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인도의 조명기구 시장

The Lighting Fixtures Market in India

리서치사 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies
발행일 2020년 09월 상품 코드 960925
페이지 정보 영문 176 Pages
EUR 1,600 ₩ 2,169,000 PDF (Single User License)
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인도의 조명기구 시장 The Lighting Fixtures Market in India
발행일 : 2020년 09월 페이지 정보 : 영문 176 Pages

본 상품은 영문 자료로 한글과 영문목차에 불일치하는 내용이 있을 경우 영문을 우선합니다. 정확한 검토를 위해 영문목차를 참고해주시기 바랍니다.

인도의 조명기구(Lighting Fixtures) 시장에 대해 조사 및 분석하고, 기본 데이터와 활동 동향, 수출입, 공급구조, 수요구조, 유통, 경쟁구도, 주요 기업 등에 대해 체계적인 정보를 제공합니다.



기본 데이터와 활동 동향

  • 인도의 조명기구 생산, 소비, 국제무역
  • 조명기구의 수출/생산, 수입/소비율


  • 인도 조명기구 소비 실적, 추정과 예측
  • 인도 시장의 조명기구 매출, 추정 데이터와 예측
  • 인도의 LED 기반/기존의 광원 기반 조명기구 매출, 추정 데이터와 예측
  • 스마트시티 미션(Smart City Mission)


  • 인도의 조명기구 수출입 : 국가, 도착지/원산지 지역별
  • 조명기구 수출입 : 제품별/부문별
  • 램프 수출입


  • 인도, 조명기구 총 소비량에 있어서 소비자·전문 업체의 조명기구
  • 인도의 조명기구 생산, 소비, 국제 무역 : 부문별
  • 인도의 조명기구 매출 내역 : 조명 부문별
  • 주택/상업/산업/옥외용 조명기구 매출 내역 : 스타일/제품유형/주요 용도별 기업 샘플의 시장추정 및 데이터

유통 시스템

  • 인도, 국내 조명기구 매출 내역 : 지역별
  • 인도의 조명기구 매출 내역 : 유통 채널별
  • 조명 도매업자, 유통업체, 조명 전문업체, 건축업체, 가구점, 체인, E커머스(전자상거래)포털의 주요 프로필
  • 도급 시장의 주요 연락처 : 건축기업, 조명 디자이너, 컨설턴트
  • 인도의 조명기구 참조 가격(제품 샘플용) : 가격대별
  • 인도 도시의 주요 샘플조명 수요 : 추정과 예측


  • 주요 기업 : 조명기구의 매출과 시장 점유율(인도의 주요 제조업체 60개사의 샘플용)
  • 주택/소비자용, 건축/상업용, 산업·옥외 조명시장의 주요기업 매출 데이터, 시장 점유율, 기업 프로필
  • 인도 램프·조명 제어시장의 주요 기업

거시경제·성장 촉진요인

  • 지역·인구·도시화 과정, 주요국 경제지표, 인도의 소비자 시장과 건축활동

부록 : 게재된 주요기업 디렉토리

SYJ 20.10.07

The report provides data and trend (2014-2019) on the production, the international trade and the market size of the lighting fixtures industry in India, broken down by consumer/residential and technical/professional lighting (divided in architectural/commercial, industrial, and outdoor). An overview of the top players in the lamps lighting and lighting controls markets is also provided.

The breakthrough of the LED lighting technology in the Indian lighting fixtures market is analyzed through historical data dated back to 2013 and forecasts up to 2023. The report also considers the main public investment programs launched by the State and National governments for improving the efficiency of lighting consumption in the country, including the Smart City Mission project.

The study also provides a breakdown of the Indian lighting fixtures exports and imports by country and by geographical area of destination/origin for the years 2014-2019. The lighting demand of the Indian market is broken down by segment (consumer/residential lighting, architectural/commercial lighting, industrial lighting and outdoor lighting), by type of products and main applications , and by light source (LED, Conventional). An overview of the geographic distribution of the lighting sales in the country is presented.

The competitive system analyses the main companies present in the Indian lighting fixtures market (as a whole and by segment ), with data on sales, market shares and short company profiles.

A breakdown of the distribution channels of lighting fixtures in India is given, together with short profiles of a sample of lighting fixture distributors. Covered channels are: direct sales and contract; lighting fixtures specialists; furniture stores/chains, department stores, DIY; wholesalers; e-commerce sales.

A list of selected architectural companies involved in the Indian lighting business and Lighting designers is given. The main magazines, fairs and organizations related to the lighting industry in India are presented.

