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말레이시아의 담배 시장

Cigarettes in Malaysia, 2019

리서치사 GlobalData
발행일 2019년 01월 상품 코드 337747
페이지 정보 영문 62 Pages
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말레이시아의 담배 시장 Cigarettes in Malaysia, 2019
발행일 : 2019년 01월 페이지 정보 : 영문 62 Pages

말레이시아의 담배(Cigarettes) 시장을 분석했으며, 전체적인 시장 규모와 1인당 소비량 동향, 주요 제조업체 및 브랜드 개요, 시장 점유율과 최신 동향, 담배 시장에 대한 과세 및 판매 규제, 생산·대외무역·가격 동향, 향후 시장 동향 전망(향후 9년간) 등의 정보를 전해드립니다.

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List of Tables

  • Table 1: Cigarette Consumption, Million Pieces, 1990-2018
  • Table 2: Duty Paid & Non-Duty Paid Sales, Billion Pieces, 1996-2018
  • Table 3: Per Capita Consumption, 1990-2018
  • Table 4: Cigarette Consumption by Type, Million Pieces, 2007-2017
  • Table 5: Cigarette Consumption by Type, % Breakdown, 2007-2017
  • Table 6: Cigarette Sales by Type, % Volume, 2000-2005
  • Table 7: Cigarette Sales by Blend, % Volume, 1990-2007
  • Table 8: Cigarette Sales by Price Segment, % Volume, 2003-2009 & 2011-2013
  • Table 9: Cigarette Sales by Pack Type, % Volume, 2001-2007
  • Table 10: Manufacturer Sales & Market Shares, Million Pieces, 2000-2018
  • Table 11: Manufacturer Sales & Market Shares, % Volume, 2000-2018
  • Table 12: Market Shares of Leading Brand Families, % of Total, 2000-2013
  • Table 13: Manufacturer Share by Price Segment, Q1 2009
  • Table 14: Rates of Taxation on Cigarettes, 1986-2018
  • Table 15: Retail Prices of Selected Brands, Retail Price (RM), 2000-2015
  • Table 16: Smoking population,1990-2017
  • Table 17: Smoking by Age (any tobacco product), 2015
  • Table 18: Smoking Prevalence by Region, %, 1996
  • Table 19: Production of Cigarettes, Million Pieces, 1990-2017
  • Table 20: Imports of Cigarettes, Million Pieces, 1990-2017
  • Table 21: Imports by Country of Origin, 2007-2017, Million Pieces
  • Table 22: Imports by Country of Destination, 2007-2017, % of Total
  • Table 23: Export of Cigarettes, Million Pieces, 1990-2017
  • Table 24: Exports by Country of Destination, 2007-2017, Million Pieces
  • Table 25: Exports by Country of Destination, 2007-2017, %
  • Table 26: Company profile: British American Tobacco (Malaysia) Bhd
  • Table 27: Company profile: JT International Bhd
  • Table 28: Company Profile: Philip Morris (Malaysia) SdnBhd
  • Table 29: Consumption Forecasts to 2028

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Methodology
  • Figure 2: Global Data at a glance

"Cigarettes in Malaysia, 2019", is an analytical report by GlobalData that provides extensive and highly detailed current and future market trends in the Malaysian market. The report offers Market size and structure of the overall and per capita consumption based upon a unique combination of industry research, fieldwork, market sizing analysis, and our in-house expertise.

Cigarette consumption in Malaysia has fluctuated since 1990 although more recently been in sharp decline as a result of rising prices and a spike in demand for buying from the non-duty paid sector. Awareness of the dangers posed by smoking is increasing, limiting the development of the legitimate sector, while smuggled cigarettes, rising to a reported as high as 58.3% of the overall market as of early 2018 according to BAT.


  • Latest estimates place non-duty paid volumes at 10.2 billion pieces in 2017 with a similar level forecast for 2018.
  • Tax rises usually exacerbate the non-duty paid problem but the government is keen to raise taxes to deter smoking and raise revenues.
  • The market is dominated by three major international manufacturers.
  • British American Tobacco (BAT) Malaysia is the clear leader albeit with a reduced 53.9% share in 2017.
  • Japan Tobacco International (JTI) ranks second and Philip Morris International (PMI) ranks third.

Reasons to buy

  • Get a detailed understanding of consumption to align your sales and marketing efforts with the latest trends in the market.
  • Identify the areas of growth and opportunities, which will aid effective marketing planning.
  • The differing growth rates in regional product sales drive fundamental shifts in the market.
  • This report provides detailed, authoritative data on these changes - prime intelligence for marketers.
  • Understand the market dynamics and essential data to benchmark your position and to identify where to compete in the future.

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Market Size

3. Market Structure

4. Manufacturers & Brands

5. Taxation & Retail

  • 5.1. Taxation
  • 5.2. Retail Prices

6. The Smoking Population

7. Production & Trade

  • 7.1. Production
  • 7.2. Imports
  • 7.3. Exports

8. Operating Constraints

  • 8.1. Advertising Restrictions
  • 8.2. Health Warnings
  • 8.3. Other Restrictions

9. Company Profiles

10. Prospects & Forecasts

11. Appendix

  • 11.1. What is this Report About?
  • 11.2. Time Frame
  • 11.3. Product Category Coverage
  • 11.4. Methodology
  • 11.5. About GlobalData
  • 11.6. Disclaimer
  • 11.7. Contact Us
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