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세계 의료 부문에 영향을 미치는 이스라엘의 의료 기술

Israeli Technologies Impacting the Global Medical Sector

리서치사 Frost & Sullivan
발행일 2016년 12월 상품 코드 422225
페이지 정보 영문 65 Pages
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세계 의료 부문에 영향을 미치는 이스라엘의 의료 기술 Israeli Technologies Impacting the Global Medical Sector
발행일 : 2016년 12월 페이지 정보 : 영문 65 Pages

이스라엘의 첨단 의료 기술 개발 동향에 대해 조사했으며, 이노베이션 허브로서 이스라엘의 개요, 이노베이션 허브를 구성하는 주요 이해관계자, 주요 개발 영역, 주요 개발 영역의 동향, 주요 기업과 활동, 이해관계자에 대한 전략적 제안 등을 정리하여 전해드립니다.

제1장 개요

제2장 주요 조사 결과

제3장 이스라엘의 의료 기술 산업 분석

  • 주요 시장 : 뉴로모듈레이션(신경조절)
  • Yokneam·Caesarea : 주요 산업 이노베이션 허브
  • 경험이 풍부한 임상 연구원 확보 : 지속가능 혁신의 열쇠
  • 이스라엘 : 세계 클래스의 학술·연구기관을 유치하여 기술개발을 추진
  • 외과용 레이저 : 성숙한 산업 부문
  • 공동 임상시험 : 의료기기 이노베이터의 성과를 향상

제4장 부문별 분석 : 신경보철(neuroprosthesis)

  • 이스라엘 : 세계의 주요 개발업체들을 유치
  • 멀티센터 임상시험이 유익해질 전망

제5장 부문별 분석 : 'X-eluting' 스텐트

  • 이스라엘의 스텐트 제조업체 : 신제품 개발에 지속적 초점
  • 현재 연구
  • 개발업체의 초점

제6장 부문별 분석 : 스마트 필

  • Given Imaging(Medtronic) : 자국내 최대의 제조업체
  • 약물전달 복합 디바이스 : 새로운 유망 영역

제7장 부문별 분석 : 수술용 로보틱스

  • 이스라엘 : 로봇 수술 시스템에서 대규모 투자를 유치
  • 로봇 수술 : 복잡한 절차의 자동화를 실현

제8장 부문별 분석 : 외과용 레이저

  • 외과용 레이저 기술 : 자국내 주요 병원에서 널리 이용되고 있다.
  • 외과용 레이저 : 의료기기 부품의 소형화에도 이용되고 있다.

제9장 부문별 분석 : 신경조절

  • Sheba Medical Center : 각종 임상시험을 시행
  • 자국내 기술 개발업체 : 이 기술의 출시 가능성을 제시

제10장 혁신 이해관계자에 대한 전략적 제안

제11장 특허 환경 분석

제12장 주요 참여 사업자

제13장 Frost & Sullivan 소개

KSA 17.01.26

Gaining efficiency in commercial ventures in global medical devices industry by effectively collaborating with key innovation stakeholders in Israel

Over the past two decades, Israel had risen to be an global medical devices innovation hub, reinforcing its position as one of the major contributors to the growth of the innovations in the global medical devices sector. With a plethora of scientific resources, ease of conducting clinical research studies, globally competitive intellectual portfolio management practices, access to global investor networks, inclusion of a collaborative work culture and extensive knowledge in commercializing cutting-edge technologies, Israel is one of the countries that has found profound success in devising safe and effective therapies for addressing debilitating medical disorders. This research service evaluates the commercial impact and stakeholder strategies for top medical devices technologies in Israel, which include neuroprostheses, X-eluting stents, smart pills, surgical robotics, surgical lasers, and neuromodulation therapies.

The following questions are answered in this report:

  • 1. Who are the various innovation stakeholders (such as technology developers, clinical researchers and investors) in Israel that enable its development as a global innovation hub for medical devices?
  • 2. What is the intensity of commercialization efforts that are happening across major cities (regional innovation hubs) of Israel namely, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Yokneam, Ra'anana, Herzliya, Beer'Sheva, and Cesaerea?
  • 3. Identifying the competencies of regional innovation hubs in Israel to sustainable innovate cutting-edge medical device technologies.
  • 4. What are the strategic gaps that exist in the existing innovation ecosystem in Israel, and how commercial opportunities available for innovators in both Israeli and global players span out near-to-far term investments in Israel medical devices sector?
  • 5. What are the strategic recommendations of analysts to stakeholders when evaluating early investment opportunities in Israel's medical devices sector?
  • 6. Gather additional knowledge and recommendations in evaluating commercial partnership initiatives such as cross-selling agreements, in-organic growth initiatives such as acquisition or merger of Israeli firms, and regional/international collaborations on clinical trials.
  • 7. How is the patent landscape in Israel for top medical device technologies? Why global companies hold most regional patents, and Israeli-based firms holding patents in matured medical device markets (especially in the USA and Europe)?

