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세계의 라벨 및 포장용 컬러 잉크젯 디지털 프린팅 시장 전망

A Bright Future for Colour Inkjet Digital Printing in Global Labels and Packaging Markets

리서치사 Vandagraf International Limited
발행일 2018년 09월 상품 코드 743964
페이지 정보 영문
US $ 2,500 ₩ 3,041,000 PDF by E-mail (Single User License)

세계의 라벨 및 포장용 컬러 잉크젯 디지털 프린팅 시장 전망 A Bright Future for Colour Inkjet Digital Printing in Global Labels and Packaging Markets
발행일 : 2018년 09월 페이지 정보 : 영문

컬러 디지털 프린팅은 처음에는 라벨 전용이었으나, 지금은 대규모 포장 산업의 여러 분야에서 파괴적인 성장을 지속하고 있습니다.

세계의 라벨 및 포장용 컬러 잉크젯 디지털 프린팅(Colour Inkjet Digital Printing) 시장에 대해 조사 분석하고, 시장 구도, 시장 성장 동향, 이점과 과제, 주요 기업 등의 체계적인 정보를 제공합니다.

1. 서론

2. 디지털 프린트의 상황은 복잡하고 급성장중

3. 시장 성장 동향

  • 소비자 포장용의 유리한 동향
  • 주요 디지털 컬러 인쇄 기술(잉크젯/전자사진)
  • 디지털 라벨
  • 디지털 포장

4. 주요 이점과 비용 문제

  • 컬러 디지털 프린팅 : 브랜드 오너에게는 큰 잠재적 이익
  • 비용 문제 : 디지털/아날로그/하이브리드 - 연속 동작 시간

5. 컬러 잉크젯 디지털 프레스 프로바이더와 프레스 디자인

  • 컬러 잉크젯 디지털 프레스 디자인의 중요 측면
  • 광범위한 포맷의 디지털 프레스

6. 시스템 통합사업자와 프레스 빌더

  • 수직형 통합 시스템 통합사업자
  • 독립계 시스템 통합사업자
  • 주석

7. 기판 재료와 잉크

8. 보고서의 구조 요약

LSH 18.11.27


Colour digital printing is well on the way to being a highly disruptive force, first for labels and more recently in several segments of the much larger packaging industry.

Over the last decade this multi-facetted & complex industry has transformed dramatically with major advances in colour inkjet digital press design & print head technology, as well as developments in substrate materials & inks formulations.

It is Vandagraf's view that growth of colour inkjet digital printing across the labels / packaging industries, already seeing double digit growth, will actually speed up through to 2023 and beyond as the relentless roll-out of colour inkjet printing of labels & packaging, particularly for the very fast emerging industrial scale high volume colour inkjet.

As the demand for mass versioning and customization of labels & packaging continues to grow, colour digital printing is becoming an increasingly vital component part of converter's capabilities.

The big volume demand for consumables will soon dwarf demand for very short run prototyping, versioning and the like, especially In terms of demand for consumables (substrate materials & digital inks)

So the main focus of the report is on automated high-volume / high-speed industrial scale applications for colour inkjet digital printing & presses which will account for the bulk of demand for consumables (substrate materials & inks).

The report can potentially be of great value to:

  • Labels & Packaging converters
  • Systems Integrators & Press Builders (OEMS / Independents)
  • Press builders - Both digital and digital / analogue hybrid presses
  • Print Head Providers
  • Consumables providers
  • Substrate Materials
  • Digital Inks.
  • Brand owners.

The stakes are high and clarity is needed for today & tomorrow - And this can be challenging for the industry in the face of a very rapidly evolving industry environment.

This Vandagraf report can provide support to companies needing to make informed & wise strategic decisions in relation the new World of colour inkjet digital for the immediate term and for the future.

This Vandagraf report explores in depth the dynamic and continuing rise of Colour inkjet digital printing in global Labels & Packaging markets.

The Digital Print Landscape is Complex & Rapidly Evolving

Investing in a new colour inkjet digital printing press may not be straightforward for a converter (label / packaging), for several reasons:

  • Converters are confronted with increasingly wide array of choices in terms of presses
  • Given the rate of evolution of the industry, presses are likely to become obsolete much faster than analogue presses that in some case continue in use for decades
  • Converters may not be looking for a digital press to satisfy the requirements of existing customers, but may be interested to explore new markets & opportunities beyond their current printing capabilities

For example a wider web colour inkjet digital press can open the door for narrow web players to address printing of new larger packaging formats that may offer high volume / high value added opportunities

And / or label converters may wish to consider business for additional substrate materials (eg: cartonboard, flexible film) within the narrow web format).

In turn it is important for systems integrators, press builders, print head makers & consumables providers (substrate materials & digital inks) all to build up an understanding of requirements & trends within the converter community - Which are also evolving.

This can provide valuable input for R&D and new press development - And of course lead time for press development are relatively long.

In addition the end user brand owners need to develop a better understanding of the big benefits that can be harvested from colour inkjet digital printing - Even if colour inkjet digital printing of labels & packaging may cost a bit more than traditional analogue printing for longer print runs.

And this feeds back to press development for the future.

Market Growth Trends

Already in strong ascendancy in 2018:

  • Digitally Printed Labels (already mainstream with plenty more scope for growth)
  • Digitally Printed Packaging (emerging rapidly the packaging industry is much larger and more diverse than Labels).

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Digital Print Landscape is Complex & Rapidly Evolving
  • Market Growth Trends
    • Some Helpful Trends in Consumer packaging
    • Leading Digital Colour Printing Technologies (inkjet / Electro-photographic)
    • Digital Labels
    • Digital Packaging
  • Key Benefits & Cost Issues
    • Colour Digital Printing - Major Potential Benefits for Brand Owners
    • Cost Issues - Digital / Analogue / Hybrid - Run Length
  • Proliferation of Colour Inkjet Digital Press Providers & Press Designs
    • Some Key Design Aspects for Colour Inkjet Digital Presses
    • Wider Web Width Format Digital Presses
  • Systems Integrators & Press Builders
    • Vertically Integrated Systems Integrators
    • Independent Systems Integrators
    • Notes:
  • Substrate Materials & Inks
  • Summary of Report Structure
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