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유럽의 통신 산업(분기별 갱신 보고서)

Europe Telecommunications

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페이지 정보 영문 60 Pages
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유럽의 통신 산업(분기별 갱신 보고서) Europe Telecommunications
발행정보 : 페이지 정보 : 영문 60 Pages

유럽의 통신 산업에 대해 조사분석했으며, 5년 예측, 산업 분석, 산업 예측, 산업 리스크/보상 지수(RRI), 시장 개요, 기업 개요 등의 정보를 정리하여 전해드립니다.

1. BMI의 산업 분석

2. 산업 예측

  • 최신 동향
  • 구조적 경향

3. 산업 리스크/보상 지수(RRI)

  • 서유럽의 RRI
  • 중유럽·동유럽의 RRI

4. 시장 개요

  • 시장 붕괴 : 대기업은 서비스로 반격
  • EU의 일반 데이터 보호 규칙(GDPR) : 요점 및 업계에 대한 영향
  • 21st Century Fox는 Sky와의 거래 관리와 대응을 기대
  • 광역 기금은 유연하게 운영되어야 한다.

5. 기업 개요

  • TIM
  • Orange

6. 용어집

7. 조사 방법

KSA 17.03.17

Key View: Despite differences between the more developed Western European markets and the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the overall strategies of the various operators in the region remain the same, albeit at different stages. As the potential for organic growth is limited, operators aim to migrate customers to more advanced plans and upsell new services as part of a convergent strategy. Competition will focus on services rather than networks, both in the consumer and enterprise segment, but these still require funding, with investments under pressure from low prices. As for 5G, the European Commission aims at launching the new technology across the bloc by 2020. However, despite 5G being already available in major cities in 17 countries, delays in awarding the necessary spectrum and negative short-term impacts stemming from Covid-19 cast a shadow over the new technology's potential and early adoption in the region.

Table of Contents

  • Key View
  • Europe Telecommunication Covid-19 Impact
  • Industry Forecast
  • Europe Telecommunications Forecast
  • Industry Risk/Reward Index
  • Industry-Specific Developments Drive Changes In Western Europe Telecoms Index
  • Worsening Economic Conditions Weigh On CEE Telecoms Risk/Reward Index
  • Industry Trend Analysis
  • Quick View: US Main Winner Of UK's Huawei U-Turn
  • Spain 5G: Operators Adopt A Cautious Approach As Use Cases Still Being Developed
  • Netherlands 5G Spectrum Auction: High Prices For Small Market
  • Quick View: Enterprise IoT To Be Targeted By Estonia's Fourth 5G Spectrum Bidder
  • Quick View: Lithuania's 5G Plan Depends On Solving Short-Term Spectrum Issues
  • Quick View: Italian Broadband Competition To Intensify As Iliad Ramps-Up
  • MasMovil Takeover Bid A Possible Trigger For Consolidation In Spain
  • Quick View: Vodafone Tower Strategy Accelerates With Wind Hellas Deal
  • Quick View: Turkcell Stake Sale Increases Risk Of Government Influence
  • UPC-Sunrise To Challenge Swisscom's Dominance, Impede Salt's Growth
  • Global Company Strategy
  • Deutsche Telekom: Opportunities In Advanced Tech For Enterprise, Stronger Position In The USA
  • Orange: Opportunities In Advanced Technologies, Cybersecurity And Financial Services
  • Telecommunications Glossary
  • Telecommunications Methodology
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