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디지털 전환(DTx)에 의한 재정적 영향 : 증거와 분석

The Financial Impact of Digital Transformation: Evidence and Analysis

리서치사 Analysys Mason
발행일 2018년 09월 상품 코드 701048
페이지 정보 영문 22 Slides
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디지털 전환(DTx)에 의한 재정적 영향 : 증거와 분석 The Financial Impact of Digital Transformation: Evidence and Analysis
발행일 : 2018년 09월 페이지 정보 : 영문 22 Slides

세계 주요 통신사업자의 재무 실적과 디지털 전환(DTx) 스코어를 상대적으로 분석했으며, DTx에 의한 재정적 영향을 영향을 미치는 측면과 수준의 관점으로 분석했습니다.

조사 과제

  • 오퍼레이터에게 있어서 DTx의 중요성
    • 프로세스나 제품에 진정한 변혁을 가져오는가, 또는 단순한 점진적 변화의 한 단계인가?
  • DTx 전략 : 오퍼레이터의 재정에 플러스 영향을 나타내는 증거는?
    • 수익성, 생산성, 캐시플로우
    • 사업의 자산잔고
    • 평가액
  • DTx 전략의 성공이 재무에 미치는 영향
KSM 18.09.28

"Digital transformation is no more than business as usual unless it results in changes to the nature and the financial performance of a telecoms business."

Digital transformation (DTx) is considered to be critical to telecoms operators' long-term strategies, but it is difficult for operators to articulate what tangible financial effects DTx is having. Analysys Mason's research suggests an emerging correlation between DTx ambition and productivity measures and cash generation.

This report ranks operators by achievement and ambition in DTx: in network virtualisation, cost transformation, digital experience and digital services, and shows if, where and to what extent DTx is beginning to have an effect on a number of largely financial outcomes.

In this report, we answer the following questions:

  • How important is digital transformation to operators? Is it genuinely transformational or does it simply represent the latest set of incremental changes to processes and products?
  • What is the evidence that digital transformation strategies are having a positive impact on the following areas of operators' financial performance?
    • profitability, productivity and cash flow
    • the balance of assets in businesses
    • their valuation.
  • What should a successfully executed digital transformation strategy deliver in financial terms?

Digital scores (ambition) versus enterprise
value/EBITDA multiple, FY2017

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