유틸리티 사업자에 의한 자산운용 : 분기별 업데이트(2023년 1월-3월)

Utilities Asset Operations Quarterly Update: January-March 2023

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유틸리티 사업자에 의한 자산운용 동향을 조사했으며, M&A, 계약, 재편, 주요 사업 추진, 신규 금융 안건, 주요 재생에너지 인프라 프로젝트, 주요 하이브리드 및 배터리 에너지 저장 프로젝트, 주요 그린 수소 프로젝트, 물 신규 개발, 스마트 미터 및 스마트 그리드 대처, 마이크로그리드 대처와 계약, eMobility 개발, 보전 및 에너지 효율 관련 대처, IT 생태계 계약, IT 계약 확보, IT 제품 발표 등의 동향을 정리했습니다.

주요 요약

시장 새로운 전개와 역학

  • 상황 개요
    • 사업 환경
    • 수요와 가격
      • 원유 가격
    • 청정에너지와 지속가능성
    • 금융 시장의 재생에너지 실적 지표
      • 리스트된 유틸리티 사업자 실적
  • M&A, 계약, 조직 재편, 주요 사업 추진
  • 주요 기존 인프라 프로젝트로의 신규 융자
  • 주요 그린 수소 프로젝트
  • 주요 하이브리드 및 배터리 에너지 저장 프로젝트
  • 주요 eMobility 계약
  • 보전 및 에너지 효율 관련 이니셔티브와 지속가능성 프로젝트
  • IT 생태계의 주요 계약, IT 계약 확보, IT 제품 발표

기술 공급업체 및 서비스 프로바이더에 대한 제안

참고 자료

KSM 23.05.11

This IDC Market Perspective provides an overview of utilities' asset operations in 1Q23, covering M&As, agreements, reorganizations, and major business developments; new financial deals; major renewables infrastructure projects; major hybrid and battery energy storage projects; major green hydrogen projects; water new developments; smart meter and smart grid initiatives; microgrid initiatives and agreements; emobility developments; conservation and energy-efficiency initiatives; and IT ecosystem agreements, IT contract wins, and IT product announcements."Unpredictability has become the name of the game for utilities, as the events of the past two years have changed the game. While more immediate matters such as supply security, demand efficiency, and tariff impacts on energy consumers are drawing attention from longer-term initiatives, contingent factors such as extreme drought and catastrophic weather events are a vivid reminder that climate is a nonlinear factor that must be addressed with extreme urgency. Utilities will continue to prioritize their net-zero journeys and sustainability efforts, with affordability being of paramount importance," said Gaia Gallotti, associate research director, IDC Energy Insights.

