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세계의 IoT 분석 구독형 기업 조사 : IoT 시장 인사이트

IoT Analytics Corporate Research Subscription: Market Insights for the Internet of Things

발행정보: | 리서치사: IoT Analytics GmbH | 페이지 정보: 영문


※ 본 상품은 영문 자료로 한글과 영문 목차에 불일치하는 내용이 있을 경우 영문을 우선합니다. 정확한 검토를 위해 영문 목차를 참고해주시기 바랍니다.

이 보고서는 IoT(Internet of Things) 주제를 중심으로 AI, 클라우드, 에지, 인더스트리 4.0 등 많은 인접 분야의 동향을 조사했으며, IoT 접속수, IoT 모듈 및 IoT 칩셋의 출하수, 기업 지출 데이터를 광범위한 시장 데이터, 기술 개요, 기업 동향, 사례 연구, 공급업체 분석 등을 제공합니다.

주요 주제 :

주요 대상 산업

  • 에너지/유틸리티
  • 공급망
  • 도시

가장 영향력 있는 IoT 분석 기업 상위 3개사에 랭크 인

당사의 서비스는 세 가지 주요 요소로 구성됩니다.

1. 시장 보고서 및 데이터베이스

  • 1. 시장 보고서
  • 2. 인사이트 보고서
  • 3. 최종 사용자 도입 보고서
  • 4. 데이터베이스와 리스트
  • 5. 독점 컨텐츠
  • 6. 기타

2. 대시보드 및 트래커

  • 1. 셀룰러 IoT 모듈
  • 2. 셀룰러 IoT 칩셋
  • 3. IoT 커넥티비티와 LPWA
  • 4. 기업 지출 데이터
  • 5. 인터랙티브 대시보드
  • 6. 기타

3. 맞춤형 조사 및 컨설팅

  • 1. 데이터 사용자 정의
  • 2. 인터뷰 기반 커스터마이징 조사
  • 3. 위탁 조사
  • 4. 전략적 조언
  • 5. 워크숍
  • 6. 기타

대상 지역

4가지 주요 워크스트림, 독점 컨텐츠, 데이터 대시보드를 통한 IoT 기술 스택 커버리지

시장 보고서 및 데이터베이스

네 가지 주요 출력

1. 시장 보고서

디지털 트윈 시장 보고서 : 2023-2027년

  • 100-300페이지 상세 보고서
  • 광범위한 1차 조사와 2차 조사에 근거한
  • 기술 개요, 시장 데이터, 기업 동향, 사례 연구, 동향 등을 망라

2. 데이터베이스 및 목록

산업용 IoT 소프트웨어 기업 인수 대상 목록 : 2022년

  • 일부 데이터베이스는 독자적인 것
  • 대부분의 주요 시장 보고서에는 다음이 수반됩니다
    • 벤더 데이터베이스
    • 사례 연구 데이터베이스
    • 시장 데이터

2. 도입 보고서

Industry 4.0 도입 보고서 : 2022년

  • 100-400페이지 상세 보고서
  • 상급 기술 채택자에 대한 광범위한 조사/인터뷰에 기초
  • 도입 패턴, 도입의 과제, ROI, 벤더에 대한 견해 등을 정리하고 있습니다

1. 일반적인 내용

2023년 봄 IoT 현황

  • 50-150페이지 상세 보고서
  • IoT 분석 팀 전체의 통찰력 기반
  • 업계의 일반적인 종합적인 견해, 최신 시장 수치, 보다 큰 동향을 제공

당사의 서비스는 참여도가 높은 세계 IoT 사용자에게 제공됩니다.


오늘의 요청을 위한 의제 :

제1장 서론

제2장 IoT 분석 정보

제3장 마지막 섹션에 관한 Q&A

제4장 액티브 디스커션

LYJ 24.05.02

We operate with IoT topics at the core but cover a number of adjacencies

We help companies understand the market dynamics for IoT, AI, Cloud, Edge, and Industry 4.0.

Key topics covered:

Key industries covered:

  • Energy / Utilities
  • Supply Chain
  • Cities

Our value proposition: We provide great research-you save $$$

Our internal paradigm: Quality matters!

We put strong emphasis of providing high-quality research:

5 things we do to ensure high quality:

  • 1. Providing in-depth reports (not just superficial analyses). Most reports 100+ pages
  • 2. Balancing qualitative and quantitative research. Most reports include market data but also in-depth trends
  • 3. Extensive focus on research interviews with subject experts. We talk to 20+ people for most reports and attend at least 1 conference
  • 4. Variety of research approaches. We provide different kind of data, including own surveys, earnings call data and more
  • 5. Very strong focus on quality review processes and training. Each report goes through review catalogue. Gets delayed if not good enough.

and clients recognize that:

Since IoT Analytics reports that we do have access to have been quite helpful on our engagements, I'd like to lobby for increased access. Your content blows the other reseachers out of the water", "if I have a question based on a report, the answer is almost always within the report. - Sr. Consultant, EY IoT Center of Excellence (subscriber).

Thanks for the report, it's very useful for us at SKF. If you need direct input for these types of reports going forward, we would be happy to contribute! - Barrie Rodgers, Global Manager Connected Tech Ops, SKF (report purchase).

The Cloud Computing Market Report proved extremely useful for this exercise - Daniel Zimmermann, Sr. Analyst, Siemens (subscriber).

We did a deep analysis of your IoT data. And it provides a very good insight of the EU market. (Global Cellular IoT Module and Chipset Market Tracker) - Lily - Huawei (report purchase).

