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CP Knowledge Centre : 생명과학 업계의 구독형 계약·거래 데이터베이스

CP Knowledge Centre: Subscription Database - Covering Every Aspect of Deal Making in the Life Sciences

리서치사 Current Partnering, a division of Wildwood Ventures Limited
발행정보 연간구독 상품 코드 784389
페이지 정보 영문
US $ 9,995 ₩ 11,817,000 Web Access (Individual License)
US $ 14,995 ₩ 17,728,000 Web Access (Group License/2-5 Users)
US $ 19,995 ₩ 23,640,000 Web Access (Company/Single Site License)
US $ 24,995 ₩ 29,551,000 Web Access (Company/Global Access License)
US $ 29,995 ₩ 35,463,000 Web Access (Corporate/Global Access License)

CP Knowledge Centre : 생명과학 업계의 구독형 계약·거래 데이터베이스 CP Knowledge Centre: Subscription Database - Covering Every Aspect of Deal Making in the Life Sciences
발행정보 : 페이지 정보 : 영문

본 서비스는 Current Partnering이 제공하는 각종 서비스(CP Reports, CP Insight, Current Agreements)로의 동시 액세스가 가능한 올인원 인텔리전스 패키지이며, 생명과학 업계의 각종 계약·합의·제휴 관련 보고서 및 데이터베이스를 온라인으로 이용할 수 있습니다.

제공 액세스

  • CP Reports : 제휴 계약 정보의 제시·분석
  • Current Agreements : 거래·제휴 데이터베이스
    • 2000년 이후 4만건 이상 계약 거래의 검색 가능한 데이터베이스
    • 추적 조사, 모니터링, 벤치마킹이 가능

제공 서비스

  • 제휴 보고서(CP Reports)와 거래 데이터베이스(Current Agreements)로의 동시 액세스
  • 제휴 보고서의 도표·분석 사용과 데이터베이스로부터 추출한 과거 거래 계약·동향의 서포트 데이터로서의 이용
  • 최신판 및 갱신판 보고서 타이틀 출판시 이메일 연락
  • 보고서 정보와 데이터베이스 정보의 복합적 이용에 의한 독자적인 프리젠테이션 작성
  • 각종 치료 영역 및 기술 분야의 전문 지식 습득
  • 계약자, 계약액, 계약 조건 등의 추적 조사
  • 귀사가 지속적으로 필요로 할 정보의 확보

본 구독 서비스에 포함되는 내용

  • CP Report 포트폴리오로의 액세스
    • 계약 종류별 보고서
    • 치료제 관련 계약 보고서(온디멘드 제공*)
    • 기술 계약 보고서
    • 계약 리뷰 보고서
    • 기업 계약 보고서
  • Current Agreements(계약·제휴 데이터베이스)로의 액세스
  • 갱신판 보고서 타이틀 : 출판후 Knowledge Centre 다운로드 에리어에 자동 추가
  • Knowledge Centre 최신 뉴스레터 : 최신판 및 갱신판 보고서의 상세를 매월 송신
KSM 19.02.20

‘CP Knowledge Centre ’ provides you with an all-in-one intelligence package that allows you to simultaneously access all our products at the same time which include our CP Reports, CP Insight and Current Agreements deals and alliances database.

Depending on your requirements, you can access a limited number of Partnering Terms and Agreements reports with the Individual, Multi user and Company access options. If you require access to our entire Current Partnering report portfolio the corporate level access is for you, which provides unlimited access to all our report titles.

Every subscription also provides unlimited access to Current Agreements. Current Agreements is a leading life science intelligence database designed for deal makers, providing comprehensive business information and intelligence on thousands of deals in the life sciences sector.

Your subscription is constantly refreshed with new report titles as soon as they become published by our in house team.

In summary ‘CP Knowledge Centre ’ provides immediate and continuous access to:

  • CP reports - in-depth reports including deal information collated, presented and analysed
  • Current Agreements - deals and alliances database - fully searchable database of over 40,000 deals since 2000, allowing you to track, monitor and benchmark


By subscribing to the ‘CP Knowledge Centre’ the possibilities are endless, you can:

  • Simultaneously access partnering reports and the Current Agreements deals database
  • Use tables, figures and analysis from partnering reports and support with past deals and trends from the database
  • Receive new and updated report titles notified by email upon publication
  • Create your own presentations by mixing information from the reports with deals intelligence from the database
  • Become an expert in several different therapeutic and technology areas
  • Track who is making deals, how much the deals are valued at and what the terms of the deals are
  • Ensure that you have every bit of deal making intelligence you will need constantly at your fingertips

Table of Contents

A CP Knowledge Centre subscription includes the following contents:

  • Access to CP Report portfolio, including:
    • Deal type reports
    • Therapy deal reports - supplied on demand*
    • Technology deal reports
    • Deal review reports
    • Company deal reports
    • Access to Current Agreements - deals and alliances database
    • Updated versions of report titles as published automatically added to Knowledge Centre download area
    • Knowledge Centre update newsletter - sent monthly detailing available new and updated report titles

* On demand reports are prepared upon request by the client. Each report takes 2-3 business days to prepare.

Fair usage applies see below.

On demand reports provide the latest deals and alliances in the report focus. Preparing the report 'On demand' ensures that each report is fully up to date.

Fair usage policy: The CP Knowledge Centre Corporate subscription enables requesting access up to 6 On demand reports in any subscription period. All other reports are provided on an unlimited access basis.

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