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농업 관련 산업(분기별 갱신 국가별 보고서)


리서치사 Fitch Solutions, Inc.
발행정보 연간구독 상품 코드 119719
페이지 정보 영문
US $ 1,415 ₩ 1,664,000 PDF (Single User): 4 Reports (Quarterly) - One Country

농업 관련 산업(분기별 갱신 국가별 보고서) Agribusiness
발행정보 : 페이지 정보 : 영문

상기 가격은 개별 국가에 대한 가격입니다. 본 보고서는 분기별로 업데이트 되어지고 있으므로 연간구독 형태로 이용하시면 보다 경제적인 가격으로 이용하실 수 있습니다. 또한, 여러 국가의 보고서를 일괄 구매하시는 경우 할인된 가격이 적용될 수도 있으므로, 상세한 내용은 문의하여 주시기 바랍니다.

세계의 주요 선진국가 및 신흥국가의 농업, 축산업을 국가별로 조사 분석하고 각종 제품의 생산, 소비, 무역 시나리오, 비지니스 환경 평가, 주요 생산업체, 무역업체, 공급업체 동향, 상품 가격 분석, 공급망 분석 등에 대해 전해드립니다.

목차 예

  • 주요 요약
  • SWOT 분석
  • 산업 예측 시나리오
    • 생산, 소비, 무역 전망
      • 유제품
        • 우유
        • 버터
        • 치즈
      • 곡물
        • 옥수수
        • 보리
        • 수수
      • 가축
        • 돼지
      • 설탕
      • 대두
      • 기타
  • 산업 비지니스 환경 : 개요
    • 비지니스 환경 평가
  • 경쟁 구도
    • 생산업체, 무역업체
    • 공급업체
  • 상품 가격 분석
    • 옥수수
    • 대두
    • 코코아
    • 커피
    • 우유
    • 설탕
    • 기타
  • 다운스트림(downstream) 공급망 분석
    • 산업 예측 시나리오 : 식품
      • 식품 소비 지표 : 실적 및 예측
    • 산업 예측 시나리오 : 밀
      • MRG 부문의 매출 실적 및 전망 : 형태별
    • 거시경제적 전망
    • 기타
  • 산업 개요
  • BMI의 예측 모델링

※ 목차 내용은 국가에 따라 다릅니다.

조사 대상 국가

  • 아프리카
    • 알제리
    • 카메룬
    • 코트디부아르
    • 이집트
    • 가나
    • 모로코
    • 모잠비크
    • 나이지리아
    • 남아프리카공화국
    • 탄자니아
  • 아시아태평양 지역
    • 호주
    • 방글라데시
    • 중국
    • 인도
    • 인도네시아
    • 일본
    • 말레이시아
    • 뉴질랜드
    • 파키스탄
    • 필리핀
    • 한국
    • 태국
    • 베트남
  • 카리브해 국가
    • 벨리즈
  • 유럽
    • 프랑스
    • 독일
    • 그리스
    • 이탈리아
    • 카자흐스탄
    • 폴란드
    • 루마니아
    • 러시아
    • 스페인
    • 터키
    • 우크라이나
    • 영국
  • 라틴아메리카
    • 아르헨티나
    • 브라질
    • 콜롬비아
    • 코스타리카
    • 엘살바도르
    • 과테말라
    • 온두라스
    • 멕시코
    • 니카라과
    • 파나마
    • 페루
    • 베네수엘라
  • 중동
    • 이란
    • 사우디아라비아
  • 북미
    • 캐나다
    • 미국
cyj 10.06.16

The pricing provided is for single country selection. Multiple-country purchase discounts are available, please contact us.

The Agribusiness Reports feature Business Monitor International' s market assessment and independent 5-year forecasts covering the supply and demand outlook for the livestock, dairy, grains, rice, sugar, edible oils, coffee and cocoa sectors. Business Monitor International' s Agribusiness service also provides proprietary medium-term price forecasts for key commodities, including corn, wheat, rice, sugar, cocoa, coffee, soy and milk; in addition to newly-researched competitive intelligence on leading agribusiness producers, traders and suppliers; in-depth analysis of latest industry developments; and essential industry context, such as the background macroeconomic outlook and the downstream supply chain.

Key Benefits

  • Use BMI' s independent 5-Year industry forecasts to test other views - a key input for successful planning in dynamic agribusiness markets.
  • Apply BMI' s medium-term commodity price forecasts to assist with budgetary planning and the identification of investment opportunities and potential risks
  • Exploit latest competitive intelligence on your competitors and peers in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa through our company rankings and analysis.

The pricing provided is for single country selection. Multiple-country purchase discounts are available, please contact us.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

An analytical summary of headline industry events from the last quarter, incorporating BMI' s latest industry forecasts and price outlook analysis.

Business Environment

At-a-glance perspectives on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing each market' s Agribusiness industry. The chapter also includes a summary of the size and structure of the agricultural industry within each individual market, including main output areas, economic contribution and key regulatory factors influencing production. BMI also provides a summary overview of each market' s economy, including macroeconomic growth forecasts.

BMI 5-Year Agriculture Forecasts

Typically divided into six sections, often more depending on a market' s agricultural diversity, the chapter provides insight into each market' s agricultural industry, centred on 5-year sector forecasts for the consumption, production and trade of grains, coffee, cocoa, sugar, rice, edible oils, dairy and livestock. Consumption forecasts are accompanied by a discussion of the main drivers of consumption growth: macroeconomic factors, food processing trends, price movements and, increasingly, demand from the non-food sector. Production forecasts are accompanied by a discussion of the factors influencing a country' s trade in agricultural goods, including domestic demand, global prices and government trade policies. BMI' s forecasts are accompanied by a Risks to Outlook assessment, which examines potential factors that could affect our existing forecast picture and the likelihood of their occurrence.

Agricultural Commodity Price Forecasts

A graphic and written analysis of the short- and medium-term price outlook for eight agricultural commodities, based on globally-recognised benchmarks. Future price movements for rice, wheat, corn, sugar, cocoa, milk, soybeans and coffee are forecast based on both global supply and demand trends and technical analysis.

Downstream Context

Analysis of headline food and drink forecasts, including total food consumption, per capita food consumption and total sector trade, which provide important downstream intelligence for primary agricultural producers.

Company Analysis & Profiles

Key players tables detailing the activities of leading global agribusiness companies. Analysis includes key global Agribusiness producers and traders, major Agribusiness suppliers and leading integrated producers.

Methodology & Sourcing

The Agribusiness Country Reports are based on an extensive network of multilateral organisations, government departments, industry associations, chambers and company reports.

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