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세계의 연료 첨가제 시장 : 시장 및 시장 기회 분석

Global Fuel Additives: Market Analysis and Opportunities

리서치사 Kline & Company, Inc.
발행일 2016년 12월 상품 코드 358094
페이지 정보 영문
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세계의 연료 첨가제 시장 : 시장 및 시장 기회 분석 Global Fuel Additives: Market Analysis and Opportunities
발행일 : 2016년 12월 페이지 정보 : 영문

세계의 연료 첨가제(Fuel Additives) 시장을 조사했으며, 시장 배경, 세계 및 지역별 시장 구조, 관련 규제, 연료 및 연료 첨가제 수요, 시장 점유율, 향후 전망, 공급업체 프로파일, 시장 기회와 과제 분석 등의 정보를 정리하여 전해드립니다.

1. 서론

2. 주요 요약

3. 세계의 연료 시장

  • 세계 개요
  • 규제
  • 세계의 연료 수요 성장
  • 연료 수요 전망
  • 요약

4. 세계의 연료 첨가제 시장

  • 세계 개요
  • 시장 카테고리
  • 주요 공급업체
  • 연료 첨가제의 종류
    • 소포제(Antifoaming)
    • 미스팅 억제제(Antimisting)
    • 동결방지제(Anti-icing)
    • 앤티노크제(Antiknock)
    • 산화방지제(Antioxidant)
    • 살충제 및 살균제(Biocide and fungicide)
    • 세탄값 향상제(Cetane improver)
    • 저온 유동성 개선제(Cold-flow improver)
    • 부식 방지제(Corrosion inhibitor)
    • 전도성 향상제(Conductivity improvers)
    • 해유화제(Demulsifier)
    • 세제/분산제(Detergent/dispersant)
    • 환원제(Drag reducing agent)
    • 염료 및 마커(Dyes and markers)
    • 윤활성 향상제(Lubricity improver)
    • 금속 불활성화제(Metal deactivators)
    • 안정제(Stabilizers)
    • 타간트/마커(Taggant/marker)
    • 옥탄가 증강제(Octane enhancer)
    • 유기금속화합물 첨가제
    • 기타
  • 전망

5. 지역 시장 개요

  • 아시아
  • 유럽
  • 북미
  • 남미
    • 지역 개요
    • 연료 수요
    • 연료 첨가제 수요
    • 규제
    • 시장 구조
    • 시장 전망

6. 공급업체 개요

  • 화학제품 기업
    • BASF
    • Clariant
    • Eurenco
    • Infineum
    • Innospec
    • Lubrizol
    • Oronite
      • 사업 배경
      • 제품
      • 매출 추이
      • 판매경로
      • 제조
      • 연구개발(R&D)
      • SWOT 분석 등
  • 재판매업체, 애프터마켓 판매업체
LSH 17.01.18

Global Fuel Additives: Market Analysis and Opportunities is a comprehensive analysis of the global market for fuel additives, focusing on consumption by additive and fuel type, key trends, regulations, emerging fuels, leading marketers, market developments, challenges, and business opportunities.

This report helps subscribers to:

  • Make a reliable and independent assessment of the opportunities and challenges in the fuel additives market.
  • Assess key market segments in terms of their unique requirements, purchasing criteria, challenges for doing business, and opportunities.
  • Understand fuel additive demand by component and fuel type and the impact of emerging fuels.
  • Understand the role of regulations and customer performance requirements on fuel additive demand.
  • Understand government policies, market trends, demand drivers influencing the market.
  • Develop competitive intelligence for use in benchmarking and identifying key competitors.

Regional Coverage: Asia, Europe, North America, South America.

Key Benefits:

This report helps subscribers in identifying opportunities within the global fuel additives industry. It also serves as an invaluable tool in the strategic planning process. Specifically, the report assists subscribers by providing:

  • An examination of business opportunities globally, in mature and emerging markets, new product developments and channels to market
  • A highly reliable and independent assessment of global fuel additive consumption by component and market shares
  • An examination of fuel regulations and its impact on fuel additive consumption
  • An unbiased appraisal of market trends and emerging applications
  • Competitive intelligence for use in benchmarking and screening potential merger and acquisition candidates

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

  • An overview of key findings

Global Fuel Market

  • Global overview
  • Regulations
  • Global fuel demand growth
  • Fuel demand outlook
  • Summary

Global Fuel Additives Market

  • Global overview
  • Market categories
  • Leading suppliers
  • Fuel additive components
  • Outlook

Regional Fuel Additive Market Profiles

Detailed profiles of Asia, Europe, North America, and South America are provided, including the following information:

  • Regional overview
  • Fuel demand
  • Fuel additive demand
  • Regulations
  • Market structure
  • Market outlook

Supplier Profiles

Detailed profiles of the companies listed in Table 2 will be provided, including the following information:

  • Fuel additives business background
  • Products
  • Estimated sales
  • Channels
  • Manufacturing
  • R&D
  • SWOT analysis

Table 1: Fuel Additive Components

  • Antifoaming
  • Antimisting
  • Anti-icing
  • Antiknock
  • Antioxidant
  • Biocide and fungicide
  • Cetane improver
  • Cold-flow improver
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Conductivity improvers
  • Demulsifier
  • Detergent/dispersant
  • Drag reducing agent
  • Dyes and markers
  • Lubricity improver
  • Metal deactivators
  • Stabilizers
  • Taggant/marker
  • Octane enhancer
  • Organometallic additives
  • Other fuel additives

Table 2: Companies Profiled

  • Chemical Company
  • BASF
  • Clariant
  • Eurenco
  • Infineum
  • Innospec
  • Lubrizol
  • Oronite
  • Resellers and aftermarketers
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