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World Fab Watch : 세계의 팹 데이터 베이스

World Fab Watch Subscription

리서치사 SEMI
발행정보 4 회/년 상품 코드 64792
페이지 정보 영문
US $ 2,375 ₩ 2,847,000 Excel Database by E-mail - Snapshot of Front-end Fabs (Single User License) - Single Edition
US $ 3,005 ₩ 3,602,000 Excel Database by E-mail - Snapshot of Front-end Fabs (Single User License) - Annual Subscription

World Fab Watch : 세계의 팹 데이터 베이스 World Fab Watch Subscription
발행정보 : 4 회/년 페이지 정보 : 영문

1,000이 넘는 세계의 프론트 엔드(front-end) 반도체 팹, R&D 설비, 파일럿 라인(Pilot-line)용 팹의 데이터를 엑셀로 정리하여 전해드립니다.

  • 데이터 베이스 내용
    • 기업명
    • 소유 상황/단축 명칭
    • 소재지/전화/FAX/도시/주/웹사이트
    • 창설 연도
    • 팹 명칭
    • 클린룸 단계/너비
    • 연수
    • 제품/등급
    • 제품
    • 기술
    • 구조
    • 설명
    • 팹의 경위
    • 총 비용
    • 합작 투자 파트너
    • 기기 비용
    • 건설 비용
    • 설계자ㆍ엔지니어링
    • 최신 갱신일
    • 갱신 모드
    • 신 레코드
    • 웨이퍼(Wafer) 크기
    • 스테터스(Status)
    • 생산 용량/월별
    • 레코드 번호 등
  • 조사 대상 기업 사례
    • TSMC
    • UMC
    • Chartered Semiconductor
    • SMIC
    • Samsung
    • Intel
    • AMD
    • Micron Hynix
    • Powerchip
    • Texas Instruments
    • Renesas
    • Inotera
    • Elpida
    • STMicro
pmh 08.05.08

Format: .xls (Compatibility: Microsoft® Excel® 2010 or newer)

Provides a snapshot of the previous quarter of over 1000 semiconductor front-end fabs
Note: The fab databases will work with Microsoft® Excel® 2003 or newer versions of Excel.

World Fab Watch is a powerful and comprehensive database of 1000-plus fabs, R&Ds and pilot-line fab locations worldwide. It provides an excellent snapshot of all worldwide front-end semiconductor fabs. Included are interactive pivot charts and tables enabling you to customize your own view and reports.

The database includes front-end fabs and foundries such as TSMC, UMC, Global Foundries, SMIC, Samsung, Intel, Toshiba, Micron, SK Hynix, Powerchip, Texas Instruments, Renesas, Inotera, STMicro, Fujitsu, NEC Electronics, Sharp, Infineon, and many more. This Excel-formatted database is conveniently delivered electronically.


World Fab Watch is compiled from publicly available information, including capital spending plans, announced fab plans and ream schedules. SEMI verifies this information by making up to 50 inquiries a week and periodic visits to semiconductor companies.


With the World Fab Watch, you can conduct more efficient market research, identify target customers, and analyze product trends more easily. An annual subscription includes:

  • Quarterly updates
  • Latest market and technology trends and analysis
  • Dynamic range of information and quick-and-easy access to valuable data to empower your market research

Table of Contents

(tabs of spreadsheet)

  • Summary of Current Fabs
  • Summary of Future Fabs
  • Summary of Changes
  • Company Detail
  • New Records
  • Summary of New Fab Costs
  • New Fab Cost Graph
  • Future Fabs
  • Summary of Future Fabs
  • 300mm Fabs, Summary, and Graphs
  • Sub 0.20 micron Future Fabs
  • Summary of 0.20 micron Capacity
  • Future Foundry
  • Summary of Future Foundry Capacity
  • Foundry Graphical Analysis
  • Definitions

Column Field

(of "Company Detail" tab)

  • Company
  • Ownership-Short Name
  • Address/Phone/Fax/City/State
  • Prefecture/Province/Country/Region
  • Origin
  • Fab Name
  • Clean Room Class/Clean Room Sq Feet
  • Year
  • Product/Class
  • Products
  • Technology
  • Geometry
  • Comments
  • Fab History
  • Total Cost
  • Joint Venture Partner
  • Equipment Cost
  • Construction Cost
  • Architect and Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Date of Last Update
  • Change Made
  • New Record
  • Probability Number
  • Status
  • Wafer Size
  • Capacity/Month
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