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ODYSSEE : 유럽의 에너지 효율 데이터베이스

ODYSSEE : Energy Efficiency Database

발행정보 연간구독 상품 코드 204528
페이지 정보 영문
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ODYSSEE : 유럽의 에너지 효율 데이터베이스 ODYSSEE : Energy Efficiency Database
발행정보 : 페이지 정보 : 영문

Odyssee가 독자적으로 정리한 에너지 효율에 관한 시계열(Time Series) 데이터베이스는 에너지 효율 측면에 대한 각 EU 가맹 국가의 발전 상황 검토 및 비교 평가, 부문별, 최종 용도별 에너지 소비 정보, CO2 배출 감축에 미치는 영향에 관한 정보를 제공합니다.

Enerdata사는 모든 EU 에너지 기관 및 유럽 위원회를 대신해서 유럽의 에너지 이용 및 효율에 관한 데이터, 지표 집계를 위해 설치된 유럽 프로그램 Odyssee의 기술적 중재 역할을 담당하고 있습니다.

주요 특징

  • 응집된 공식 부문별, 최종 용도별 에너지 소비 데이터
  • EU 가맹 국가 28개국 + 노르웨이 및 크로아티아
  • 온라인 액세스
  • Excel로 내보내기가 가능
  • 2011년 데이터
  • 1980년 이후의 연도별 시계열(Time Series) 데이터

주요 이점

  • EU 가맹 국가 28개국의 에너지 효율에 관한 독자적인 데이터베이스
  • 간단한 비교 평가가 가능한 일관성 있는 데이터, 수치 및 단위
  • 간단한 모델링 작업을 가능하게 하는 시계열(Time Series) 데이터
LSH 11.08.05

European energy efficiency and demand database

For nearly two decades, the Odyssee Project has provided valuable and detailed energy efficiency indicators and has become a leading reference database monitoring detailed energy consumption and underlying drivers as well as assessing the energy-efficiency performance of members of the European Union.

Odyssee's unique collection of historical-based data enables a review and benchmark of each EU member's progress in energy efficiency improvement and an access to information by sector, end-use and impact on CO2 emissions reduction.

Enerdata acts as a technical coordinator of the Odyssee Database.

Key benefits:

  • Exclusive database
  • Premium data from governmental agencies
  • Unique energy efficiency indicators
  • Regular updates
  • Provides a wealth of information readily available
  • Consistent data for easy benchmark
  • No ruptured time series for easier modelling work

Service overview:

  • Online access
  • Advanced data request and analysis interface
  • Unlimited exports to Excel
  • Numerous indicators for energy efficiency and CO2
  • Continuous updates and the latest data
  • Data export in .csv format to integrate your own databases and models
  • Annual time series
  • Detailed energy consumption data by sector and end use

Compiled data sources

A network of 33 partners from 28 countries participate in the ODYSSEE MURE Project, usually national efficiency agencies or representatives within the European network of energy efficiency agencies (“EnR”). The data sources include government ministries, statistical institutions, industry and transport associations and research institutions.

ODEX methodology

A top-down indicator to capture energy savings in Europe

The Odyssee Project has developed an index to measure energy efficiency progress by country and sector as well as for all final consumers.

  • ODEX by sector combines unit consumption indicators by sub-sector (or end-use or mode of transport), into one index for the sector by weighing each sub-sector index by its share in the sector's energy consumption
  • Unit consumption index by sub-sector can use different physical units so as to be as close as possible to energy efficiency evaluation: toe/m2 , kWh/appliance, toe/ton, litre/100km
  • ODEX is presently calculated on the basis of 26 sub-sectors (seven modes in transport, nine end-uses/equipment for households, and 10 branches in industry)
  • ODEX can also be expressed in terms of volume of energy savings

New online data query

A new online interface has been developed to enhance data query and analysis, providing an easier and more friendly tool enabling advanced analysis.

  • Service available in both French and English
  • Results provided in tabs
  • and /or graphs
  • Organisation by end use sectors

Detailed breakdown by branch and sector:

  • Macro
  • Industry
  • Transport
  • Residential
  • Services/agriculture

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