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세계의 이미징 시장 전망(2019년)

2019 Global Imaging Market Outlook Report

리서치사 IMV Medical Information
발행일 2019년 10월 상품 코드 917761
페이지 정보 영문 175 Pages
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세계의 이미징 시장 전망(2019년) 2019 Global Imaging Market Outlook Report
발행일 : 2019년 10월 페이지 정보 : 영문 175 Pages

세계 이미징(Imaging)의 주요 7개 모달리티(CT 스캐너, MR 스캐너, PET 스캐너, NM 카메라, 고정 C-암 시스템, 고정 일반 X선 시스템, RF 시스템) 동향에 대해 조사했으며, 방사선과의 우선순위와 향후 전망, 검사 수, 진단용 이미징 모달리티의 인스톨 기반, 진단용 이미징의 구입 계획 및 사이트 오퍼레이션 등에 대해 분석하여 전해드립니다.


  • 배경·목적
  • 개요
  • 조사 방법
  • 응답자 관련 시설의 인구통계 특징
  • 방사선의 업무 개요
  • 이미징부의 우선순위 & 향후 전망
  • 이미징 모달리티의 인스톨 기반
  • 이미징 모달리티의 구입 계획
  • 구입 계획에 영향을 미치는 기타 검토사항
  • 세계 이미징 시설의 이미징 절차 & 사이트 오퍼레이션
KSA 19.12.17

IMV's 2019 Global Imaging Market Outlook Report explores worldwide trends for seven key imaging modalities, including CT scanners, MR scanners, PET scanners, NM cameras (SPECT-only and SPECT/CT), fixed C-arm systems, fixed general x-ray systems, and radiographic fluoroscopy (RF) systems.

Diagnostic imaging modalities have become essential tools in the diagnosis and management of patient conditions throughout the world. However, local economic conditions and healthcare policies continue to influence the relative adoption of imaging modalities in the different global markets. To monitor and compare how the imaging modalities are being adopted on a worldwide basis, IMV's inaugural syndicated market study with radiologists covers key country and geographical markets in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China, Japan, India, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Over 300 respondents participated in IMV's global survey, and they represent key opinion leaders, with over half of the participants associated with large 500+ bed hospitals in these global markets, and nearly half being the chair/chief/heads of their radiology departments. Radiologist opinions about the key issues affecting their department priorities and outlook are compared by the ten global regions, which illustrate the challenges and opportunities that radiology faces worldwide. Key topics covered in this report include the relative distribution of the imaging equipment installed base across the global regions, manufacturer presence, purchase plans, total procedure volume, and radiology practice characteristics.

What you'll learn in this report:

Department priorities and future outlook

  • What are the key priorities for radiology departments globally?
  • What factors will impact the outlook for imaging the most?
  • How do these factors differ by key geographic region?
  • Are total imaging procedures, revenues, and net income anticipated to increase, stay the same, or decrease in 2019?
  • What are the top-ranked preferred uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for radiology?
  • Does the radiologists' # of years in practice affect their outlook?

Procedure volume

  • What is the distribution of total imaging procedures conducted in developed markets vs. emerging markets, by key geographic region, and by hospital bed size and site type?
  • What percentages of total procedures are read on-site vs. offsite by radiologists and vs. using an outside reading service?

Diagnostic imaging installed base

  • Which of the following modalities do the sites have installed: CT, MR, PET, NM cameras, fixed C-arm systems, fixed general x-ray, and radiographic fluoroscopy (RF)?
  • What is the average number of units installed, by modality?
  • What manufacturers have the highest presence, by modality?

Diagnostic imaging purchase plans

  • What percent of the sites are planning to purchase imaging equipment over the next three years, by key modality?
  • Will the sites be replacing and/or adding units, by modality?
  • What is the typical age of the units being replaced, by modality?
  • What percent of the planned units will be new vs. refurbished?
  • What imaging manufacturers are being considered?
  • What capital projects are being planned for the facility?

Site operations & radiology practice characteristics

  • How many hours are the radiology departments open for scheduled procedures Monday-Friday and on weekends?
  • How does the radiologists' practice profile differ by key region for years in practice, practice arrangements, & modalities read?

Table of Contents

  • Background and Objectives
  • Global Imaging Market Outlook Executive Summary
  • Methodology
  • Demographic Characteristics of Participants' Primary Facility
  • Radiologist Practice Profile
  • Imaging Department Priorities & Future Outlook
  • Installed Base of Imaging Modalities
  • Purchase Plans for Imaging Modalities
  • Other Considerations Influencing Purchase Plans
  • Imaging Procedures & Site Operations of Global Imaging Facilities
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