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섹슈얼 헬스(성적 건강) 및 생식능력

Sexual Health & Fertility

리서치사 Nicholas Hall & Company
발행일 2021년 12월 상품코드 1029516
페이지 정보 영문 배송안내
£ 8,500 ₩ 13,599,000 PDF (Site License)
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섹슈얼 헬스(성적 건강) 및 생식능력 Sexual Health & Fertility
발행일 : 2021년 12월 페이지 정보 : 영문

본 상품은 영문 자료로 한글과 영문 목차에 불일치하는 내용이 있을 경우 영문을 우선합니다. 정확한 검토를 위해 영문목차를 참고해주시기 바랍니다.

섹슈얼 헬스(성적 건강) 및 생식능력은 컨슈머 헬스케어 분야 중에서도 활기 있는 분야로, VMS부터 재택 진단까지 폭넓은 제품을 포함하고 있으며, 확대 가능성으로 넘쳐 납니다.

피임, 생식능력·임신, 섹슈얼 헬스(성적 건강) 문제, 인티메이트 케어 등에 초점을 맞추어 다양한 시장 현황, 주요 브랜드, 진행중인 동향과 새로운 발전, NPD나 스위치 OTC 의약품, PR 활동, 주요 카테고리의 판매 데이터, 향후 전망과 시나리오 예측에 대한 체계적인 정보를 제공합니다.



  • 섹슈얼 헬스(성적 건강) 및 생식능력 소개
  • 섹슈얼 헬스(성적 건강) 및 생식능력 뉴스
  • 출생률·출산율이 저하, 특히 선진 시장
  • 성적 활동에 대한 팬데믹의 영향
  • 여성의 사회적 지위 향상이 중요한 성장 촉진요인


  • 2019년 유엔 조사에 의한 세계의 산아 제한 이용 상황

경구 피임약

긴급 호르몬 피임약


기타 피임약


임신 검사·배란 검사

임신중/임신전 비타민

기타 생식능력 CHC


섹슈얼 헬스(성적 건강) 문제

  • OTC로 부분적으로 대응 가능한 폭넓은 문제



여성의 성기능장애


인티메이트 케어

  • 여성의 인티메이트 케어는 세계적인 보급이 진행
  • 중국의 FIC 시장은 국내 브랜드가 우세
  • 미국의 FIC 성장은 NPD와 고레벨 A+P에 의해 촉진
  • 허니 포트 프리미엄 FIC 시리즈가 화제로
  • 프랑스의 대규모 FIC 시장은 최근 고전중
  • 이탈리아의 FIC 시장은 부침이 격렬
  • 경쟁 격화에도 불구하고, Vagisan은 독일의 FIC를 리드
  • NPD에 의한 러시아 FIC 시장의 확대
  • 브라질에서는 고레벨 NPD가 FIC 성장을 촉진
  • 폴란드의 FIC 시장에서는 섹슈얼 헬스(성적 건강)와의 크로스오버가 진행중
  • 터부 타파에 의해 세계의 FIC 성장은 가속될 예상
  • VYI 브랜드의 FIC로의 진출이 진행
  • 남성의 인티메이트 케어 동향 상승





KSM 22.01.06

"Sexual health is one of the biggest growth prospects in our industry. Whether we are talking about conception products, contraceptives or ED remedies, there is a strong public health case for more favourable regulations, right across the spectrum from helping to prevent unwanted teenage pregnancies to ensuring that fake Viagra is stamped out on the internet." - Nicholas Hall.

Sexual Health & Fertility is a vibrant area of the consumer healthcare field, encompassing a broad assortment of products, from VMS to home diagnostics, and awash with possibilities for expansion.

Tracking activity across Contraception, Fertility & Pregnancy, Sexual Health Problems, Intimate Care & more , this report aims to:

  • Investigate the current landscape across different markets
  • Profile key brands, including success factors
  • Highlight ongoing trends & new developments
  • Track NPD and Rx-to-OTC switch activity
  • Showcase examples of promotional activity
  • Utilise sales data (from our dedicated DB6 database) for selected categories
  • Examine what the future holds and forecast most likely future scenarios

Coverage includes recent developments such as Europe's centralised Rx-to-OTC switch and rollout of a topical spray for premature ejaculation , the UK's approval of daily oral contraceptive pills without prescription, and the push to make them OTC in USA. The nascent market for erectile dysfunction treatments is fully explored, including future prospects and potential size of the market. The report dives into the booming FemTech (female health technology) sector, encompassing a host of technologies focused on period care, fertility, pregnancy, menopause and sexual health.

TOPICS covered in this report:


  • Daily OCs
  • EHC
  • Condoms
  • Alternative methods

Fertility & Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy tests
  • Ovulation tests
  • Other home diagnostics
  • Pregnancy & pre-pregnancy vitamins
  • Other fertility & pregnancy CHC


  • Female health technology
  • Fertility & birth control apps

Sexual Health Problems

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Female sexual dysfunction
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Intimate Care

  • Feminine intimate care
  • Male intimate care


  • Period pain
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Menopause

Table of Contents


  • Sexual Health & Fertility intro
  • Sexual Health & Fertility in the news
  • Birth and fertility rates declining, particularly in developed markets
  • Pandemic's effects on sexual activity mixed
  • Female empowerment a significant growth driver


  • 2019 UN study provides insight into birth control use worldwide

Daily OC

  • UN reports significant increase in daily OC use 1994-2019
  • Overview of key ingredients
  • Potential for category to expand outside Asia
  • China's dominant brand Yasmin benefits from challenging A+P
  • South Korea's market opening up via NPD
  • India sees daily OC reform
  • Round-up of other markets
  • Switches in UK may open up European market
  • Category has potential for expansion in the long term

