments, and debit
  • Emerging growth strategies and rationales, such as Alexa-based applications
  • Growth strategies and rationales for other products and services, such as Amazon Pay and Amazon Business
  • How Amazon's payment options to broaden the target audience
  • Online payment method preferences among Amazon users and users of major competitors
  • Amazon credit card usage and purchase value trends

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Report Scope
  • Report Summary
    • The Amazon Landscape
    • Amazon: Financial Services

The Amazon Landscape

  • Amazon Sales Trends
    • Past the $200 Billion Mark yet 20%+ Growth Continues
    • Sales: Much More Than Selling Products
    • Table Amazon Net Sales: Products and Services, 2014-2018 (billion dollars)
    • Table Amazon Net Sales: North America, International, and AWS Segments, 2014-2018 (billion dollars)
    • U.S. Net Sales Trends
    • Table Amazon U.S. Net Sales by Category, 2014-2018 (billion dollars)
    • U.S. Gross Merchandise Sales Trends
    • Table Amazon U.S. Gross Merchandise Sales, 2014-2018 (billion dollars)
    • Will Amazon Have the Most Sales in 2022
    • Table Walmart and Amazon U.S. Sales, 2017-2022 (billion dollars)
    • Amazon E-Commerce Sales Versus the Competition
    • Table U.S. Retail and E-Commerce Sales: Walmart, Amazon, Costco, and Target, 2014-2018 (billion dollars)
  • Amazon Products and Services
    • Amazon Products and Services Use Footprint
    • Digital Media: Amazon vs. the World
    • Table Media Use by Type, 2015-2019 (percent)
    • Table Digital Music Service Used by Brand, 2015-2019 (percent)
    • Table Streaming Media Device Used by Brand/Type, 2015-2019 (percent)
    • Table Digital Devices Used to Read Books/E-Books, 2015-2019 (percent)
  • Going Toe-to-Toe with Amazon
    • Factors Important to Shopping for Products Online
    • Table Factors Important to Shopping for Products Online, Ranked by Importance, 2019
  • Trends Shaping the Amazon Landscape
    • E-Commerce Continues to Grow Retail Sales Share
    • Table Retail Sales and E-Commerce Sales: Retail Sales vs. Retail Sales Excluding Auto and Gas, 2010-2019 (billion dollars)
    • Internet-Only E-Commerce Outpacing Omni-Channel E-Commerce Sales Growth
    • Table E-Commerce Sales: In-Store, Direct, Internet-Only, and Omni-Channel, 2015-2022 (billion dollars)
    • Table E-Commerce Sales Share: In-Store, Direct, Internet-Only, and Omni-Channel Sales, 2015-2022
    • Will Amazon Account for Half of E-Commerce Sales in 2022?
    • Table U.S. E-Commerce and Amazon U.S. Gross Merchandise Sales, 2015-2022 (billion dollars)
  • Delivery and Pick Up Trends
    • Home Delivery Still the General Rule
    • Table Home Deliveries, 2018 vs. 2019 (percent)
    • Amazon's Bread and Butter
    • But Amazon Can't Deliver Everything
  • Click-and-Collect Is Entering the Mainstream
    • Table Share of Online Purchasers Who Click and Collect, 2018 vs. 2019 (percent)
    • Leading Click-and-Collect Retailers
    • Table Click-and-Collect: Store Used for Last Pick Up, 2018 vs. 2019 (percent)
    • Click-and-Collect Incentivizes In-Store Purchasing
    • Table Click-and-Collect: Influence on In-Store Purchasing Behavior at Pick Up, 2018 vs. 2019 (percent)
    • How to Incentivize Click-and-Collect?
  • Subscription Services
    • Table Subscription Service Users, 2018 vs. 2019 (percent)
    • Amazon Way Out Front
    • Table Subscription Service Retailer Used Most, 2019 (percent)
    • Table Amazon Subscribe & Save Use by Product Category, 2016-2017 vs. 2019 (percent)
  • The App Experience
    • Retailer-Specific Mobile Apps Are an Important Means of Consumer Engagement
    • Table Retailer-Specific Mobile App Use and Use in Last 30 Days, 2019 (percent)
    • Table Retailer-Specific Mobile App Use and Use in Last 30 Days: By Gender and Age Bracket, 2019 (percent)
    • Retailer-Specific Mobile App Use Methods
    • Table Retailer-Specific Mobile App Use Methods: Used vs. Not Used and Potential for Use Again, 2019 (percent)
    • Table Retailer-Specific Mobile App Use Action: By Gender and Age Bracket, 2019 (percent)
    • The Amazon App Experience
  • All Things Alexa
    • "Okay, Google"; "Hey, Siri"; . . . or Just "Alexa"?
    • Apple Left in the Dust?
    • Table Amazon Alexa/Alexa App Use: Used: Prime vs. Non-Prime Users, 2019 (percent)
    • Beyond the Speaker
    • Amazon Alexa Skills
    • Table Amazon Alexa Skills Used: Prime vs. Non-Prime Users, 2019 (percent)
    • Eye-Popping Opportunity
    • Why Not Use Alexa?
    • Table Reasons for Not Using Alexa, Amazon Prime vs. Non-Prime Users, 2019 (percent)
    • Alexa-Only Deals
  • The Amazon Prime User
    • Own Prime, Own the World?
    • Prime Benefits
    • Table Timeline of Key Amazon U.S. Products and Services, 2005-2019
    • A Value Wallop
    • Surpassing 100 Million Members
    • The Power of Prime: Engagement
    • Table Amazon Prime Services Used and Considered Most Important, 2019 (percent)
    • Table Amazon Prime Members: Products Used, 2019 (percent)
    • Table Amazon Products and Services Used: Prime vs. Non-Prime Users, 2019 (percent)

