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제조업 생산량 추적 조사

Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) Tracker

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제조업 생산량 추적 조사 Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) Tracker
발행정보 : 페이지 정보 : 영문

세계의 제조업을 포괄적으로 추적 조사했으며, 제조업 총생산량 추정과 예측, 산업 및 기계 부문(35개 부문 이상) 및 주요 국가(34개국)별 내역을 정리하여 전해드립니다.

국가별 데이터는 비교 검증하기 쉽게 공통 분류 기준을 이용해 주의 깊게 구성되어 있습니다. 경기침체 전 단계부터 현재에 이르기까지의 경시적 데이터는 비지니스 주기 전체에서 산업 생산량과 기계 수요의 관계성을 나타냅니다. 이 복잡한 상관성을 이해하고, 각국 및 각 산업의 현황을 비교하여 보다 정확한 국가·산업·기계 부문별 예측을 실시할 수 있습니다.


  • 산업 생산량
  • 특정 산업용 기계
  • 다산업용 기계
  • 비제조업용 기계
  • 국가별 조사
KSM 18.10.04

“The Manufacturing Industry Outlook provides an unparalleled level of detail and insight into global manufacturing with even greater granularity presented for China.”

This tracker offers the most complete and unified analysis of the manufacturing industry globally. It quantifies the total value of manufacturing production with deep granularity for over 35 industries and machinery sectors, across 36 countries; presenting 10+ years of historical data alongside a credible five-year forecast.

Country data from across the globe has been carefully organised around a common “Manufacturing Industry Outlook (MIO)” taxonomy to provide easy-to-interrogate, like-for-like comparisons. The historical data reveals the relationship between industry and machinery production for a complete business cycle, going back pre-recession to present day. Understanding these complex correlations, alongside current country and industry projections, provides a more accurate forecast by country, industry and machinery sector.

Includes substantial detail on China

The China data provides a comprehensive historical view of the explosive growth of China's manufacturing industry for the past 10+ years as well as a trendbased forecast model for the next 6 years. It analyses 35 industries and 111 applications in China through highly detailed manufacturing surveys. The tracker also includes a quarterly overview of China's manufacturing industry showing the latest key economic indicators and market trends.

Key deliverables:

  • Quarterly updates of 1.2 million data points, presented in comprehensive Excel Database and PowerBI dashboard
  • Quarterly PPT report
  • Access to Analysts

Key Findings:

Manufacturing output (for the 36 regions covered) has risen nearly 75% over the last ten years to reach over $39.4 trillion in 2019. This growth, unsurprisingly, can mainly be attributed to the explosive growth in China's manufacturing sector.

China is the only major country to have grown its manufacturing sector for the entirety of the last ten years. Back in 2007, China accounted for approximately 25% of manufacturing output but at the end of 2019 it accounted for a staggering 45%.

With nearly half the value of manufacturing output coming from China alone, Asia has gained significant share over both Europe and the Americas since 2007 and this trend is projected to continue.

Five industries dwarfed the others in terms of their manufacturing value: metals, food & beverages, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, automotive and electrical & electronic equipment.

From a growth perspective, it is interesting to note the fastest growing sectors are those aligned with the most basic of human needs, namely food & beverages, aggregates (i.e. shelter) and textiles (i.e. clothing).

Key Features & Benefits:

Market size and forecast data are built-up from individual country-level models using local currencies and unadjusted growth series. Data can be presented in USD, EUR, GBP, YEN, YUAN or Korean WON with more available on request, using both fixed (12-year average) and floating currency rates.

Data is presented in terms of the annual value of production for the past 13 years, with five-year forecasts including the current year.

Our approach to presenting data allows our clients to observe like-for-like regional growth rates with the effects of currency exchange removed or included - a factor that profoundly changes the growth values presented.

The output dataset comprises over 36,000 rows of source data, which was derived from inputs totaling over 1.2 million data points. The size of the data reflects the depth and complexity of the project scope. The provision of such a complete dataset, comprising both industry and machinery production from a single source, ensures consistency and reliability when interpreting forecasts.

Interactive datasets, in addition to the provision of country and industry dashboards, allow flexibility enabling clients to customize outputs to their precise needs. We are also available to provide support in analyzing and interpreting data at no extra cost.