Emergency Hormonal Contraception

  • Broad geographic availability, but challenges remain
  • USA dominated by single marketer
  • Plan B One-Step a key player in the US market
  • China's No.1 brand supported by extensive health education
  • India faces challenge from widened availability of daily OC
  • Italy slow to liberalise EHC market, but saw sales surge in 2021
  • Germany faces growing generic competition for brands
  • Plan B and ellaOne key players in other top markets
  • Steady growth, with some potential for switches


  • Popular form of contraception seeing diversification of key brands
  • In USA lower-tier options outperformed established leading brands
  • Marketing in Brazil promotes safe and enjoyable sex
  • Trojan retains commanding lead in USA thanks to focus on pleasure
  • Durex has built a foundation of socially-conscious marketing
  • Female condoms a growing segment

Other Contraceptives

  • Spermicides available in pharmacies in certain markets
  • Alternative methods generally HCP-focused

Fertility & Pregnancy

Pregnancy & Ovulation Tests

  • Established category with generally high demand
  • Consumerised US market maintained growth
  • Clearblue an international success via many firsts
  • First Response focuses on speed of results
  • US innovations driven by female-led companies
  • Modern Fertility focuses on building a community
  • Clearblue an innovative presence in UK
  • Generic competition significant in Germany
  • First Response a bright spot in Australian market
  • Sales in Brazil dynamic despite lack of A+P
  • Generics a significant presence in France

Pregnancy & Pre-pregnancy Vitamins

  • Conception through to pregnancy
  • Key vitamins & their benefits
  • Importance of HCPs / NPD focus
  • Global trends
  • USA bolstered by NPD and premium-price launches
  • China finds growth despite falling birth rates
  • Italy sees top tier perform well
  • Germany dynamic thanks to increasing birth rate
  • Mexico sees strong showing from leading brands
  • Brazil's strong growth driven by two dominant brands
  • Global leading brands
  • Elevit global leading pregnancy vitamin range
  • Femibion a key brand in Europe
  • Outlook
  • Male fertility VMS offers burgeoning niche

Other Fertility CHC

  • Fertility lubricants: Small segment sees growing interest


  • One size does not fit all in women's health
  • Clue an early entrant in FemTech segment
  • Natural Cycles offers a first-in-class birth control app
  • Elvie addresses breastfeeding and pelvic floor exercise
  • Peptonic Medical building portfolio of FemTech brands
  • Vira Health developing innovative menopause app
  • Prima-Temp partners with CHC brand Enfamil
  • Vivant extends FemTech apps into India and other Asian markets
  • Conclusions

Sexual Health Problems

  • Broad range of issues partially addressed by OTC

Erectile Dysfunction

  • Most common sexual dysfunction in men
  • Sildenafil-based treatments OTC in a handful of markets
  • Poland boasts largest OTC market for ED treatments in 2021
  • UK market created by switch of Viagra
  • Viagra Connect makes OTC debut in UK
  • New Zealand sees "first in world" OTC reclassification for ED
  • Topical options include Futura's MED3000 ED gel
  • Switch prospects
  • Forecasts predict a category that could skyrocket with switches
  • "Male vitality" supplements offer VMS alternative
  • USA offers array of supplements for sexual performance
  • Russia's sexual health supplements continue to decline
  • Limited selection in other markets
  • Latest launch activity offers little innovation

Premature Ejaculation

  • Prevalence and treatment options
  • Fortacin's EU-wide switch brings new OTC treatment

Female Sexual Dysfunction

  • Complex condition slowly gaining acceptance
  • Available treatment options for FSD

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • Access to STD testing via health services commonplace
  • Treatment likely to remain Rx but self testing a growing segment
  • Growing number of home HIV tests in Europe
  • Growing number of markets liberalising access to HIV tests myLAB BOX a key player in US STD testing
  • OraQuick groundbreaking oral HIV test / Better2Know premium test kits
  • SH:24 in UK bridges gap between HCPs and self-testing
  • FemiClear offers relief of genital herpes symptoms
  • Self-tests for chlamydia a small segment in German pharmacy market

Intimate Care

  • Feminine intimate care has good global spread
  • China's FIC market dominated by domestic brands
  • USA's FIC growth boosted by NPD and high levels of A+P
  • Honey Pot premium FIC range causing a buzz
  • Large French FIC market struggled in recent years
  • Italy's FIC market experiencing ups and downs
  • Vagisan holds lead of German FIC despite increasing competition
  • Russian FIC market expanded by NPD
  • Brazil sees high levels of NPD boost FIC growth
  • Poland FIC market seeing increasing crossover with sexual health
  • Global FIC growth expected to accelerate as taboos break down
  • VYI brands increasingly branching into FIC
  • Growing trend for male intimate care


Period Pain

  • Niche for menstrual pain growing worldwide
  • In USA Midol faces growing competition from big pain relief brands
  • In China MNCs fight for share with domestic TCM brands
  • Japan has well-developed niche for menstrual pain
  • Brazil menstrual pain segment developing rapidly
  • Room for development in many key European markets
  • Breaking stigma key to building the market in India


  • Premenstrual syndrome and premenstrual dysphoric disorder
  • Causes & symptoms of PMS
  • Common ingredients to alleviate PMS
  • Launch activity among branded PMS remedies
  • Flo claims to be first PMS remedy in gummy format
  • Consumer preference for drug-free remedies boosts sales of AZO Hormonal
  • Oxaloacetate, ingredient approved for PMS symptoms


  • Herbal menopause supplements sales static globally
  • China's herbal menopause supplements growing well
  • New launches could expand struggling US market
  • Japan's sales hit hard by Covid-19 pandemic
  • European markets in need of a boost
  • Mexico sees category slowly becoming more consumer-oriented
  • Herbal menopause supplements in need of innovation
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