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고정 마이크로파 PTP무선의 세계 시장

Microwave Service

리서치사 Sky Light Research
발행정보 4 회/년 상품 코드 17092
페이지 정보 영문
자세한 내용은 문의바랍니다.

고정 마이크로파 PTP무선의 세계 시장 Microwave Service
발행정보 : 4 회/년 페이지 정보 : 영문

무선통신 라스트 마일(last mile)분야의 조사를 전문으로 신뢰성이 있는 정보를 제공하고 있는 미국의 조사회사 Sky Light Research (본사: 애리조나주)에서는 point-to-point의 고정 마이크로파 무선에 초점을 맞추어 풍부한 엑셀 데이터표와 그래프, 차트를 통해 동시장의 최신 정보를 제공하는 연간 정보 서비스 Worldwide Microwave Radio Annual Service를 발행 하고 있습니다.

point-to-point의 고정 마이크로파 무선의 세계/지역별 시장의 규모, 시장 점유율, 장래 예측, 상세 분석을 포함하여 4분기별로 갱신한 내용의 최신 데이터를 대략 아래와 같은 구성으로 제공해 드립니다.

    1.세계/지역별의 시장 점유율
    • point-to-point 고정 마이크로파 무선의 세계 시장 점유율
    • point-to-point 고정 마이크로파 무선의 지역별 시장 점유율
    • point-to-point PDH 고정 마이크로파 무선의 세계 시장 점유율
    • point-to-point SDH 고정 마이크로파 무선의 세계 시장 점유율
    • point-to-point 장거리 고정 마이크로파 무선의 세계 시장 점유율
    • point-to-point 단거리 고정 마이크로파 무선의 세계 시장 점유율
    • 방법론
    • 제품/벤더의 분류
    2.장래 예측
    • 4분기별 장래 예측
      • 세계의 마이크로파 PTP 무선 장치의 수익과 평균 판매 가격
      • 세계의 마이크로파 PTP 무선 장치의 수익 점유율
    • 5년간의 장래 예측
      • 세계의 마이크로파 PTP 무선 장치의 수익과 평균 판매 가격
      • 세계의 마이크로파 PTP 무선 장치의 수익 점유율
    3.상세 분석:과거 90일간의 총괄
    • 총론
    • 어플리케이션
    • 지역별 분석
    • 장래 예측
KHY 06.10.25

What can Sky Light Research do for you?

SLR cuts to the chase and provides data that can be seamlessly integrated into your companys business model. Every 90 days over 150 Excel tables, focusing purely on BWA and microwave data, AND over 35 pages of charts, graphs, and analysis are delivered to your desktop. The data is relevant and timely, and provides your sales, marketing, and product management teams the information they need to compete effectively.

The written analysis report includes an in-depth analysis as well as charts and graphs that summarize the market. This provides an uncluttered look at the market that CEOs, and top executives can quickly assimilate. The Excel tables further detail the market, providing product managers, PLMs, business development managers, strategic analysts, sales teams, and investment analysts an in-depth picture of how well specific product/product groups compete. The detail and accuracy of SLRs data remains unmatched.

Report content includes worldwide and regional market sizing, market shares, forecasts, and analysis. Market detail includes frequency, pricing, technologies, and radio types.

A variety of last mile wireless MAN & WAN markets are covered including:

  • Point to Point Microwave Radios
  • Point to Multipoint LMDS Radios
  • Point to Multipoint Broadband Wireless Access Radios
  • Point to Point Ethernet Bridges
  • Wireless Local Loop
SLR offers a variety of products covering the above markets:
  • Single Reports - For companies needing an immediate one-time look at the market, individual reports are available. Reports include unlimited inquiry privileges. Market Share Reports - A quarter by quarter look at global and regional markets. Market share is detailed by revenue, units, and average selling prices. Each market is further broken down to provide unparalleled detailed information. Over 100 tables are published each quarter.
  • Forecast Reports - Four quarter projections and five year forecasts. Global forecasts cover units, average selling prices, and revenue. Over 50 forecast tables are published each quarter.
  • Written Analysis Reports - A comprehensive look at the market in the last 90 days. Over 35 pages of written analysis, charts, and tables summarizing the forecast and market share tables. This report details significant events for the quarter and highlights player activities and wins.
  • Top Line Reports - A top line view of the entire point to point and point to multipoint MAN & WAN markets. Includes overall global and regional market shares and forecasts.

Annual Service - SLRs most popular service, is for companies who need a continual assessment of the market. The subscription service is a 12 month service that can be tailored to your companys individual needs. The service offers anywhere from a total of 12 to 48 reports, delivered every 90 days. The service encompasses the above reports as well as unlimited inquiry privileges. One subscription serves the entire company worldwide.

Sky View Service - For companies who need to keep an eye on the market but not at an in-depth level. Sky View provides a top line summary of all the markets that SLR covers. This service is ideal for the investment community, integration and distribution partners. Includes unlimited inquiry privileges.

Custom Services - For companies who need the data broken out slightly different than that which is offered in the standard reports, custom services are available. Includes unlimited inquiry privileges.

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