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인터넷을 이용한 치료 및 모바일 헬스가 새로운 의료 패러다임을 제시

Internet-delivered Therapies and Mobile Health Ushering a New Health Paradigm

리서치사 Frost & Sullivan
발행일 2019년 06월 상품 코드 883634
페이지 정보 영문 43 Pages
US $ 4,950 ₩ 6,187,000 Web Access (Regional License) help
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인터넷을 이용한 치료 및 모바일 헬스가 새로운 의료 패러다임을 제시 Internet-delivered Therapies and Mobile Health Ushering a New Health Paradigm
발행일 : 2019년 06월 페이지 정보 : 영문 43 Pages

환자 모니터링 기기 또는 개인 휴대 정보 단말기(PDA)형태에 의한 모바일/인터넷 치료와 서비스는 큰 접속성과 편리성을 제공합니다.

정신위생, 소아의료, 병원내 디지털/모바일 치료의 혁신에 대해 조사했으며, 혁신의 영향, 자금 및 향후 성장 기회 등에 대해서 분석했습니다.

제1장 주요 요약

제2장 산업 개요와 기술 현황

  • 모바일 헬스 또는 인터넷을 이용한 치료의 필요성
  • 모바일/인터넷을 이용한 의료는 뛰어난 접속성과 편리성을 제공
  • 모니터링 기기, 개인 휴대 정보 단말기(PDA), 무선 기기를 포함하여 다양한 임상/비임상 용도에 적용 가능한 모바일 헬스(mHealth)

제3장 기술 로드맵과 성장 기회

  • 향후의 디지털 치료에 혁명을 일으키는 인공지능과 예측 분석
  • 성장 기회 : 디지털 치료는 환자 치료와 헬스케어에 대한 접근성을 개선하고 비용을 감소시킨다
  • 인터넷을 이용한 치료 또는 모바일 헬스 치료 산업의 향후 전략적 원칙

제4장 주요 연락처

LSH 19.07.17

Redefining the Future of Healthcare by Providing Remote, Timely, Patient-Specific Healthcare Interventions

The mobile and wireless technologies have revolutionized the healthcare service delivery across the globe. Mobile and Internet based healthcare therapies and services in form of patient monitoring devices or personal digital assistants provide great connectivity and convenience. This research service (RS) showcases the innovations in digital and mobile therapy on mental health, pediatric care, and in hospital setting. These mobile health or digital platforms are a great way of bridging the gap between the care providers and the patients, especially today when there is shortage of healthcare staff and focus is on providing quality healthcare. The research service discusses the impact of these innovations, funding, and future growth opportunities.

Table of Contents

1.0. Executive Summary

  • 1.1. Scope of the Research
  • 1.2. Research Methodology
  • 1.2. Research Methodology (continued)
  • 1.3. Key Findings

2.0. Industry Overview and Technology Snapshot

  • 2.1.1. The Need for Mobile Health or Internet Delivered Therapies
  • 2.1.2. Mobile and Internet Delivered Health Offering Great Connectivity and Convenience
  • 2.2. mHealth Including Monitoring Devices, Personal Digital Assistant, or Wireless Device Applicable Over a Range of Clinical and Non-clinical Applications
    • 2.3.1. Digital Health Solutions Enabling Clinicians to Manage and Co-ordinate with Patients Both Inside and Outside Hospitals
    • 2.3.2. Digital/Mobile Health Platform Improving the Healthcare Delivery of Hospitals
    • 2.3.3. Digital Tools for Hospitals Offering Patient Monitoring and Hospital Business Analytics
    • 2.3.4. Digital Innovations for Hospital Industry Improving Care Delivery
    • 2.3.5. Hospitals Integrating Digital TeleHealth Platforms to Improve Their Healthcare Services
    • 2.3.6. Patient Engagement Mobile Health Pre- and Post-surgery for Better Care Delivery
    • 2.3.7. Funding Assessment of the mHealth Companies for Hospitals
    • 2.4.1. mHealth Enabling Patient Centered Medical Setting in Home and Better Parent Involvement for Pediatric Patient
    • 2.4.2. Digital Pediatric Behavioral Platform for Autism Care Management
    • 2.4.3. FDA Registered, HIPAA Compliant App for Pediatric Vision Testing
    • 2.4.4. Pediatric Hospitals Integrating Mobile or Web-based Technology for Better Care Delivery
    • 2.4.5. Mobile Health Apps for Monitoring Post-operative Patients, Arthritis Management, and Ear Infection Diagnosis in Children
    • 2.4.6. Funding Primarily Directed Toward Pediatric Behavioral and Mental Health Mobile Solution
    • 2.5.1. Mental Health Apps Are Cost-Effective, and Scalable Solution for Mental Therapy
    • 2.5.2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Apps for Improving Mental Health Conditions
    • 2.5.3. Using Artificial Intelligence as a Virtual Therapist for Mental Health Care
    • 2.5.4. Internet-based Mental Health Solutions Offering Accessible, Customized Mental Health Support and Coaching
    • 2.5.5. Digital Platform Optimizing Mental Healthcare Management
    • 2.5.6. Industry Deals in Digital Mental Health Space Fuelling Market Growth
    • 2.5.7. High Venture Funding Driving Technology Innovations in the Digital Mental Health Care Industry
    • 2.5.8. FDA Approved Digital/Mobile Health Therapy for Treating Opioid Abuse
    • 2.5.9. Digital Therapeutics for Smoking Cessation, NASH Treatment, Psychological Care
    • 2.5.10. Mental Health Therapy Shows Largest Market Penetration in the Digital/the Mobile Health Therapy Industry

3.0. Technology Roadmap and Growth Opportunity

  • 3.1. Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to Revolutionize Digital Therapeutics in Future
  • 3.2. Growth Opportunities: Digital Therapeutics Improving Patient Care and HealthCare Accessibility and Reducing Costs
  • 3.3. Strategic Imperatives for the Future of Internet Delivered Therapies or the Mobile Health Therapy Industry

4.0. Key Industry Contacts

  • 4.1. Key Industry Contacts
  • Legal Disclaimer
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