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미국 및 세계의 방위 및 항공우주 관련 기업

Defense and Aerospace Companies Briefing

리서치사 Teal Group Corporation
발행정보 12 회/년 상품 코드 337821
페이지 정보 영문
US $ 2,295 ₩ 2,716,000 CD-ROM (quarterly)
US $ 2,295 ₩ 2,716,000 Online
US $ 2,795 ₩ 3,308,000 Binder (monthly)

미국 및 세계의 방위 및 항공우주 관련 기업 Defense and Aerospace Companies Briefing
발행정보 : 12 회/년 페이지 정보 : 영문

미국 및 세계의 주요 항공우주·방위 관련 사업자(약 50-55사)의 기업 구조, 전략, 실적, 수출 동향, 각종 계약 등을 기업별 리포트로 정리했으며, 주요 계약의 상세 내역을 정리한 요약 등과 함께 정기적으로 업데이트하여 전해드립니다. 이 기업에는 주요 원청업체·하청업체도 포함되어 있으며, 상세 사업 부문으로는 항공기, 우주 관련, 육상 시스템, 엔진, 미사일, 아비오닉스(Avionics: 항공전자장비), 조선, 트레이닝, 방위 전자기기, 군수품 등의 분야가 포함되어 있습니다.

1. 사용자 가이드

2. 인덱스

3. 시장 개요

  • Teal Group의 방위·항공우주 관련 기업 개요
  • 매출
  • 영업수익
  • 영업이익
  • 장기채무
  • 주주의 에퀴티
  • 장기부채비율
  • 미국 정부에 대한 판매
  • 미국 정부에 대한 판매·매출
  • 기업 자금에 의한 R&D
  • 기업 자금에 의한 R&D·매출

4. 보고서 : A-C

  • Aerojet Rocketdyne (GenCorp, 미국)
  • Aerospace Corp. (미국)
  • AeroVironment Inc. (미국)
  • Airbus (프랑스/독일/스페인)
  • BAE Systems plc (영국)
  • Ball Corp. (미국)
  • Boeing Co., The (미국)
  • Bombar dier Inc. (캐나다)
  • Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. (미국)
  • CACI International, Inc. (미국)
  • CAE Inc. (캐나다)
  • Computer Sci ences Corp. (미국)
  • Cubic Corp. (미국)

5. 보고서 : D-G

  • Denel Ltd. (남아프리카공화국)
  • Elbit Systems Ltd. (이스라엘)
  • Embraer (브라질)
  • Exelis (미국)
  • Finmeccanica (이탈리아)
  • General Dynamics Corp. (미국)
  • General Electric Co. (미국)

6. 보고서 : H-L

  • Harris Corp. (미국)
  • Honeywell International Inc. (미국)
  • Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (이스라엘)
  • Kaman Corp. (미국)
  • Leidos (미국)
  • Lockheed Martin Corp. (미국)

7. 보고서 : M-R

  • The MITRE Corp. (미국)
  • Mitsubishi Heavy In dus tries Co. Ltd. (일본)
  • Nexter Group (프랑스)
  • Northrop Grumman Corp. (미국)
  • Orbital Sciences Corp. (미국)
  • Raytheon Co. (미국)
  • Rockwell Collins (미국)
  • Rolls-Royce, plc (영국)

8. 보고서 : S-Z

  • Safran (프랑스)
  • Sequa Corp. (미국)
  • Singapore Technologies Engineering (싱가포르)
  • Smiths Group plc (영국)
  • Sparton Corp. (미국)
  • Teledyne Technologies, Inc. (미국)
  • Textron, Inc. (미국)
  • Thales (프랑스)
  • United Technologies Corp. (미국)

9. 부록

  • 미국 국방부의 원청계약
KSA 15.09.08

Authored by Philip Finnegan, Teal Group's Defense & Aerospace Companies Briefing is an information service reporting on the activities of approximately 50 to 55 selected companies and federally funded research and development centers (for simplicity's sake, all will be referred to as "companies"). Each company has an individual report which is updated at least once during the course of a year. A supplement containing an average of four to eight reports is provided every month.