Country economic indicators (including GDP, Inflation, private consumption, population indicators, and building construction indicators) are also provided, together with macroeconomic forecasts up to 2023.


India. Breakdown of lighting fixtures sales by lighting segment, 2015, 2017 and 2019.
Million USD

According to CSIL estimates, the Indian Lighting Industry witnessed a growth in the total consumption of lighting fixtures from USD 2,886 million in 2018 to USD 3,146 million in 2019 (from 19.7 to 22.1 million Crores). To be added, a market for lamps of around USD 840 million.

After the Outdoor lighting boom during 2018, 2019 has seen a relevant growth especially for residential lighting and lighting for infrastructures (especially schools and airports).

Overall, lighting sales decrease through 2020 could limit in around -5% to rebound in 2021 and still grow moderately during 2022 and 2023 . According to CSIL forecasts, already in 2021, the market size will be at least the same than in 2019.

Almost one third of this market value comes from imports (now close to one billion USD) while exports run under 400 million USD since years.

The Indian LED Lighting Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.1% during 2019-23.

In India, the top 60 companies account for around 85% of the country production. While, in term of consumption, the top 60 leading players (both Indian and international) hold a market share of almost 70% of sales in India.

Selected Companies:

Among the analyzed companies: Artlite, Bajaj Electricals, Binay Opto Electronics, Compact Lighting, Cosmo - Firefly, Crompton Greaves, Debbas, Eveready, Fiem Industries, Flos, GM Modular, Goldmedal, Halonix, Havells, Indiabulls, Jaquar Lighting, K-Lite Industries, Kapoor Lamp Shades, Ledure, Ledvance, Luker, Orient Electric, Oreva, Panasonic Life Solutions (Anchor), Pigeon, Sigma Search Lights, Signify (Philips India), Surya Roshni, Spaceage, Syska LED Lights, Tisva, Trilux, Vinay, Wipro Lighting.

Focused cities: Ahmabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Surat.

Among the mentioned retailers, lighting designers and other stakeholders: Adithya Lamps, Ageco, Brainwave Design, Deekay Electricals, Design Matrix, Elcoma, Flipkart, Light & Beyond, Lighting India, Shimera Project Lighting, Smart Cities India Expo, Snapdeal, The Ministry of Light



  • Indian lighting fixtures production, consumption and international trade, 2014-2019. USD Million, EUR Million and INR Crores
  • Lighting fixtures export/production and import/consumption ratio, 2009-2019

2020-2023 FORECASTS

  • Indian performance of the lighting fixtures consumption by segment. 2019 estimates and 2020 forecasts
  • Lighting fixtures sales on the Indian market, 2009-2019 estimated data and 2020-2023 forecasts
  • LED-based and Conventional source-based lighting fixtures sales in India, 2013-2019 estimated data and 2020-2023 forecasts
  • Smart Cities Mission 2019-2020


  • Indian exports and Imports of lighting fixtures by country and by geographical area of destination/origin, 2014-2019
  • Exports and Imports of lighting fixtures by product and by segment
  • Exports and Imports of lamps


  • India. Incidence of consumer and professional lighting fixtures on total lighting fixtures consumption. 2009-2019
  • Indian lighting fixtures production, consumption and international trade by segment. USD Million, EUR Million, INR Crores
  • Breakdown of lighting fixtures sales in India by lighting segment, 2015, 2017 and 2019
  • Breakdown of residential, commercial, industrial, outdoor lighting fixtures sales by style, products type, main applications. Market estimates and data for a sample of companies


  • India. Breakdown of domestic lighting fixtures sales by geographical area
  • Breakdown of lighting fixtures sales in India by distribution channel, 2015-2017 and 2019
  • Selected profiles of lighting wholesalers, retailers, lighting specialists, builders, furniture stores and chains, e-commerce portals
  • Selection of contacts for the contract market: architectural companies, lighting designers, consultancy
  • Lighting fixtures reference prices in India for a sample of products and by price range, 2020
  • Lighting demand in a selected sample of Indian cities: 2013 and 2018 estimates, 2023 forecast


  • Top players: lighting fixtures turnover and market share for a sample of 60 leading Indian manufacturers
  • Top players in the Residential/Consumer, Architectural/Commercial, Industrial and Outdoor lighting markets. Sales data, market share, company profiles
  • Main players in the lamps and lighting controls markets in India


  • Geography, population and urbanisation process; Main country economic indicators; Indian consumer markets and Building activity

Appendix: Directory of the leading mentioned companies

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