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PolicyTracker : 주파수대역 조사 서비스

The PolicyTracker Spectrum Research Service

리서치사 PolicyTracker
발행정보 연간구독 상품 코드 756331
페이지 정보 영문
£ 6,000 ₩ 9,130,000 Web Access (Up to 50 Subscribers)

PolicyTracker : 주파수대역 조사 서비스 The PolicyTracker Spectrum Research Service
발행정보 : 페이지 정보 : 영문

세계 120개국의 무선 주파수대역 이용 상황을 추적 조사했으며, 세계 주요 오퍼레이터의 라이선스 상황, 4G/5G 후보 대역 동향, 대역 경매 최신 동향, 국가별 대역 이용 및 정책 등의 동향, 대역 관리 최신 동향, 각종 분석 등을 온라인에서 이용하실 수 있습니다.

제공 내용

  • 주파수 데이터베이스
    • 120개 주요 경제권을 망라
    • 800개사 이상 오퍼레이터의 3,000개 이상 라이선스 상세를 게재
    • 400개 이상 라이선스의 가격 데이터를 조사
    • 라이선스 조건과 유효기간
    • 450MHz에서 3.5GHz까지의 주요 무선 주파수대를 조사
  • 주파수 대쉬보드(인터랙티브 온라인 인터페이스)
    • 현행 및 계획중의 4G 대역과 5G 후보 상세 분석
    • 주요 모바일 사업자의 대역 보유 동향과 전략 분석
    • 4G 및 5G를 위한 벤더의 계획과 우선항목 개요
    • 국가별 개요 : 대역 이용과 정책 등
  • 주파수 경매 트래커
    • 이메일 알림
    • 100건 이상의 경매 결과 온라인 데이타베이스 : 지역, 국가, 대역별
    • 450MHz-3.5GHz, 26-32GHz 등 주요 대역을 망라
  • PolicyTracker 뉴스레터
  • 애널리스트에게 질문
LSH 19.01.16

PolicyTracker's ‘Spectrum Research Service’ is an indispensable online resource for spectrum managers and wireless industry professionals, providing a 360-degree view of mobile spectrum utilisation worldwide plus analysis of the key trends shaping the future.

This brand-new research service leverages PolicyTracker's unparalleled experience in spectrum policy and our enduring engagement with industry stakeholders around the world. Providing rich data and a long-term strategic perspective, the Spectrum Research Service is the perfect complement to PolicyTracker's spectrum management newsletter.

PolicyTracker's data and spectrum expertise was recently used in a European Commission 5G study.

Key benefits

  • Analyse mobile spectrum utilisation and valuations in 120 countries using our comprehensive database
  • Explore which bands are being used or proposed for 4G services, plus the candidate bands for 5G
  • Compare the spectrum policy positions of key industry stakeholders in the run-up to 5G
  • Stay informed about upcoming spectrum auctions, with real-time alerts to track the latest developments and a searchable database of auction announcements
  • Follow the latest trends and hot topics in spectrum management through regular commentary and analysis
  • The licence includes access for your whole organisation

Service components

Our Research Service has four components:

  • 1. Spectrum Database: over 4,000 licences and allocations worldwide
  • 2. Spectrum Dashboard: powerful visualisations and research notes
  • 3. Auctions Tracker: a searchable database of upcoming spectrum release
  • 4. PolicyTracker Newsletter daily news and analysis

1. Spectrum Database

Our Spectrum Database contains detailed historical data for thousands of mobile and wireless broadband licences worldwide. This comprehensive resource is an essential tool for identifying global and regional trends, finding unassigned spectrum, calculating operators' international footprints, and benchmarking spectrum prices.

  • 120 major economies covered
  • Details of 3000+ licences and 800+ operators
  • $/MHz/pop data for 400+ licences
  • Licence terms and expiry dates
  • All major mobile bands included from 450 MHz to 3.5 GHz
  • Delivered in Excel and Google Sheets format

2. Spectrum Dashboard

The Spectrum Dashboard is the leading authority on current mobile frequencies and the bands which could be used for 5G.

The interactive online interface combines rich statistical data, graphics, and detailed analysis to put all the relevant information about the evolving 4G / 5G ecosystem at your finger-tips and give a complete view of mobile spectrum utilisation and policy developments.

  • Detailed analysis for all current and planned 4G bands, plus the candidate bands for 5G
  • Summary of spectrum holdings and strategies for leading mobile operators
  • Overview of vendors' plans and priorities for 4G and 5G
  • Country profiles detailing spectrum usage and policy in the world's largest economies
  • Regular research notes providing timely analysis of the latest trends and hot topics

3. Auctions Tracker

The Auctions Tracker keeps you informed about what spectrum is due to for release and where. Find out all the latest auction news as soon as we do, with updates direct to your inbox. All the information is stored in a searchable online database.

  • Email alerts so you never miss an auction announcement
  • Online database of 100+ auctions worldwide, searchable by country, region or band
  • Covers all the major mobile bands: 450 MHz to 3.5 GHz, plus 26-32 GHz.

4. PolicyTracker Newsletter

PolicyTracker's newsletter is the only news publication to focus on spectrum policy. The Research Service includes an unlimited subscription for your whole organisation covering the daily email updates, consultations service and access to our 12 year archive.

Analyst enquiry time

Our analysts are on hand to answer any questions you have relating to the service content. Your annual subscription includes up to 6 hours of analyst enquiry time, which can be drawn down as and when needed during the year.

Who should buy this service?

  • Regulators
  • Government departments
  • Mobile network operators
  • Technology vendors
  • Satellite operators
  • Broadcasters
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