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IoT 포커스 그룹 : IoT 보안을 보증하는 서비스 프로바이더

IoT Focus Group: Service Providers Assured About IoT Security

리서치사 Heavy Reading
발행일 2018년 03월 상품 코드 609618
페이지 정보 영문 15 Pages
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IoT 포커스 그룹 : IoT 보안을 보증하는 서비스 프로바이더 IoT Focus Group: Service Providers Assured About IoT Security
발행일 : 2018년 03월 페이지 정보 : 영문 15 Pages

서비스 프로바이더 직원과의 질의응답에 기반하여 IoT 보안 관련 기술, 매출, 예측에 대해 검증한 정보를 정리하여 전해드립니다.

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KSA 18.03.16

The message from 13 Internet of Things (IoT) specialists during this month's Heavy Reading Thought Leadership Council (TLC) forum was clear: Service providers think they're doing a good job with IoT security. In fact, when asked to grade their company's current level of knowledge concerning IoT security, 38 percent of panelists gave their companies scores of A and an equal number gave a B score.

It's encouraging that the majority of service providers in the forum are well on their way to implementing IoT security plans. While just under 40 percent are at the halfway mark in terms of completing their security plans - putting them about two years away from completion - about 30 percent will have those plans completed by the end of this year.

If there's an area that's in need of a reality check, it's for those service providers that believe their security technology is so good that they'll never experience an IoT security breach: 38 percent of TLC panelists fall on this particular sword. An equal number, however, readily admit that they expect such a breach within the next two years.

‘IoT Focus Group: Service Providers Assured About IoT Security ’ was generated from a Q&A with service provider employees who are IoT experts. This focus group was asked 10 questions about technology, revenue and expectations related to IoT security. The results clearly indicate that service providers believe they're doing a good job with IoT security.

Almost two thirds (62 percent) of TLC members say IoT security will provide some additional revenue for their company, as shown in the excerpt below. One panelist specified, "IoT Security has a lot of promise for generating revenue; unfortunately, there is not enough of an emphasis in the consumer market today to make this an excellent source of revenue. Consumers - and even businesses - are quick to forget breaches of the past. Additionally, IoT security should be an attribute of a well-designed and implemented IoT solution that is baked into the cost model versus a set of activities or services that happen after IoT deployment."

‘IoT Focus Group: Service Providers Assured About IoT Security ’ is published in PDF format.

Table of Contents


  • Key Findings
  • About the Thought Leadership Council


  • Figure 1: What is your company's overall current level of knowledge regarding security for the IoT?
  • Figure 2: How far along is your company in terms of implementing its IoT security plan?
  • Figure 3: Grade your company in relation to IoT security on the following factors
  • Figure 4: Indicate whether your company views these technologies as Critical, Somewhat Important or Not Important to its IoT security plans


  • Figure 5: What is your company's revenue expectation from IoT security?
  • Figure 6: How much of your overall IT budget is relegated to IoT security?
  • Figure 7: Does your company's IoT security budget represent an increase, decrease or no movement from the previous budget?


  • Figure 8: What is your customers' expectation of IoT security?
  • Figure 9: When will your company experience a security breach that directly affects an IoT service?


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