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Corn Products China News

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중국의 옥수수 제품 시장 Corn Products China News
발행정보 : 12 회/년 페이지 정보 : 영문 27 Pages

중국은 옥수수 제품 최대 생산국이자 수출국입니다. 옥수수 안에는 구연산, 글루타민산 나트륨, 비타민 C, 비타민 B2 등이 함유되어 있습니다. 중국의 옥수수 제품은 전세계에서 큰 관심을 받고 있습니다.

중국 옥수수 제품(Corn Products) 시장의 최신 동향을 조사 분석하고, 각종 옥수수 제품의 가격 추이, 주요 기업의 활동, 시장의 주요 뉴스, 정부의 정책과 법규제, 신기술, 주목 분야의 분석 등을 정리하여 연간 12회 전해드립니다.

    조사 내용의 사례(과거 리포트)
    • 2011년 1월-4월간 푸르푸랄(Furfural)의 수출량 대폭 증가
    • 중국의 옥수수 제품 수출입 분석 : 2011년 4월
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    • 라이신(Lysine) 가격의 상승 : 2011년 5월과 6월
    • 안정적인 비타민C 수출 가격 : 2011년 1월-4월
    • Shandong Longlive의 사업 확장을 위한 IPO : 2011년 5월의 승인
    • Northeast Pharmaceutical : 주로 비타민C 제조 기술의 업그레이드 및 이전을 위해 3억 6,200만 달러를 계상
    • 식품첨가물의 이용에 관한 새로운 기준 : 아마도 옥수수 제품에 대한 영향은 적다
    • Meihua Group, Novozymes : 섬유소 재료를 이용한 아미노산 제조에 관한 공동 연구
    • Xiwang Sugar : Global Sweeteners 및 Baolingbao를 웃도는 실적 : 2010년
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    • Meihua Group의 신기술
    • Angel Yeast : A주 비공개 모집의 신청 승인 등
ksm 11.07.25


On 10 July, China's MOA and MOF jointly released the Key Supportive Policy for Farmers for 2020, detailing the subsidies for corn and soybean farmers.

On 23 June, the Science & Education Department of the MOA published 71 safety certificates for agricultural GMOs, including for 1 corn variety and 1 soybean variety.

China's MOA said that this year, the recovery of national pig production is rapid and beyond expectations. Recently, the government has published several supportive policies to accelerate recovery.

A few days before the ban on AGPs became effective on 1 July, feed production companies in Guangdong and Yunnan provinces increased their feed prices by approximately USD7.07/t-USD14.14/t (RMB50/t-RMB100/t). The Secretary-General of the CAAA highlighted that there will be opportunities and challenges ahead.

In early and mid-July, many listed pig enterprises published semi-annual reports or result estimates for H1, reporting explosive sales growth compared to a year earlier.

In late June, Henan Feitian published the EIA report of its starch intelligent & green production line construction project on its homepage. With a total investment of USD63.64 million (RMB450 million), this project will be able to produce 420,000 t/a of corn starch from 600,000 t/a of corn.

On 18 June, COFCO Bio-chemical Gongzhuling commenced pilot production of its 10,000 t/a modified waxy corn starch & reclaimed water recycling project at its modified starch plant. With a total investment of USD17.11 million (RMB121 million), this project will be able to produce 8,000 t/a of HDP and 2,000 t/a of acetylated distarch adipate.

On 20 April, Weifang Ensign published the EIA report of the 400,000 t/a premium citric acid green & intelligent manufacturing project; and between 16 June and 14 July, the business published the completion-based environmental protection check & acceptance report of its 600,000 t/a citric acid upgrading project on the homepage.

China Customs indicate that in Jan.-May, domestic citric acid exports rose 9% YoY to 468,600 tonnes at an average export price of USD603.19/t (down 8.49% YoY), with accumulated export values slipping by 0.69% YoY to USD280 million.

This month, corn starch prices rose 5.60% MoM and 4.54% YoY to USD377.60/t, due to the ever-increasing corn prices, producers' low productivity and the growth of downstream demand.

Table of Contents


Editor's Note

Column 1 Governmental Direction

China maintains corn and soybean farmer subsidies for 2020-2022

MOA approves 71 GMO safety certificates including 1 corn and 1 soybean variety

Better-than-expected recovery of pig capacity with supportive government policies

Column 2 Market Dynamics

China's AGPs ban on 1 July pushes up feed prices

Thirteen listed pig companies witness sales surge in H1

Column 3 Company Developments

Henan Feitian's starch intelligent and green production line project EIA

COFCO Bio-chemical Gongzhuling trials modified waxy corn starch project

Weifang Ensign continues to expand citric acid capacity

Column 4 Import & Export Analysis

Chinese corn products Imp. & Exp., May 2020

China's citric acid exports rise 9% to over 450,000 tonnes in Jan.-May

Column 5 Price Update

Price update of corn products, July 2020

China's corn starch prices remain upward trend in July

Column 6 News in Brief

CASDE for July 2020

Yihai Kerry settles another major project in Zhoukou Henan

China approves 1 st FAW pesticide registration

Qinhuangdao Lihua Starch's profits soar 62.64% in Jan.-May

Fujin Heilongjiang signs 300,000 t/a quick-dissolvable glue powder project

Star Lake Bioscience to trial Zhaodong Biological Fermentation Industrial Park in early Aug.

Henan Jindan Technology's net profits rise 13.84% in H1

Tongjiang Wanli Tongda commences grain warehousing logistics & further processing project

COFCO Tech predicts H1 net profits to soar by 72%-115% YoY

MOA issues Notification on Registering Certificates of Free Sale for Feed and Feed Additives

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