Ranked in the top 3 most influential IoT analyst firms

Our work consists of three main elements:

1. Market Reports and Databases

  • 1. Market reports
  • 2. Insight reports
  • 3. End-user adoption reports
  • 4. Databases and lists
  • 5. Exclusive content
  • 6. More....

2. Dashboards and Trackers

  • 1. Cellular IoT modules
  • 2. Cellular IoT chipsets
  • 3. IoT connectivity & LPWA
  • 4. Enterprise spending data
  • 5. Interactive dashboards
  • 6. More....

3. Bespoke Research and Consulting

  • 1. Data customizations
  • 2. Customized interview-based studies
  • 3. Commissioned surveys
  • 4. Strategic advice
  • 5. Workshops
  • 6. More....

Coverage Areas

IoT tech stack coverage across 4 main workstreams, exclusive content, and data dashboards

Market reports & databases

4 main types of output:

1. Market reports


Digital Twin Market Report 2023-2027

  • In-depth 100-300-page reports
  • Based on extensive primary and secondary research
  • Typically includes technology overview, market data, company landscape, case studies, trends....

2. Databases and Lists


Industrial IoT Software Companies Acquisition Target List 2022

  • Some databases are standalone
  • Most major market reports are accompanied by:
    • Vendor databases
    • Case study databases
    • Market data

2. Adoption reports

Industry 4.0 Adoption Report 2022

  • 100-400-page reports
  • Based on extensive surveys/interviews with senior technology adopters
  • Summarizing adoption patterns, implementation challenges, ROI, view on vendors, etc.

1. General content

State of the IoT Spring 2023

  • 50-150-page reports
  • Based on insights from the entire IoT Analytics team
  • Providing a general and overarching view of the industry, latest market numbers, and larger trends

Why should you sign up for subscription service?

Access to all insights

We give you unlimited access to all research reports, research notes, and other materials that get produced during the timeframe of your subscription. This ensures that you get complete coverage on all major IoT and Industry 4.0 topics.

Access to general (exclusive) content

There are certain research reports that are produced for our research subscribers only and cannot be purchased individually. This includes our semi-annual "State of the IoT" report as well as bespoke research summaries from specific sideline projects.

Cost efficiency (vs. purchasing individual reports)

Being a research stream subscriber is significantly more cost-efficient than purchasing individual reports on the IoT Analytics website. This is especially valuable for larger firms whose need for individual reports arises from many different departments in the company.

+ Access to our analysts (prior appointment required-Enterprise license only)

Benefits as a subscriber

Influence our calendar

We undertake quarterly review calls with our customers to understand their current and future projects and their topics of interest. This is a key consideration, among other factors, as we build our following year's release calendar and decide on the report topics covered.

Structural design calls

As one of our valued customers, if you see an upcoming report within our release calendar that is of interest to you, you have the option to get your topics/questions covered within the market report or contribute to the survey questions toward the target audience of the adoption report.

Dedicated account manager and optional bespoke requests

Subscription clients have access to a dedicated account manager and the option to purchase adjacent services, such as bespoke market research, consultative projects, webinars, and market studies via surveys and interviews. As this is not our core product offering, we undertake only selected requests.

Why should you work with us?

In-depth and holistic analyses

We aim to produce the highest quality research available to you. We have conducted 800+ primary research interviews, 2600+ enterprise survey respondents, 120+ databases, and more. Our focus is on facts and actionable insights without losing sight of the bigger picture.

High-profile team/unparalleled IoT network

We have approximately 60 years of combined IoT industry experience in the team. All our analysts have extensive industry backgrounds and a unique global network across both vendor and end-user communities and across all major industries.

Trusted by leading companies

We have served 1,000+ customers to date, many of whom are Fortune Global 500 firms and returning customers. Our customers rate us 4.4/5 on average and consistently score us as "better" than our competitors, especially for product quality.

What customers say about us

General feedback and references

"We engaged IoT Analytics to perform digital ecosystem and competitive intelligence gathering and were very pleased with their depth of understanding of the Industrial Internet of Things. Their team worked with us in a highly collaborative manner and delivered a series of reports that were greatly appreciated by the digital leadership team and other key stakeholders in Marketing & Sales. I'd recommend this boutique firm without reservation." Kathleen Conroy, Group Vice President at ABB.

"What I enjoy most is that IoT Analytics often conducts in-depth analysis of IoT from both technical and industry dimensions, especially in certain perspectives where some of the analytical angles are precise and profound. I think IoT Analytics' analysts have a very deep industrial understanding, which leads all of us to rethink." Zhen Guan, Senior Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft.

"I find it really impressive how the IoT Analytics team has built up a broad and proprietary knowledge base around the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 ecosystems." Markus Lorenz, Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group.

"My experience working with the team of experts at IoT Analytics has been enjoyable and enlightening. The work was delivered on time, on budget, and beyond our expectations." Jake White, VP Marketing at MyDevices IoT platform.

We reach a highly-engaged global IoT audience

Table of Contents

Agenda for today's call:

1. Introductions

2. IoT Analytics

  • i. About the company
  • ii. About our products
  • iii. Our reach
  • iv. Our value proposition / differentiator

3. Q&A for the previous section

4. Active discussion

  • i. End-to-end sales process for GII
  • ii. About GII clients and their requirements
  • iii. Suggestions for IoT Analytics based on what clients prefer, what competitors provide, best practices, additional resources/tools/material that would help sell better
  • iv. Lost opportunities
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