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세계의 자율주행차 시장 : 수요 분석과 기회 평가

Global Self-Driving Car Market Demand Analysis & Opportunity Evaluation, 2019-2027

리서치사 Research Nester
발행일 2019년 10월 상품 코드 915937
페이지 정보 영문 47 Pages
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세계의 자율주행차 시장 : 수요 분석과 기회 평가 Global Self-Driving Car Market Demand Analysis & Opportunity Evaluation, 2019-2027
발행일 : 2019년 10월 페이지 정보 : 영문 47 Pages

세계의 자율주행차(Self-Driving Car) 시장을 분석했으며, 시장의 기본 구조와 최신 상황, 주요 시장 성장 촉진요인 및 억제요인, 최근 업계의 규제 및 정책 환경, 분야별(자동화 레벨 등)·지역별 상세 동향, 주요 기업 개요 등의 정보를 정리하여 전해드립니다.

제1장 시장 정의와 분석 방법

제2장 시장 역학 : 세계의 자율주행차 시장

  • 시장 성장 촉진요인
  • 시장의 과제
  • 시장 동향

제3장 산업 분석

  • 정책 및 규제 환경
  • 최근 동향

제4장 세계의 자율주행차 시장 분석

제5장 세계 시장 세분화

  • 자동화 레벨별
  • 차종별
  • 최종사용자별
  • 지역별

제6장 경쟁 환경

  • 주요 기업 개요
    • Audi AG
    • BMW AG
    • Ford Motor Company
    • Toyota Motor Corporation
    • General Motors
    • Tesla
LSH 19.11.28

COVID-19 update included

The content of this report will be updated with the latest scenarios based on the global COVID-19 Pandemic

The United States is considered as the major hub for companies in autonomous vehicle development, whereas the country's automotive vehicle manufacturers are focusing on establishing AV fleet and ride-hailing services. In 2018, the U.S. Department of Transportation published Automated Vehicles 3.0 for explaining their approach to autonomous vehicles. The study includes preparation for automation through pilot programs and guidance, prioritizing safety, and enhancing and protecting the freedom of country's citizen freedom by emphasizing autonomous vehicles along with human-motorized vehicles and other road users. The country is the home for maximum number of autonomous vehicles companies, with having 163 headquarters and the second place is hold by Germany with 22 company's headquarters. Several companies including Detroit-based Big-3 automotive manufacturers and other ride-sharing companies such as Lyft and Uber are also focusing on R&D for the development of Avs. On the basis of infrastructure, the country has relatively very few number of charging stations for electric vehicles.

The United Kingdom has started altering their standards and regulations and has also offered financial support for introducing driverless cars in the country by 2021. The Department for Transport is planning to legalize the driverless cars to operate on public roads and also establishment of a Center for Autonomous and Connected Vehicles. In November 2017, the finance minister of the country announced more support for electric vehicles as the antecedents to Avs.

Germany is considered as the one of the major country for the research and development, industry partnerships and road infrastructure quality for the deployment of autonomous or self-driving vehicles. The mass production of self-driving vehicles in the country involves development of software prototype and the production of electronic components. Various autonomous vehicle manufacturing players in German market have entered into the strategic alliance for facilitating and supporting vehicles testing. For instance, In 2018, BMW AG announced the partnership with KPIT Technologies Limited and TTTech Computertechnik AG for the research and development of software for supporting level 3,4,5 function of self-driving vehicles and facilitating autonomous driving among people.

In the European market for self-driving or autonomous vehicles, Germany contributes majorly to market owing to presence of numerous OEMs which are focused on producing self-driving car models with higher level of automation. Furthermore, automotive manufacturers along with their tier-1 suppliers in the country owns about 51.0% of the patents filed between 2010 to 2017 out of 5,800 autonomous vehicle filed patents globally.

In Asia Pacific, Singapore is also considered as one of the major country contributing to the development of self-driving cars. For instance, In October 2019, ABB received a contract for delivering and commission integrated smart charging points for automated guided vehicles (AGV) in Tuas port of Singapore. The contract includes designing and supplying of charge point, 450kW high power chargers, transformer and associated control and monitoring equipment and medium and low voltage switchgear.

Table of Contents

1. Market Definition and Research Methodology

  • a. Market and product definition
  • b. Research objective

2. Market Dynamics for Global Self-driving Cars Market

  • a. Market drivers
  • b. Market challenges
  • c. Market trends

3. Industry Analysis

  • a. Policy & regulatory landscape
  • b. Recent Developments

4. Global Self-driving Cars Market Analysis

5. Market segmentation by:

  • a. Level of Automation
  • b. Type
  • c. End-Users
  • d. Region

6. Competitive Landscape

  • a. Company profiles of top players
    • i. Audi AG
    • ii. BMW AG
    • iii. Ford Motor Company
    • iv. Toyota Motor Corporation
    • v. General Motors
    • vi. Tesla
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