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지능형 빌딩의 전환을 촉진하는 커넥티드 조명

Connected Lighting Catalyzes Intelligent Building Transformation

리서치사 Navigant Research
발행일 2020년 01월 상품 코드 920937
페이지 정보 영문 11 Pages
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지능형 빌딩의 전환을 촉진하는 커넥티드 조명 Connected Lighting Catalyzes Intelligent Building Transformation
발행일 : 2020년 01월 페이지 정보 : 영문 11 Pages

커넥티드 조명(Connected Lighting) 솔루션의 가능성을 조사하고, 지능형 빌딩 시장 발전에서 커넥티드 조명의 역할, 이해관계자의 새로운 에코시스템에서 공급업체는 어떻게 솔루션 제품을 전환할 것인지, 고객의 약점을 해결하고 기회를 늘릴 수 있는 부가가치 서비스 등에 대해 분석했습니다.



폭발적인 데이터 증가에 따른 고객 수요 고찰

  • 지능형 빌딩 솔루션 제품은 고객의 압력에 대응하도록 진화
  • 커넥티드 조명 시스템은 상세한 데이터를 제공
  • 빌딩 시스템은 IP 기반 솔루션으로 전환

사일로 솔루션 제품은 세분화된 시장을 창출

  • 플랫폼 제품으로의 전환은 기존 빌딩 시장에 도전
  • 새로운 빌딩 에코시스템은 시장 참가 기업에게 적응을 강요
  • 커넥티드 조명 플랫폼은 민첩성을 제공
  • 부가가치 서비스에 대한 초점은 시장 기회를 촉진

종합적인 지능형 빌딩 솔루션은 성공의 열쇠

  • 종합적인 접근은 가장 중요
  • 시장 발전을 보장하기 위해 파트너십에 초점
  • 기존 빌딩 시스템 공급업체는 제품의 방향을 전환해야 한다
  • 벤더는 명확하게 시장을 이해해야 한다
  • 이해관계자는 MSI의 필요성을 파악해야 한다
LSH 20.01.23

List of Charts and Figures

  • Evolution of Intelligent Building Solutions

The growth of the intelligent buildings market reflects alignment between technology innovation and customer expectations. Increasingly cost-effective devices and subscription software analytics offer building owners and managers new insights into the economic, energy, environmental, and experience impacts of their facility operations. Although intelligent building technologies are mature, many customers struggle to differentiate among options available in the market and to define an investment strategy that employs their existing technologies and delivers the greatest value.

Under the umbrella of the intelligent building is a large range of offerings from integrated automation and controls that optimize system performance with enhanced analytics to standalone software suites that use data from existing technology or data streams. Although the shifting intelligent buildings landscape can provide new opportunities for market players, it has created challenges for stakeholders, including vendors.

This Strategy Insight report from Navigant Research, a Guidehouse company, explores the potential for connected lighting solutions as high impact investments and market disruptors for the legacy automation and controls industry. This report focuses on the role connected lighting can play in advancing the intelligent buildings market, how vendors must pivot their solution offerings in the new ecosystem of stakeholders, and value-added services that can provide increased opportunities while solving customer pain points.

Key Questions Addressed:

  • What is connected lighting?
  • What are intelligent building solutions?
  • How can connected lighting serve as the backbone for intelligent building solution offerings?
  • How is the evolving commercial buildings market affecting legacy vendors?
  • What does Navigant Research recommend for stakeholders in the intelligent buildings market?

Who Needs This Report:

  • Lighting manufacturers
  • Building system vendors
  • Building owners and managers
  • Lighting control organizations
  • International funding agencies
  • Private financial institutions
  • Universities and research organizations
  • Investor community

Table of Contents




Customers Demand Insight with the Explosion of Data

  • Intelligent Building Solution Offerings Evolve to Meet Customer Pressures
  • Connected Lighting Systems Provide Granular Data
  • Building Systems Transition to IP-Based Solutions

Siloed Solution Offerings Create a Fragmented Market

  • A Shift Toward Platform Offerings Challenges the Traditional Buildings Market
  • A New Building Ecosystem Forces Market Players to Adapt
  • Connected Lighting Platforms Provide Agility
  • Focus on Value-Added Services Drives Market Opportunity

Holistic Intelligent Building Solutions Are Key for Success

  • A Holistic Approach Is of the Highest Importance
  • Focus on Partnerships to Ensure Market Advancement
  • Legacy Building System Vendors Must Pivot Offerings
  • Vendors Must Ensure Clear Market Comprehension
  • Stakeholders Must Understand the Necessity of MSIs
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