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홈보안 : 시장 규모와 예측

Home Security: Market Sizing and Forecasts

리서치사 Parks Associates
발행일 2019년 10월 상품 코드 904335
페이지 정보 영문 29 Pages
US $ 3,500 ₩ 4,375,000 PDF by E-mail (Corporate License - One Location)

홈보안 : 시장 규모와 예측 Home Security: Market Sizing and Forecasts
발행일 : 2019년 10월 페이지 정보 : 영문 29 Pages

주택용 홈보안(Home Security) 시장에 대해 조사 분석했으며, 동향, 시장에 영향을 미치는 요인 등, 5개년 시장 예측에 대한 체계적인 정보를 제공합니다.

제1장 보고서 요약

제2장 보안 시스템 도입의 촉진요인/저해요인

제3장 종합적인 주택용 보안의 도입

제4장 프로 모니터링 홈보안

  • 세대별
  • 평균 RMR(Recurring Monthly Revenue : 월간경상수익)
  • 설치 방법별
  • 추가 서비스별

제5장 셀프 모니터링 홈보안

  • 세대별
  • 요금 기반 보안의 RMR
  • 설치 방법별
  • 추가 서비스별

제6장 설비 및 모니터링 매출

제7장 예측 방법

제8장 부록

KSM 19.10.15

Numerous new competitors are expanding the market and impacting recurring monthly revenue for security services. Quantifying the market and understanding trends in self-installation, ad hoc and professional monitoring, interactive services, and home control device attachment are essential. This report quantifies trends and explains the forces impacting the residential security market. It includes five-year market forecasts for professional and DIY security market segments.


Table of Contents

1.0 Report Summary

  • 1.1 Purpose of Report
  • 1.2 Scope of Report
  • 1.3 Research Approach/Sources

2.0 Factors Driving or Inhibiting Security System Adoption

3.0 Overall Residential Security Adoption

4.0 Professionally Monitored Home Security

  • 4.1 Professional Monitoring by Households
  • 4.2 Average Recurring Monthly Revenue
  • 4.3 Professional Monitoring by Installation Method
  • 4.4 Professional Monitoring by Add-on Services

5.0 Self-Monitored Home Security

  • 5.1 Self-Monitoring by Households - Units and Percentage
  • 5.2 Recurring Monthly Revenue for Self-Monitored Fee-Based Security
  • 5.3 Self-Monitoring by Installation Method
  • 5.4 Self-Monitoring by Add-on Services

6.0 Equipment and Monitoring Revenues

7.0 Forecast Methodology

8.0 Appendix

  • 8.1 Glossary
  • 8.2 Index


  • Security System Adoption: Driver and Inhibitors
  • Presence and Type of Security System - All US Households (2019)
  • Professional Monitoring of US Households with and without Broadband (2018-2024)
  • Forecast of Average Monthly Fee for Professional Monitoring (2018-2024)
  • Forecast of Professionally Monitored Households by Installation (2018 - 2024)
  • Forecast of Professionally Monitored Security by Add-on Services (2018-2024)
  • Forecast of Percentage and Units of Self-Monitored Security Systems (2018-2024)
  • Forecast of Average Monthly Fee for Self-Monitored Fee-Based Security Systems (2018-2024)
  • Forecast of Self-Monitored Security by Installation Method (2018-2024)
  • Forecast of Self-Monitored Security Systems with Home Controls (2018-2024)
  • Forecast of Total Residential Security Industry Revenues (2018-2024)
  • Flowchart for Security System Sales and Adoption Forecast
  • Forecast Flowchart for Security Industry Revenues
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