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary

  • 1. 1.1 Objectives of Research
  • 2. 1.2 Research Methodology

2.0 Key Findings

  • 1. 2.1 High Adoption of Surgical Robotics and Neuromodulation Therapies by Healthcare Providers
  • 2. 2.2 Medinol is one of the Pioneers in the Israeli Stents
  • 3. 2.3 Demonstrating Outcomes of Clinical Trials Paves Way for Global Market Expansion

3.0 Assessment of Israeli Medical Innovations Industry

  • 1. 3.1 Intensity of Addressable Market Segments is High for Neuromodulation Therapies
  • 2. 3.2 Yokneam and Caesarea have risen to be Prominent Industrial Innovation Hubs
  • 3. 3.3 Access to Experienced Clinical Researchers is Key to Sustainable Innovation
  • 4. 3.4 Israel Houses World-class Academic and Clinical Research Institutions that Drive Wide Technology Developments
  • 5. 3.5 Surgical Lasers is one of the Matured Industry Sector in Israel
  • 6. 3.6 Collaborative Clinical Trials Yield Major Results for Medical Device Innovators in Israel

4.0 Segment Assessment - Neuroprosthesis

  • 1. 4.1 Israel Houses some of the Leading Developers of Neuroprosthetics Globally
  • 2. 4.2 Multicenter Studies will be Highly Beneficial in Mitigating Incidence of Highly Adverse Events

5.0 Segment Assessment - X-eluting Stents

  • 1. 5.1 Israeli Stent Makers Continue to Focus on Developing New Products
  • 2. 5.2 Current Studies Evaluate the Design of Hybrid Stents Containing Metallic Elastomeric Mesh
  • 3. 5.3 Developers Focus on Disposable Mounted Cobalt-chromium (CoCr) Alloy-based Stent

6.0 Segment Assessment - Smart Pills

  • 1. 6.1 Given Imaging (Medtronic) is one of the Country's Leading Smart Pill Manufacturer
  • 2. 6.2 Drug-delivery Combination Devices is Emerging with Very High Commercial Prospects in the Market

7.0 Segment Assessment - Surgical Robotics

  • 1. 7.1 Israel Attracts Major Investments in the Area of Robotic Surgical Systems
  • 2. 7.2 Robotic Surgery Enables Surgeons to Automate Performance of Complex Surgical Procedures

8.0 Segment Assessment - Surgical Lasers

  • 1. 8.1 Surgical Laser Technologies are used Extensively across Major Hospitals in Israel
  • 2. 8.2 Surgical Lasers can also be used in the Miniaturization of Various Medical Device Components

9.0 Segment Assessment - Neuromodulation

  • 1. 9.1 Sheba Medical Center conducts Clinical Study on Various Indications using Neuromodulation Therapies
  • 2. 9.2 Technology Developers in Israel have been able to Demonstrate the Commercial Potential of Their Therapies

10.0 Strategic Recommendations for Innovation Stakeholders

  • 1. 10.1 Acquisition of Given Imaging by Covidien is among the Major Deals in the Israeli Neuromodulation Industry
  • 2. 10.2 Funding Initiatives Focus on Pursuit of Clinical Trials, and Regulatory Approvals in Europe and US Markets
  • 3. 10.3 More Collaborative Research Initiatives Toward Pursuit of Touch-enabled Neuroprosthesis
  • 4. 10.4 Global Device OEMs Enter into Cross-selling Agreements with Israeli Technology Developers
  • 5. 10.5 SCP Vitalife Partners and TriVentures are Top Investors in Emerging Medical Device Technologies in Israel
  • 6. 10.6 Israeli Medical Device Design and Development Services is an Emerging Business Model
  • 7. 10.7 Israel is an Established Medical Device Hub, and Serves to Fuel the Global Medical Community
  • 8. 10.8 Israel Hosts Ideal Support Structure for Firms to Innovate for Demands of the Global Healthcare Community

11.0 Patent Landscape Assessment

  • 1. 11.1 High Variation in Conversion of Applied Patents to Granted Patents for Top Medical Device Innovations
  • 2. 11.2 Key Patents on Therapeutic Neuromodulation of the Hepatic System, and Thermally-induced Renal Neuromodulation
  • 3. 11.3 Key Patents on Systems and Methods for Facilitating Robotic Surgical Laser Procedures, and Systems Useful in Registration
  • 4. 11.4 Key Patents on Rapamycin Reservoir Eluting Stent & Devices for Advancement of Stents

12.0 Key Industry Participants

  • 1. 12.1 List of Key Industry Participants
  • 2. 12.1 List of Key Industry Participants (continued)
  • 3. Legal Disclaimer

13.0 The Frost & Sullivan Story

  • 1. 13.1 The Frost & Sullivan Story
  • 2. 13.2 Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career
  • 3. 13.3 Global Perspective
  • 4. 13.4 Industry Convergence
  • 5. 13.5 360° Research Perspective
  • 6. 13.6 Implementation Excellence
  • 7. 13.7 Our Blue Ocean Strategy
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