Inclusion in the Defense & Aerospace Companies Briefing is primarily determined by either the size or diversity of a company's revenue base. The idea is to cover not only the largest companies, but also those that are involved in a wide-range of major markets and sub-markets. A report may also be included by special request of a subscriber to this publication. The DACB analyst will decide on the merits of covering a particular company.

The Defense & Aerospace Companies Briefing focuses on US and major foreign companies, including major aerospace and defense prime contractors and subcontractors. Specific sectors covered include aircraft, space, ground systems, engines, missiles, avionics, shipbuilding, training, defense electronics, munitions and defense electronics. Each company's strategy and performance is analyzed with strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats outlined. Separate sections outline acquisitions, contracts, exports and the corporate structure.

The Defense & Aerospace Companies Briefing provides extensive analysis of individual companies focuses on US and major foreign companies. There is a mix of 65 percent US and 35 percent foreign reports. In addition to the US businesses, aerospace companies are covered from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore and Japan.

Also in the Defense & Aerospace Companies Briefing are appendices that give summary information on prime contract awards, including totals by contract type by company, individual awards by company/division, a summary listing of all awards announced by the Pentagon and a summary ranking of all awards by company.

Table of Contents

User's Guide


  • Index

Market Briefs

  • Teal Group De fense & Aero space Com pa nies Over view
  • Rev e nues
  • Op er at ing In come
  • Op er at ing Mar gin
  • Long-Term Debt
  • Share hold ers' Eq uity
  • Long-Term Debt/Eq uity
  • US Gov ern ment Sales
  • US Gov ern ment Sales/Rev e nues
  • Com pany-funded R&D
  • Com pany-funded R&D/Rev e nues

Reports: A-C

  • Aerojet Rocketdyne (GenCorp) (USA)
  • Aero space Corp. (USA)
  • AeroVironment Inc. (USA)
  • Airbus (France/Ger many/Spain)
  • BAE Sys tems plc (United King dom)
  • Ball Corp. (USA)
  • Boe ing Co., The (USA)
  • Bom bar dier Inc. (Can ada)
  • Booz Allen Ham il ton, Inc. (USA)
  • CACI In ter na tional, Inc. (USA)
  • CAE Inc. (Can ada)
  • Com puter Sci ences Corp. (USA)
  • Cu bic Corp. (USA)

Reports: D-G

  • Denel Ltd. (South Af rica)
  • Elbit Sys tems Ltd. (Is rael)
  • Embraer (Brazil)
  • Exelis (USA)
  • Finmeccanica (It aly)
  • Gen eral Dy nam ics Corp. (USA)
  • Gen eral Elec tric Co. (USA)

Reports: H-L

  • Har ris Corp. (USA)
  • Honeywell In ter na tional Inc. (USA)
  • Is rael Aero space In dus tries Ltd. (Is rael)
  • Kaman Corp. (USA)
  • Leidos (USA)
  • Lockheed Mar tin Corp. (USA)

Reports: M-R

  • The MITRE Corp. (USA)
  • Mitsubishi Heavy In dus tries Co. Ltd. (Ja pan)
  • Nexter Group (France)
  • Northrop Grumman Corp. (USA)
  • Or bital Sci ences Corp. (USA)
  • Raytheon Co. (USA)
  • Rockwell Col lins (USA)
  • Rolls-Royce, plc (United King dom)

Reports: S-Z

  • Safran (France)
  • Sequa Corp. (USA)
  • Sin ga pore Tech nol o gies En gi neer ing (Sin ga pore)
  • Smiths Group plc (United King dom)
  • Sparton Corp. (USA)
  • Teledyne Tech nol o gies, Inc. (USA)
  • Textron, Inc. (USA)
  • Thales (France)
  • United Tech nol o gies Corp. (USA)

Appendix 1

  • Appendix 1-FY14 DoD Prime Con tract Awards

Appendix 2

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