Executive Snapshot

New Market Developments and Dynamics

  • Situation Overview
    • Business Environment, 1Q23
    • Demand and Prices
      • Oil Prices
    • Clean Energy and Sustainability
    • Indicators of Renewable Performances on Financial Markets
      • Listed Utilities Performance
  • M&As, Agreements, Reorganizations, and Major Business Developments, 1Q23
    • RWE Acquires JBM Solar, Becomes a Top 3 Solar Developer in the U.K.
    • Shell USA Finalizes Acquisition of Volta
    • GM, Ford, Google Nest Launch a Virtual Power Plant Partnership
    • Alliander, Stedin, Enexis, TenneT Collaborate on Innovation Program 
    • Statkraft, Inovyn Sign New Long-Term Green Power Agreements
  • New Financing Major Traditional Infrastructure Projects, 1Q23
    • Terna Secures $2.1B Loan from EIB for the Tyrrhenian Link
    • Endesa Secures Further Funding for Smart Grid in Spain   
    • Ellevio Secures Loan from the EIB to Enhance Stockholm's Electricity Grid
    • Turkish EV and Smart Grid Infrastructure Receives Funding from EBRD
    • U.S. Smart Water Projects Get Funding to Stymie Potential Water Conflicts
    • EIB, Kenya Strengthen Green Hydrogen Cooperation
    • ARENA to Fund for Renewable Hydrogen
    • Germany to Interconnect 10GW of Offshore Wind in North Sea
    • IberBlue Wind to Build Floating Offshore Wind Farm in Portugal
    • Iberdrola, Haizea Wind Group Sign Contract for Offshore Wind Power
    • Vestas Secures 373MW Wind Turbine Contract in South Africa
    • ACWA Power Signs $2.5B Solar Plant Contract with Uzbekistan
    • KOWEPO Wins Contract to Construct 500MW Solar Plant in Oman
  • Major Green Hydrogen Projects, 1Q23
    • EU Commission Approves Scheme for Renewable Hydrogen Production
    • PG&E, Energy Vault Collaborating in the U.S.
    • Petrojet Signs Agreement for Green Hydrogen Projects in Egypt
    • Smart Hydrogen Gas Network to Trial in Northern England
    • Yorkshire Water Targets Smart Water Metering for New Housing in the U.K.
    • Saudi Aramco, Almar Water Solutions Partner for Zuluf Water Project
    • Italy's Abbanoa Advances Sardinian Smart Water Meter Campaign
    • PGE Partners with Expeto to Accelerate Grid Modernization
    • Italy's Terna Launches $11.7B HVDC Hypergrid Project
    • Hitachi Energy Wins Contract for Saudi HVDC Station Upgrade
    • Electric Co-Ops Band Together for Smart Grid Funding      
    • Taiwan Power Orders AMI System with 450k More Smart Meters
    • Three Finnish DSOs Secure 300k Smart Meters and Metering SaaS
    • Romania's Delgaz Grid to Install Another 11,000 Smart Meters
    • CyanConnode, Montecarlo Team Up for Smart Metering in India
    • Qatar Utility Upgrades Itron MDM for Thermal Operations
    • Solar Microgrid is Coming to New York City's JFK Airport
    • Oceaneering, Kontiki Winds Sign to Electrify Offshore Assets and Remote Microgrids
  • Major Hybrid and Battery Energy Storage Projects, 1Q23
    • Shell Energy to Connect 1GWh BESS to Australia's Grid
    • Ellevio Orders 70MW Battery Energy Storage Systems from Alfen
    • Nostromo Energy Developing Ice-Based Energy Storage System and VPP
    • Eneco Signs with Corre Energy for the Compressed Air Storage Project
  • Major eMobility Agreements, 1Q23
    • Sonnen, TenneT Power German Grid with Electric Cars  
    • Iberdrola, bp to Deploy EV Charging Points in Spain and Portugal
    • bp pulse, APCOA to Build 100 Charging Hubs in Europe
    • Recharge Chooses Driivz Platform to Manage Nordic EV Charging Network  
    • Kaluza, Mitsubishi Motors Collaborate on Japan EV Smart Charging Service
    • OVO Energy Launches Kaluza-Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Plan
    • EV Stakeholder Platform to Ramp Up India's Electric Mobility Ecosystem
    • Enel X, MIDAC to Develop a Sustainable Lithium Battery Supply Chain
    • Bidgely Launches Turnkey EV Active Managed Charging
  • Conservation and Energy-Efficiency Initiatives and Sustainability Projects, 1Q23
    • U.K. Community DSO Project to Develop Smart Local Energy Systems       
    • Octopus Energy Offers Heat Pump at Same Price as a Gas Boiler
    • Schneider Electric Launches Sustainable Home Energy Management Solution
    • Siemens Launches Smart IoT Solution Connect Box for Managing Smaller Buildings
    • Enel Collaborates on Italian Maritime Electrification
  • Major IT Ecosystem Agreements, IT Contract Wins, IT Product Announcements, 1Q23
    • Microsoft, Qcells Collaborate on Clean Energy Economy
    • Google Aims to Make Negotiating Clean Energy PPAs 80% Faster         
    • Intertrust, EIPGRID Partner on Global DERM and VPP Platform
    • AutoGrid Partners with Encycle to Extend Utility-Scale VPPs
    • Iberdrola Selects AWS for Digital Strategy
    • Lodestone Energy Selects Emerson to Ensure the Safety and Reliability
    • Eneco Leverages Capgemini to Reduce Annual Carbon Footprint
    • National Grid, University of Manchester Pilot Drone-Mounted Electric Field Sensors for Pylon Inspections
    • SSEN Deploys Self-Restorative Automation Tech in Isle of Wight
    • GE Digital Launches GridOS Software

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