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세계의 소형차 접근 및 보안 시장

The 2016 Global Light Vehicle Access and Security Market Report - Forecasts to 2033

리서치사 just-auto
발행일 2019년 01월 상품 코드 237638
페이지 정보 영문 57 Pages
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세계의 소형차 접근 및 보안 시장 The 2016 Global Light Vehicle Access and Security Market Report - Forecasts to 2033
발행일 : 2019년 01월 페이지 정보 : 영문 57 Pages

이 페이지에 게재되어 있는 내용은 최신판과 약간 차이가 있을 수 있으므로 영문목차를 함께 참조하여 주시기 바랍니다. 기타 자세한 사항은 문의 바랍니다.

세계의 소형차 접근 및 보안(Light Vehicle Access And Security) 시장을 분석했으며, 세계 및 지역/국가를 대상으로 시장 규모 실적과 예측, 최신 기술 동향, 주요 공급업체 개요, 최근의 업계 동향 등을 조사하여 그 결과를 전해드립니다.

제1장 서론

제2장 PESTER 분석

제3장 기업

  • Aisin Seiki
  • Alpha Corporation
  • Brose
  • Continental
  • Delphi
  • Denso
  • Giobert
  • Hella
  • Honda Lock
  • Hulsbeck & Furst(HuF)
  • Inteva
  • Kiekert
  • Magna-Intier
  • Marquardt
  • Mitsui Kinzoku ACT/GECOM
  • Omro
  • Shiroki
  • Strattec
  • Shiroki
  • TRW
  • U-Shin
  • Valeo
  • Witte

제4장 예측

  • 액티브 키리스 엔트리
  • 패시브 키리스 엔트리
  • 표준 키 엔트리

제5장 시장

  • 도어 래치(Latch)
  • 패시브 엔트리 시스템

제6장 기술

  • 사례 연구
    • 첨단 키포브(Advanced Key Fobs)
    • Audi의 'Keyless Entry and Start'
    • MPV(다목적차)와 슬라이드식 도어가 도어 및 접근 시스템 설계의 기술적 과제
    • 밴용 패시브 엔트리 : Mercedes Sprinter의 사례, Pick-ups being stolen 관련 문제점
    • 'Smart Tailgate'인가, 'Boot Oopening'인가
    • 스마트 키의 분할
    • A8 L의 보안 모델 : 차량 보안 시장의 다른 측면
  • 통합형 래치(Corporate latches) : 비용을 절감하는 '현명한' 방법
    • Volkswagen : 통합형 래치의 주도자
  • 이중 잠금장치(Double Locking) : 실패로 끝났지만 변화를 예고
  • 키리스 엔트리 시스템
  • 스마트 키
  • Valeo Insync - 전화를 이용한 자동차 접근

제7장 차량 범죄

  • 스마트키를 위한 도난 방지 시스템 개발
  • 경기 동향에 따른 차량 범죄 증가
  • 전기자동차, 하이브리드 자동차 : 새롭고 취약한 부문
  • 현재 범죄자는 어떻게 차를 훔치는가?


LSH 17.01.19

Updated in the last quarter, this report has been extracted from motor industry information and intelligence platform QUBE and provides a comprehensive overview of the global OE light vehicle access and security sector, major suppliers, top markets, technology trends and market size forecasts.

Based on exclusive interviews, primary research and proprietary data this global market study includes:

  • Automotive OE passive entry fitment and market size data for the top 14* markets
  • A review of the latest technological developments and market trends (including corporate latches, double-locking, keyless entry, smart keys, car keys, car locks, advanced key fobs, access by phone)
  • Case studies focusing on advanced key fobs, MPVs and sliding doors, passive entry in vans, smart tailgate opening, split smart keys and security models
  • Regional supplier market share data tables and commentary for door latches and passive entry
  • Exclusive interviews with OE suppliers including TRW and Delphi (news and interviews only available in QUBE)
  • Sector PESTER (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Regulatory) analysis
  • Updated profiles of the major suppliers including their strategies and prospects

*The top 14 markets accounting for over 98% of global light vehicle production include:
North America (US, Canada and Mexico) ; Mercosur (Brazil and Argentina); Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, UK, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Finland and Morocco) ; Central Europe (Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia); Russia; Japan; China; India; Korea; Thailand; Other Asia; Iran; South Africa; Australia.

You can use this report to:

  • Gain a quick overview of the automotive access and security sector globally
  • Understand the size and scope of the top 14 markets
  • Hear direct from leading companies on their strategies and plans
  • Review the latest and most significant technological developments  
  • Know the key trends within the sector and what's driving them
  • Spot opportunities and threats in this sector
  • Establish key companies' latest activities and prospects
  • Prepare supply and demand forecasts
  • Produce internal sales plans and forecasts
  • Carry out competitive intelligence


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Pester analysis
  • Companies
    • Aisin Seiki
    • Alpha Corporation
    • Brose
    • Continental
    • Delphi
    • Denso
    • Giobert
    • Hella
    • Honda Lock
    • Hulsbeck & Furst (HuF)
    • Inteva
    • Kiekert
    • Magna-Intier
    • Marquardt
    • Mitsui Kinzoku ACT/GECOM
    • Omron
    • Shiroki
    • Strattec
    • Tokai Rika
    • TRW
    • U-Shin
    • Valeo
    • Witte
  • Forecasts
    • Active keyless entry
    • Passive keyless entry
    • Standard key entry
  • Markets
    • Door latches
    • Passive entry systems
  • Technologies
    • Case studies
      • Advanced key fobs
        • Ford's MyKey
        • Linking the key to the mobile, using the mobile phone as a key - the ultimate connected car
        • Suppliers also show their own developments in smart keys
      • Audi's Keyless Entry and Start
      • MPVs and sliding doors present technical challenges for door & access system design
      • Passive entry in vans - the case of the Mercedes Sprinter and problems with pickups being stolen
      • Smart tailgate or boot opening
      • Split smart keys
      • The A8 L Security model - a different side of the vehicle security market
    • Corporate latches - a "clever" route to cutting costs
      • Volkswagen: the leader in corporate latches
    • Double locking - a failure, but a harbinger of change even so
    • Keyless entry systems
    • Smart Keys
    • Valeo's Insync - vehicle access by phone
  • Vehicle crime
    • Anti-theft developments for smart keys
    • Economic conditions may well lead to a rise in vehicle crime
    • Electric and hybrid vehicles - a new vulnerable sector
    • How do modern thieves steal cars?
      • The most frequently stolen cars and trends in the US to counter vehicle theft
      • Vehicle crime is not declining - it is changing significantly
      • What is to be done?
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