Financial Services

  • Up Next: Branch Banking?
    • Table Reasons for Choosing Primary Bank by Age Bracket, 2019 (index)
    • Table Reasons for Choosing Primary Bank by HH Income Bracket, 2019 (index)
  • Up Next: Installment Payments?
    • Table In-Store and Online Retailer Purchase Methods: Cash-, Credit Card-, and Financing-Based: Online Purchasers, Amazon Purchasers, and Amazon Prime Members, 2019 (percent)
    • Amazon Pay: The New PayPal Credit?
    • Table PayPal Credit Purchase Value and Loan Receivables, 2015-2018 (billion dollars)
  • Here Now: Voice Commerce
    • Table Amazon Alexa/Alexa App Use: Share of Amazon Purchases vs. Prime vs. Non-Prime Users, 2019
    • Ramifications and Opportunities
    • Table Amazon Alexa Skills Used by Amazon Prime Members, 2019 (percent)
  • Payment Options to Broaden the Target Audience
    • Here Now: EBT and Amazon Prime for Lower-Income Consumers
    • Here Now: The Amazon Credit Builder Card
    • Up Next: Co-Branded Debit, Anyone?
    • Table Credit Card and Debit Card Monthly Purchase Frequency by Major Retailer, 2019 (percent and index)
  • B-2-B moves
    • Extended Terms
    • Amazon Business Prime American Express Card
    • Line-Item Detail on Commercial Cards
    • Data Analytics
  • Basket-Shaping Payment and Pricing Incentives
    • How It Works
    • Consumer Interest
    • Table Influence of Smart Cart Pricing Options on Consumer Purchase Decision by Pricing Option, 2019 (percent)
  • Amazon and Payments
    • Amazon-Branded Consumer Credit Cards
    • Table Amazon Private Label and Co-Branded Credit Card Use Penetration: All Adults vs. Amazon Prime Members, 2019 (percent and millions of people)
    • The Nuts and Bolts: Amazon Visa Credit Cards
    • The Nuts and Bolts: Amazon Private Label Credit Cards
    • The first general-purpose private label credit card?
    • Cardholder Loyalty in Action: Let Me Count the Ways
    • Cardholder Loyalty in Action: Purchase Frequency and Purchase Value
    • Table Mean Amazon Prime Member Amazon Purchase Frequency and Amount: By Amazon-Branded Credit Card Status, 2019
    • Cardholder Loyalty in Action: Influence on Payment Methods Used on Amazon
    • Purchase Value Trends
    • Table Share of Prime Cardholders and Mean Monthly Purchase Value: By Monthly Amazon Prime Credit Card Spending Bracket, 2019
    • Table Amazon In-Store and Out-of-Store Consumer Credit Card Purchase Value by Card Type, 2018 (billion dollars and percent)
  • Points: Powerful Amazon Currency
    • Shop with Points
    • A Win-Win
  • Gift Cards: A Strong Supplemental Payment Choice
    • Table Payment Methods Used and Used Most at Amazon by Amazon Prime Members: Amazon Credit Card Holders vs. Non-Holders, 2019
    • An Assist: Amazon Prime Reload
  • Amazon Cash
  • Digital Wallet Moves
    • Amazon Pay
  • Online Payment Method Preferences
    • Credit Cards Online Payment Method of Choice
    • PayPal Digital Wallet Power
    • Table Online Payment Methods Used by Online Shoppers, 2019
    • Differences in Online Payment Methods Used by Major Retailer
    • Table Online Payment Methods Used by Online Shoppers: By Major Retailer, 2019
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