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전기자동차 배터리 및 충전 기술

Electric Vehicle Battery and Charging Technologies

리서치사 ABI Research
발행일 2019년 07월 상품 코드 879033
페이지 정보 영문 50 Pages
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전기자동차 배터리 및 충전 기술 Electric Vehicle Battery and Charging Technologies
발행일 : 2019년 07월 페이지 정보 : 영문 50 Pages

전기자동차 배터리 및 충전 기술(Electric Vehicle Battery and Charging Technologies) 시장에 대해 조사했으며, OEM이 향후 10년간 채용해야 할 배터리 기술, 솔리드 스테이트 기술이나 리튬 실리콘 배터리 등 보다 장기적으로 유망한 배터리 기술 개요, 이러한 기술이 차세대 BEV에 미치는 영향 등에 대해 정리했습니다.

제1장 주요 요약

제2장 서론

제3장 전기자동차 배터리 기술

  • 리튬이온 배터리
  • 배터리의 주요 요건
  • 에너지 밀도 개선과 비용 절감
  • 급속 충전 기능 개선
  • 대체 배터리 기술
  • 전기 배터리 밸류체인
  • 전기 배터리 재활용
  • 배터리 기술 타임라인
  • Enevate
  • 24M

제4장 EV 충전 인프라

  • 로케이션 요건
  • 공공 충전 기술
  • 스마트 에너지 관리
  • V2G
  • 배터리 구동 충전소
  • 무선 충전

제5장 인프라 비지니스 모델

  • 주요 이해관계자
  • 수익 기회의 종류
  • 에너지 매출
  • 스마트 에너지 관리
  • V2G
  • 기회와 분석

제6장 예측

  • EV 예측
  • EV 배터리 수익 예측
  • 충전 인프라 예측
KSM 19.07.09

The market for Electric Vehicles (EVs) has seen increasing growth over the past decade; however, for the market to continue its forward momentum, EV battery technology will need to continue to improve. Simultaneously, improvements and increasing availability of EV charging infrastructure will further help the appeal of EVs.

The need for better batteries in electric vehicles is being pushed by consumers requirements of cheaper costs, longer ranges and faster charging times. This report will examine which battery technologies OEMs should adopt over the course of the next 10 years, in order to meet these KPIs, as well as outlining the more promising long-term battery technologies, including solid-state technology and lithium-silicon batteries, analyzing the impact that these will have on the next generation of BEVs. Companies covered in this section include battery technology developers 24M and Enevate.

Charging infrastructure meanwhile poses a unique problem for national grid operators, energy suppliers and even automotive OEMs. Suitable charging infrastructure is clearly a key requirement for the success of electric vehicles, however with increasing charging power and increasing prevalence of charging points, the electricity grid will become increasingly stressed. This report will examine how the future role of transformative technologies such as V2G and smart energy management and wireless charging, detailing work from Nuvve, WiTricity and others, can help manage the increasing use of electric vehicles as well as provide new business opportunities for charging platform operators and energy suppliers.

The infrastructure section of this report also addresses the electric vehicle market's elephant in the room - the limited market potential for energy retail with electric vehicles. Over the next decade, the market for selling energy for use in electric vehicles will reach US$6 Billion globally per year. This report will examine how grid services such as smart charging, V2G and other technologies such as wireless charging can help utilities address the shortfall in the inevitable transition from ICEs to EVs.

Companies Mentioned

  • Battery Technologies Inc
  • BMW Group
  • Bosch
  • ICE
  • LG
  • Nissan
  • Panasonic
  • Qualcomm Inc
  • Samsung
  • Schematic

Table of Contents


  • 1.1. Battery Technology Trends
  • 1.2. Charging Infrastructure Trends
  • 1.3. Business Models, Ecosystems, and Forecasts



  • 3.1. The Lithium-ion Battery
  • 3.2. Key Requirements of a Battery
  • 3.3. Improving Energy Density and Reducing Costs
  • 3.4. Improving Fast-Charging Capabilities
  • 3.5. Alternative Battery Technologiies
  • 3.6. Electric Battery Value Chain
  • 3.7. Electric Battery Recycling
  • 3.8. Battery Technology Timeline
  • 3.9. Enevate
  • 3.10. 24M


  • 4.1. Locational Requirements
  • 4.2. Public Charging Technology
  • 4.3. Smart Energy Management
  • 4.4. V2G
  • 4.5. Battery-Powered Charging Stations
  • 4.6. Wireless Charging


  • 5.1. The Key Stakeholders
  • 5.2. The Types of Revenue Opportunities
  • 5.3. Energy Sales
  • 5.4. Smart Energy Management
  • 5.5. V2G
  • 5.6. Total Opportunity and Analysis


  • 6.1. EV Forecasts
  • 6.2. EV Battery Revenue Forecasts
  • 6.3. Charging Infrastructure Forecasts
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