Table of Contents

Industry Production

Aerospace Production

  • Aerospace Production

Aggregates Production

  • Other Non-Metallic Mineral Production
  • Aggregates Production (Coking)

Automotive Production

  • Automobile Production
  • Car Body & Trailer Production
  • Auto Parts & Accessories Production
  • Motorcycle Production

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Production

  • Basic Raw Chemicals Production
  • Fertilizer Production
  • Synthetic Materials Production
  • Special Chemical Products Production
  • Personal Care Chemicals Production
  • Pharmaceuticals Production
  • Chemical Fiber Production
  • Other Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Production

Commercial Vehicle Production

  • Construction Machinery
  • Commercial Trucks & Vehicles
  • Train, Tram & Trolleybus Production
  • Maritime Vessel & Boat Production
  • Other Commercial Vehicle Production

Electrical & Electronic Equipment Production

  • Pump & Vacuum Equipment Production
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Power Production
  • Commercial Electronics Production
  • Motor Production
  • Small Motor Production
  • Switchgear Production
  • PV Equipment & Components Production
  • Wire & Cable Production
  • Lithium Ion Battery Production
  • Household Appliance Production
  • IT Equipment Production
  • Telecoms Equipment Production
  • Audio-Visual Equipment Production
  • Instrumentation Production
  • Industrial Auto & E Production
  • Other Electrical & Electronic Equipment Production

Equipment & Goods Production

  • Internal Combustion Engine Production
  • Gear & Gearbox Production
  • Other Electrical & Electronic Equipment Production

Food & Beverage Production

  • Agricultural and Sideline Food Production
  • Food Production
  • Wine, Beverage & Tea Production

Metals Production

  • Ferrous Metal Smelting & Rolling Production
  • Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting & Rolling Production
  • Metal Product Production
  • Valves Production
  • Bearings Production
  • Mold Production
  • Other Metals Production

Other Industry Production

  • Tobacco Production
  • Furniture Production
  • Glass & Ceramics Production
  • Other Industry Production

Printing Production

  • Printing Production

Pulp & Paper Production

  • Pulp & Paper Production

Rubber & Plastics Production

  • Rubber Products Production
  • Plastic Products Production

Semiconductors & Electronics Production

  • Discrete Semiconductor Production
  • Electronic Vacuum Device Production
  • Electronic Components Production
  • Integrated Circuit Production
  • Optoelectronic Device Production
  • Printed Circuit Board Production
  • Other Semiconductors & Electronics Production

Textile Production

  • Clothes Production
  • Leather, Fur, Feathers & Footwear Production
  • Other Textile Production

Wood Products Production

  • Wood Products Production

Multi-Industry Machinery

Industrial Furnaces & Ovens

  • Industrial Furnaces & Ovens

Machine Tools

  • Metal Cutting Machine Tool Production
  • Metal Forming Machine Tool Production
  • Other Machine Tools

Material Handling Equipment

  • Large Crane Production
  • Elevators, Escalators & Lifts Production
  • Other Material Handling Equipment

Packaging Machinery

  • Packaging Machinery Production
  • Auxiliary Packaging Machinery Production

Other Multi-Industry Machinery

  • Other original equipment manufacturing
  • Fan, fan manufacturing
  • Gas, liquid separation and pure equipment


  • Other machinery and equipment repair industry

Dedicated Machinery

Food & Beverage Machinery

  • Specific Food & Beverage Machinery
  • Other Food & Beverage Machinery

Metallurgy Machinery

  • Foundry Machinery Production
  • Metallurgy Machinery
  • Other Metallurgy Machinery

Mining Machinery

  • Mining Machinery

Printing Machinery

  • Printing Machinery

Pulp & Paper Machinery

  • Pulp & Paper Machinery

Rubber & Plastics Machinery

  • Rubber Machinery
  • Plastics Machinery

Semiconductors & Electronics Machinery

  • Semiconductors & Electronics Machinery

Textile Machinery

  • Textile Machinery

Other Dedicated Machinery

  • Oil Drilling Machinery
  • Marine Engineering Machinery
  • Chemicals Machinery
  • Wood Processing Machinery
  • Tobacco Machinery
  • Daily-Use Machinery
  • Pharmaceuticals Machinery
  • Other Dedicated Machinery

Non-Manufacturing Machinery

Air & Gas Compressors

  • Air & Gas Compressor Production

Automatic Vending Machinery

  • Automatic Vending Machinery

Commercial HVAC

  • Boiler & Auxiliary Equipment Production
  • HVAC Production

Farming Machinery

  • Agricultural and Sideline Food Machinery
  • Other Farming Machinery

Industrial Turbines, Generators & Generator Sets

  • Steam Turbine Production
  • Wind Turbine Production
  • Generator & Generator Set Production
  • Other Industrial Turbines, Generators & Generator Sets
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