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금속 산업 및 광업용 드론 : 테마별 분석

Drones in Metals & Mining - Thematic Research

리서치사 GlobalData
발행일 2019년 03월 상품 코드 818056
페이지 정보 영문 50 Pages
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금속 산업 및 광업용 드론 : 테마별 분석 Drones in Metals & Mining - Thematic Research
발행일 : 2019년 03월 페이지 정보 : 영문 50 Pages

세계의 금속 산업 및 광업용 드론(Drones) 시장을 분석했으며, 시장의 기본 구조, 주요 시장 성장 촉진요인 및 억제요인, 세계 시장 규모 및 성장률 동향 전망, 주요 기업 개요와 실적 전망, 주요 기술 개요와 개발 방향성, 밸류체인 구조와 발전 전망, 광산 드론의 활용 방법, 드론 기술의 광업에 대한 영향력(채굴 방식 변화, 규제당국의 대응 상황 등) 등의 정보를 정리하여 전해드립니다.

1. 기업

2. 시장 동향

  • 기술 동향
  • 거시경제 동향
  • 규제 동향
  • 광업 드론의 활용 방법

3. 산업 분석

  • 시장 규모 및 성장률 예측
  • 광업 드론의 보급률
  • 비교 분석
  • 연표

4. 광업에 대한 드론 기술의 영향력

  • 광업 기업에 대한 주요 제안
  • 드론 벤더에 대한 주요 제안

5. 밸류체인

  • 하드웨어 : 드론 시장 밸류체인의 근간 요소
  • 소프트웨어 : 시장 혼잡화
  • DaaS(Drone as a Service) 프로바이더의 신규 참여

6. 기업 분류

  • 공개 기업
  • 비공개 기업
  • 광산용 드론 공급업체
  • 광업 기업

7. 기술 개요

  • 드론의 구조
  • 드론 내부의 주요 기술

8. 용어 리스트

9. 부록 : 분석 방법

10. GlobalData에 대해

LSH 19.04.19

Unmanned aerial vehicles - UAVs or, more commonly, drones - have been a regular feature in military applications, especially surveillance, for some time. However, over the past three to four years, the rapid proliferation of consumer electronics, the emergence of cloud technologies, the declining cost of server and bandwidth usage, the improving price-to-performance ratio of hardware components, and a dramatic rise in demand for a "bird's-eye" view of the earth have steadily opened up the market for the civilian use of drones both as recreational devices, and in commercial applications.

Drone technology has demonstrated a varied range of mining applications from exploration, surveying and mapping to maintaining safety and enhancing security. The popularity of UAVs across the mining industry has grown immensely in recent years, with GlobalData's survey of more than 200 mine sites showing substantial penetration of drones across regions such as Australasia and Africa. Companies adopting the technology include Rio Tinto, BHP, Anglo American, South32, Ferrexpo. Exxaro Resources, Newmont, and Freeport-McMoRan, amongst others.

The report "Drones in Metals & Mining - Thematic Research", analyses how drones technology is affecting the global metals & mining industry now, in addition to key trends shaping across the industry.

Companies mentioned: Ferrexpo, Exxaro Resources, RTB Bor, Newmont Mining, BHP, South32, Anglo American, Rio Tinto, Vale, Freeport-McMoRan


  • This report provides how drones technology works.
  • It analyzes its impact on mining industry.
  • It provides specific explanations of how drones could change the way mining companies operate.
  • It offers an analysis of how regulators are likely to respond to the rise of drones.

Reasons to buy:

  • Build an understanding of drones technology and its applications in metals & mining industry.
  • Find out how mining companies are utilizing drones to obtain notable results.
  • identify drone companies, their models, and their mining client portfolio.
  • Key recommendations for mining companies and drone service providers.
  • It identifies key trends in this technology theme.
  • The report analyses the drone value chain by use case.
  • The report also offers a technology briefing, highlighting how drone technology has developed and how it works.

Table of Contents



  • Technology trends
  • Macroeconomic trends
  • Regulatory trends
  • Application of drones in the mining industry


  • Market size and growth forecasts
  • Penetration of drones in mining - 2018 mine site survey
  • Competitive analysis
  • Timeline


  • Key recommendations for mining companies
  • Key recommendations for drone vendors


  • The hardware layer is a fundamental component in the drone value chain
  • The software layer is getting increasingly crowded
  • DaaS providers are the new entrants in the industry


  • Public companies
  • Private companies
  • Drone suppliers to the mining sector
  • Mining companies


  • Anatomy of a drone
  • Key technologies within a drone




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