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금융 서비스에서 신규 기술이 촉진하는 성장 기회 : IT 의사결정자의 전망(2019년)

Growth Opportunities Driven by Emerging Technologies in Financial Services-An IT Decision Maker Perspective, 2019

리서치사 Frost & Sullivan
발행일 2020년 04월 상품 코드 936666
페이지 정보 영문 57 Pages
US $ 4,950 ₩ 5,944,000 Web Access (Regional License) help
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금융 서비스에서 신규 기술이 촉진하는 성장 기회 : IT 의사결정자의 전망(2019년) Growth Opportunities Driven by Emerging Technologies in Financial Services-An IT Decision Maker Perspective, 2019
발행일 : 2020년 04월 페이지 정보 : 영문 57 Pages

금융 서비스(Financial Services) 업계에서 가장 중요한 동향 중 하나는 FinTech의 등장입니다. 기술이 변화하고 금융 서비스가 고객에게 소비·제공되는 방법이 파괴됨에 따라 새로운 비지니스 모델, 가격결정 모델, 제품 및 서비스가 출현하고 있습니다.

금융 서비스에서 신규 기술(IoT, AI 및 블록체인)의 도입이 촉진하는 성장 기회에 대해 조사했으며, 이 기술의 현황, 동향 및 이용 사례, 디지털 전환 여정, 신규 기술에 투자하는 이유 및 신규 기술에 관련된 주요 우려 사항 등에 대해 분석하여 전해드립니다.


  • 주요 조사 결과

조사 범위와 조사 방법

  • 조사 목적과 범위
  • 조사 방법
  • 조사 방법
  • 이 조사가 답변하는 주요 질문

기술 현황, 동향 및 이용 사례

  • 주요 신규 기술 : IoT, AI 및 블록체인
  • IoT : IoT의 성공이 조직의 디지털 전환 비전을 추진
  • AI : 비지니스와 사회에 대한 가장 파괴적인 힘
  • 블록체인 : DLT의 진화가 블록체인 혁명을 대체
  • 주요 신규 기술에 의해 실현되는 이용 사례와 이점

IoT, AI, 블록체인을 이용하여 비지니스에 영향을 미친다.

  • 금융 서비스 업계의 비지니스 목표
  • 금융 서비스에서 IT 투자의 주요 촉진요인

디지털 전환 여정의 진보

  • 금융 서비스 기업간 디지털 전환 현황
  • 디지털 전환 현황 : 고용 규모별
  • 신규 기술의 도입
  • 디지털 전환의 현황과 주요 신규 기술
  • 신규 기술 도입 단계
  • 매출의 점유율로서 IT 예산 및 현재 신규 기술의 이용

신규 기술의 도입 : 의사결정

  • 주요 신규 기술에 의해 이미 초래되고 있는 이점

주요 신규 기술에 투자하는 이유

  • IoT 투자의 주요 이유
  • AI 투자의 주요 이유
  • 블록체인/DLT 투자의 주요 이유

신규 기술 TOP 3에 관한 주요 우려 사항

  • IoT에 관련된 금융 서비스 기업의 주요 우려 사항
  • AI에 관련된 금융 서비스 기업의 주요 우려 사항
  • 블록체인에 관련된 금융 서비스 기업의 주요 우려 사항

투자 계획

  • 2020년까지 주요 신규 기술 투자 계획

성장 기회 및 권장 행동

  • 성장 기회 1 : XaaS
  • 성장 기회 : 밀레니얼 세대의 고객을 위한 디지털 퍼스트 솔루션
  • 성공과 성장을 위한 전략적 필수사항



Frost & Sullivan 소개

KSA 20.06.05

Survey Results Highlight that the Perceived Benefits of IoT, AI, and Blockchain are Driving Investments in Emerging Technologies

One of the most significant trends in the Financial services industry has been the emergence of FinTech. As technology transforms and disrupts the manner in which financial services are consumed and delivered to customers, new business models, pricing models, products, and services are emerging. Regulators have acknowledged the importance of the impact of technology on the industry, and the scope of stringent regulations is increasing to encompass the new stakeholders, offerings, and delivery models. As part of the FinTech programme, this research aims to understand how financial services companies are harnessing, or planning to harness, IoT, Blockchain, and AI to deliver business impact.

