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중국의 인(Phosphorus) 산업 : 월간 리포트

Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report

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발행정보 12 회/년 상품 코드 221336
페이지 정보 영문 24 Pages
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중국의 인(Phosphorus) 산업 : 월간 리포트 Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report
발행정보 : 12 회/년 페이지 정보 : 영문 24 Pages

본 NewsLetter에서는 중국 인(Phosphorus) 산업의 최신 동향을 지속적으로 조사 분석하고, 중국 인 산업에 영향을 미치는 자국 및 해외 정책과 규제 동향, 주요 기업 동향, 산업 발전과 투자 기회 분석, 각종 제품 가격 추정과 영향요인 분석, 기술 혁신 동향, 수급 동향 및 수출입 동향 분석 등을 전해드립니다.

조사 내용 사례

  • 정책 및 규제
    • 최신 정책 및 규제
      • 인 산업 발전에 영향을 미치는 제12차 5개년 계획, 산업 진출 기준, 세조정 및 기타 정책
  • 기업 역학
    • 중국 인 산업의 기업 최신 동향
      • 신제품 투입
      • 기업 확장
      • M&A
      • 제휴 등
  • 산업 역학
    • 인 산업 발전 동향 및 투자 기회 분석
  • 가격 업데이트
    • 인 광석의 최신 가격 동향
    • 황인의 최신 가격 동향
    • PCl3의 최신 가격 동향
    • STPP의 최신 가격 동향
    • 주요 인산비료의 최신 가격 동향
    • 가격 변동 영향요인 등
  • 기술 혁신
    • 기술 혁신이 중국 인 산업에 미치는 영향
      • 비용 절감
      • 품질 개선
      • 고효율화 등
  • 수요와 공급
    • 주요 인 화학물질 수급 역학
      • P2O5, STPP, PCl3, PCl5, 인산이칼슘 수출입 데이터 분석
  • 세계 시장 분석
    • 중국 인 산업에 영향을 미치는 세계 산업 역학
KSM 12.02.06


In early July 2020, production costs of yellow phosphorus in Yunnan Province declined further, but quotations scarcely changed as

manufacturers showed strong eagerness to support prices. Consequently, quotations of yellow phosphorus in different regions

maintained stability temporarily.

In early July 2020, prices of MAP and DAP edged up. MAP enterprises received many orders in earlier stage and DAP export

market continued improving. MAP and DAP prices are predicted to remain strong in the short run.

Statistics of China's sulphuric acid industry in 201 9 released by CSAIA showed that domestic sulphuric acid capacity would

continue to be excess in the next four years and sulphuric acid prices may stay at low levels in the long term. CCM believes that the

impact of sulphuric acid on prices of phosphate fertilisers will weaken gradually.

On 28 July, 2020, six provincial departments and 1 6 central enterprises in Guizhou Province visited Guizhou Phosphate Wengfu

Phosphorus Gypsum New Building Material Industrial Park and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Guizhou


On 1 8 July, 2020, Guizhou Chanhen announced its 2020 semi-annual report. Net profit attributed to shareholders of the listed

company hit USD1 1 .71 million (RMB82.83 million), up by 46.09% YoY.

On 8 July, 2020, Santai Holding revealed its performance estimation in H1 2020. The company expects that it will make up losses

during the reporting period thanks to good operating results of phosphorus chemical business.

On 1 5 July, 2020, Yunnan Yuntianhua announced that it planned to acquire Dawei Ammonia. After this acquisition, the company will

be less dependent on synthetic ammonia purchased from other companies.

On 6 July, 2020, the People's Government of Qiannan Prefecture released the Qiannan Prefecture "3-Phospho" Environmental

Rectification and Supervision Assistance Plan for 2020. Qiannan Prefecture will continue to rectify, supervise and help 59 "3-

Phospho" enterprises within the prefecture in 2020.

MAP and DAP prices in late July 2020 in different regions are shown as the two tables. MAP and DAP prices are predicted to

remain stable in the short term.

In July 2020, market demands for PA increased but only within a limited range. Thus, PA prices mainly maintained stability and are

predicted to scarcely change in the near future.

Table of Contents


Phosphorus Industry China Monthly Report 202007

Editor's Note

Market Dynamics

Yellow phosphorus prices remain stable temporarily

Ammonium phosphate prices remain strong

Impact of low-price sulphuric acid on phosphate fertiliser industry

Phosphorus ore market remains weak and stable

Yellow phosphorus prices to rise

Guizhou phosphorus gypsum new building material projects to invite investment

Company Dynamics

Guizhou Phosphate signs phosphorus gypsum cooperation agreement

Guizhou Chanhen's net profit grows by 46.09% YoY in H1 2020

Santai Holding turns losses into gains in H1 2020

Yunnan Yuntianhua acquires Dawei Ammonia

Yunnan Yuntianhua expects loss in H1 2020

Phosphorus gypsum project in Weng'an Economic Development Zone

Hubei Sanning's MAP output hits new record high

Three companies in Mabian to develop cooperation in yellow phosphorus projects


Anhui Liuguo to renovate DAP equipment

Tonglin Sinco to upgrade industrial grade MAP equipment

Political Factors

Qiannan Prefecture continues to rectify "3-Phospho" enterprises

Electricity price reduction policy is sustained

Market Data Analysis

Ammonium phosphate prices in different regions

PA prices mainly keep stable

Import and Export

International trade of phosphate chemicals in May 2020

Price Update

Price monitoring of phosphate chemicals in July 2020

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