It provides an IT decision-maker perspective on the use of emerging technologies in financial services and these three technologies stand out amongst the emerging technologies of today and will have an increasingly transformational impact on the financial services sector over the next few years. They have already started to have make their presence felt in interdependent and synergistic ways. Distributed computing will expedite IoT deployment. An estimated 60 billion connected devices by 2024 goes hand in hand with a need for lower latency, greater cost efficiency, falling silicon costs, and demand for processing and analytics power at the edge.

The IoT also constitutes an essential source of quality, enabling data AI to address specific use cases of which there is a continually growing number across industries and value chains, from customer-facing through core operational processes to the back office. AI is expected to completely transform critical issues in the industry such as fraud detection, data security, and privacy. As customers' expectations change, the trend is moving from a one-size-fits-all model to customized offerings. Blockchain provides secure storage and validation to ensure security and drive efficiency through automation.

The study covers the status of technology in the financial services industry, prevalent trends and use cases, and the business impact that IoT, AI, and Blockchain are expected to deliver. The survey delved deep into the progress achieved by financial services companies in their digital transformation journeys. The perceived benefits that respondents expect by deploying these technologies reflect the significant changes that the companies hope to achieve. As investment trends are revealed, respondents also share their concerns and challenges in adopting IoT, AI, and Blockchain.

Key Issues Addressed:

  • What are the key business objectives and IT investment drivers for financial services organizations?
  • Where are financial services organisations in their digital transformation journey?
  • What benefits have they already seen?
  • What do organisations in the financial services industry hope to achieve with the implementation of IoT, AI, and Blockchain?
  • What are the key concerns relating to the top emerging technologies?
  • What are the investment plans for the top emerging technologies?

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Key Findings

Research Scope and Methodology

  • Research Aim and Scope
  • Research Methodology
  • Survey Methodology
  • Key Questions this Study will Answer

Technology Status, Trends, and Use Cases

  • Key Emerging Technologies-IoT, AI, and Blockchain
  • IoT-Success of IoT to Drive Organisations' Digital Transformation Vision
  • AI-The Single-most Disruptive Force to Business and Society
  • Blockchain-DLT Evolution Replaces Blockchain Revolution
  • Use Cases and Benefits Enabled by Key Emerging Technologies*

Harnessing IoT, AI, and Blockchain to Deliver Business Impact

  • Business Objectives in the Financial Services Industry
  • Top IT Investment Drivers in Financial Services

Progress in Digital Transformation Journeys

  • State of Digital Transformation among Financial Services Firms
  • State of Digital Transformation by Employment Size Band
  • Emerging Technology Deployment
  • State of Digital Transformation and Key Emerging Technologies
  • Stage of Emerging Technology Deployment
  • IT Budget as Share of Revenue and Emerging Technology Use Today

Deployment of Emerging Technologies-Decision Making

  • Benefits Already Delivered by Key Emerging Technologies

Reasons for Investing in Key Emerging Technologies

  • Top Reasons for Investment in IoT
  • Top Reasons for Investment in AI
  • Top Reasons for Investment in Blockchain/DLT

Key Concerns Relating to Top 3 Emerging Technologies

  • Top Concerns for Financial Services Firms Related to IoT
  • Top Concerns for Financial Services Firms Related to AI
  • Top Concerns for Financial Services Firms Related to Blockchain

Investment Plans

  • Investment Plans for Key Emerging Technologies by 2020

Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action

  • Growth Opportunity 1-XaaS
  • Growth Opportunity 2-Digital-First Solutions for the Millennial Customers
  • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

The Last Word

  • The Last Word
  • Legal Disclaimer


  • List of Exhibits
  • List of Exhibits (continued)

The Frost & Sullivan Story

  • The Frost & Sullivan Story
  • Value Proposition-Future of Your Company & Career
  • Global Perspective
  • Industry Convergence
  • 360º Research Perspective
  • Implementation Excellence
  • Our Blue Ocean Strategy
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